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  1. I love this park which has a very inspiring technique. Your thread is one the few that has really grabbed my attention again for these role playing portrayals and I love it! Keep up the good work and remember, The audience will be surprised only if you're surprised yourself. This is vital to all artistic story lines.
  2. I'm really loving this. I'm saddened at the loss of Seaside Spot Theme Park but like you said, one must step back before stepping forward. You really improved with this park. Shooting Star was marvelously executed and your use of in game scenery is artful. Keep this up
  3. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Meta ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Wow, with nearly a two year gap between updates, I'm proud to say I am back to pick up where I left off. I apologize for leaving mid carnival update. At the time, the graphics card in my computer gave out so, after heavy consideration, me and a buddy decided it was best to entirely upgrade with a new computer. during those 2 years, depression, tragedy, and other misfortunes delayed my schedule and hence my late arrival. With my pc build being completed a few months ago, I've skimmed these pages and played with RCT3 for a while to regrasp my feel for this game and redevelop the "rollercoaster enthusiast" that's been in me since I was 5. That being said, my viewpoints and opinions have changed since I've last posted which will inevitably affect this "coaster blog". I've jotted the remnants of the storyline for Sunny Oaks from my memories and noted all the things I still need to change from everyone's critiques. Personally, I will probably change the title of this thread as well for it seems a little vague. Anyways, enough meta posting, I have to get this dusty train rolling again so on with the update... ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Sunny Oaks Town Fair Report 002 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Welcome back to the blog! I'm glad to report the opening of the Sunny Oaks fair which officially opened it's gates a few days ago. The morning was bright and crisp, perfect fair weather so, with minimal hesitation, I left with only my phone and a camera. As mentioned, the weather was gorgeous. Walking to the main road, traffic is quickly spotted That road is typically only used as a maintenance road for the Steeple Colosseum. As such, guests can safely walk across with little to no attention given. Honestly, the parking lot was crowded, but definitely not filled. granted, it was 8 am when I made the walk to the fairgrounds. I quickly snapped a picture on the entry road. obviously, the lot still had an overabundance of customers to serve. First shot of the fair. The first thing I noticed was the attraction so noticeable in the sky. That seems like a new one for this year! This shot was taken from the entry platform. As you may recall, because of the lack in field entryways at the parking lot entrance, the city uses boardwalks so fairgoers can climb over them. One of the first rides is apparently the new "Take Off". This ride does what most don't, it flips its passengers completely around it's axle even while the protruding seat extensions revolve 360 degrees. The freefall attraction seems to have made its way back this year. During the night, colorful lights stream from the top of the tower to the ground from four sides. Those streams are barely visible in this picture. Carnies won't miss their opportunities to sell parting gifts for people leaving near the entrance/exit. Here's a shot of the midway. The tent on the right is the arcade. Unfortunately, all my photos (and with that my entire night report) went corrupted during its transfer to the website. I'm afraid pictures from the inside will have to wait for next year. At the back of the fair, Xtreme is visible queuing riders. The skyscraper in town looms over the festivities. Imagine the view from there. Crazy Dance failed to open with the event unfortunately. It was closed during the first half hour of the day. Being next to Crazy Dance, Take Off suffered the consequences from the lack of visitors in that area of the fair. Still gave rides to the few people that queued however. This ride is one of the craziest and most painful rides I've ever ridden at the fair. I personally think the pain is worth it however. Xtreme giving riders a whorl. The entrance to the arcade. Again, I heavily apologize for the lack of in building shots. The kiddie rides surprisingly really lacked kids during the morning hours A view back at the midway. As midday arrived, so did the majority of the town. The late opening of Crazy Dance seemed to have affected the crowd's perception of it to limit its line like that. Shot toward the front of the fair from the back. During the end of my visit, I decided to bring my camera with me on the freefall and snap away at the top. I present the back of the carnival. Perfectly timed shot. Just because the fair took over doesn't mean guests can't access the bleachers to picnic! This concludes my report of the fair. As mentioned, I did come back after the sun sunk but, after frustratingly trying to recover them, my pictures of that night got corrupted. I'm normally not a fair guy, but I thought I'd report this fair to change up this blog's content a little bit. I'll be reporting soon of Six Flags in the coming months. Stay tuned!
  4. Yeah it's horrid! Tatsu is on it's way there too I thought it was already there.
  5. I'm pretty sure it's the latter, seriously, why aren't people flipping their shit? We're gonna finally have friggin ejector airtime in California!!
  6. 1. How do you most often watch videos? (DVD, Blu-Ray, Digital Download, Streaming.) 2. What streaming services do you use the most? 3. How many DVDs or Blu-Rays do you buy a year on average? 4. Do you use a device like Apple TV, Roku, or Chromecast? 5. How much do you watch videos on YouTube versus all the mediums listed in the poll? Thanks for the feedback! --Robb 1. I watch little of videos let alone full length movies. When I do, I usually watch them on youtube or digitally download them 2. Youtube, that is all 3. Maybe like, 0.5 a year 4. No 5. Given a ratio between time spent on youtube and other sources, I'd give it a 5:1 Yea, I'm not that big on watching movies at home
  7. Guilty ...you get annoyed whenever someone calls a vertical loop a "loop-de-loop". You might be a coaster nerd if you wince and become annoyed when people call every inversion a loop.
  8. 100+x3=2007 I'm gonna try my hand and attempt to decipher this. First, I'm going to assume that the 100+ is stating that the new attraction will reach over 100mph Then, After solving 100 x 3, we get 300. Given this, I'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess that it's a giga coaster that goes over 100mph. Btw, Nice job with this storytelling!
  9. I don't think the name was bad or was the reason we nicknamed it, I think it was the way it was presented that encouraged us to dub it as "Yolocoaster".
  10. I was basically using a wing coaster as an example of another cheap installation like Yolo-coaster. I personally believe it's gonna be the Iron-horse treatment.
  11. I honestly think the audience that MM targets will eat wing coasters up. Remember, most of their customers are not coaster enthusiasts and are not aware of any potential this project can unleash. In fact, I'm willing to bet most of them don't even know what a Rocky Mountain conversion is. I agree with you here. Also, I don't understand the attitude that Goooose has where it's a Rocky Mountain conversion or a wing rider. Why not something else? The better part of me believes that a water park expansion is highly probable. Or, why not something totally outlandish? Here's some speculation of my own: Imagine the park building a new front entrance over that way. It's centrally located in the parking lot and there would be more then enough room for a massive renovation to build a whole new front entrance. Then, they take out the old front entrance to the park which is located way out of the way now, take down the old structures, and build a new major roller coaster over there, by the YOLOcoaster plaza. A serious park restructuring for the better, a larger water park, and a new roller coaster. That would be exciting to me. I think the wing coaster suggestion was merely an example of another cheap and gimmicky coaster. But, as much as I love the thought of Six Flags constructing a new entrance, I believe its very unlikely at the moment. I mean, they just recently installed those biometric finger scanners at the original entrance.
  12. I honestly think the audience that MM targets will eat wing coasters up. Remember, most of their customers are not coaster enthusiasts and are not aware of any potential this project can unleash. In fact, I'm willing to bet most of them don't even know what a Rocky Mountain conversion is. That's fine. The general public in no market is more informed than another about ride types or manufacturers, but there is an enthusiast population that speaks on behalf of them, and whose voices are heard loud and clear by park planners, ride designers, etc. Look at all the FREE consulting advice we give parks on these message boards and other similar websites on a daily basis. Parks can look at this form of public opinion as well as toward previous cases to inform decision-making. The park knows that they can knock the ball out of the park with an RMC based on the success stories so far in Texas. Okay, I see where you're coming from. MM has a history of prefering quantity over quality and tends to build for the titles. Yes, there will be an out cry if our RMC theories are false (I highly doubt this though). But if they did went ahead and actually demolished Colossus for another gimmicky coaster, it will still attract their targeted crowd and in turn make a profit. Us enthusiasts can kick and squal all we want, but we will eventually head on out and try the new ride ourselves (well, most of us anyways ). Will this strategy accumulate more money than the RMC? Of course not. But it will pay well if the new addition was cheap enough. Not only that, two coasters can probably fit in Colossus' space with this stragtegy.
  13. I honestly think the audience that MM targets will eat wing coasters up. Remember, most of their customers are not coaster enthusiasts and are not aware of any potential this project can unleash. In fact, I'm willing to bet most of them don't even know what a Rocky Mountain conversion is.
  14. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Page 4 Table of Contents ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Sunny Oaks Town fair update........................................................................................................Scroll Down Sunny Oaks Town Fair Review.......................................................................................................CTRL+F [002] ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Sunny Oaks Town Fair Update ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The local fair is making its way back to town which gives me yet another reason to update this site. The whole event is not as elaborate as the Foster Farms Halloween Bash, but still generates blissful memories for years to come. The fair typically sets itself up inside the actual Steeple Colosseum itself and boasts plentiful high thrills carnival rides. Before I present the progress of the fair, I'm gonna show you some neat shots I took from the top balcony of the Chinese Hotel. When my sister was pregnant, I temporarily moved in these hotels to give my sister some space. I was quite surprised at how well kept this place was considering it's three times older than me. I took four pictures during my stay of the view I had. Enjoy! The fair will be held in that Colosseum this year (like always). In this close up shot, it is clearly visible that the entry deck actually bridges over the stadium walls to allow access into the field. There are official entrances into the field, but they are located towards the backside of the Colosseum. The walk would be long and tiring if the fair used those. Toward the southern end of the stadium, ride platforms sit proudly. I don't think the rides that the billboards present are actually assembled at the moment though. Here's my last shot of the fair. I took it from the hills beside Foster Farms. I'm contemplating on whether updating you guys with a second construction update, or just waiting a few days for the fair to open it's doors. Oh well, you guys will find out soon! That parking lot was the lot for this hotel/apartment complex. That pool down below was also quite nice! Obligatory Foster Farms Shot, the origins of this town. Is that a roller coaster I see? Now back to the main reason for this update, the fair. The entrance of the parking lot is now sporting colorful flags installed along the trim. Walking toward the entrance of the actual fairgrounds, entry booths began protruding rather early. The group in front of me was also checking the progress of the event. The closer I got, the more noticeable it became. Once I reached the entrance plaza, a ride proudly presented itself over the stadium walls. All these colorful objects brought forth that classic fair mood within me. That entrance you see on the left is not the actual entrance to the fair. It just leads to the bleachers where view-goers can observe the fair from a near bird's eye view.
  15. This is by far one of the most unique and aspiring projects I've come across on! I will be following this very closely. One question though, are your G-Force calculations matching up to those on the simulator? I'm rather interested on how accurate they are.
  16. I know, that name get's old fast! Luckily I incorporated a change of name into the story line. Thanks for the feedback! These story lines give me a reason a play RCT3!
  17. I'm sorry to here that this park's storyline will come to a close soon, but at least the journey was fun! Also, I give you props for introducing a non CT GIB in your park! It's one of the most annoying recreations to make, but it still nonetheless maintains that RCT feel!
  18. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ June 12th SFYW Mid-Season Trip Report 005 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Last week, my cousin Robbi came to visit from Connecticut with her family to witness my sister giving birth (I'm an uncle now!). We decided to head down to Six Flags after the birth to celebrate the turn of events (my sister stayed behind to tend to the newborn). I figured I'd update this blog since I've been too busy with work and my pregnant sister. In other news, The Sunny Oaks city fair will be coming very shortly in July so expect a cover on it in a few weeks. I'm rather excited as It gives me a reason to flaunt my hometown to the world. Now on to the report... This particular visit was a little unique compared to my previous ones. This time, instead of tackling the park alone, I had my cousins and their two kids with me so this report may be a little focused on them. Without further ado, I present you guys the pictures of that day. It's been awhile, but I'm back! The kids were a little daunted, but I managed to convince them to board the twirler. One of them loved it! The other, unfortunately, not so much. I caught this bird sitting here nonchalantly enjoying the atmosphere. After a quick meal at the Cottage Cafe, we headed back out. This was the only picture I shot of Entity. We didn't ride it at the time of the picture, but instead decided to save it for last. Once we rode however, only one of the kids was able to brave it. The ride was smooth and thrilling. Even though she said she liked it, the child refused to give a another whirl! It's been almost 2 seasons and the sky tower has been proudly sitting here dormant. It's becoming rather depressing honestly. Forest Flyer was closed throughout the whole visit. I hope it's a minor issue. There was absolutely no activity, even the chairs remained static. The diner seems to still be a popular break for everyone. Me and the kids took a ride on Grumble. They had tremendous fun! It's slower than most kiddie coaster, but the speed seemed just right for them. We gave it six thumbs up. Lucky for us, the crowds were astonishingly light considering how it's the middle of the summer. It was time for the big kids to have they're fun. Me and my step-cousin took a spin on Velocity. It was fun, I just wish it got a bit smoother after the MCBR. The twists the trains execute take a beating on the neck. I'd like to give a shout-out to Mike from the UK! He's an avid reader on the site and was inspired to visit the park by my blog! I'm truly shocked that my blog has reached those overseas! On to the water park expansion! There are quite a few changes that have occurred in the landscape. We can see a trench being made. I spotted more activity in the southern end of the site. Though this ride has been breaking down repeatedly all day, I had the chance to ride the Megadrop to quickly snap this shot of the construction underway. These next two shots were taken by one of the kids whilst sitting on my neck. I believe those beams protruding from the ground will hold future slides. This concludes this update. Will it be the last of the 1996 season? Who knows! Once through the gate, the kids were a little intimidated by the looming attractions overhead. The first stop, however, was the Main Street Arcade. I never actually interacted with any of the games here but now that I have, I have to say that it was relatively pleasant. The kids just went wild in here, from smashing buttons to aiming at targets, they had an absolute blast! Unfortunately, as we were cashing in our tickets for prizes, things went a little south. The only obtainable prizes we could get with our tickets were held in small glass cases containing tiny, cheap toys that can be bought for a dollar elsewhere. The big prizes that you see hanging on the wall right there actually costed 40 bucks. After witnessing that ridiculous price, we took our business elsewhere. One of the exits of the arcade heads directly toward the new plaza. The plaza is extremely spacious. A little too spacious if you ask me. This slab of concrete is too large in my opinion. The first ride we went on was the Garden Scrambler. It was a great way to start the kids off on their roller coaster journey! Here's a picture I snapped of the kids just before the ride started (notice the crane in the back). Again, the general area looks nice, but couldn't they have filled this space with at least something to look at?
  19. Not the Cobblestone Cafe!!! I guess it's too late for me to chain myself to the building.
  20. Beautiful! This is one of those times where music correlates EXTREMELY well with the coaster. You really captured that sense of freedom and the ultimate dream of flying. Great Work!
  21. Glad you like the cottage themed fast food joint (I should probably give it a name now that I think of it)! I was hoping it wouldn't look too out of place but it seems my worries were in vain. On your Six Flags on realism comment, I actually find this aspect very hard to execute. A chunk of the story line involves Six Flags managing and maintaining their parks as they normally would but overcoming that urge to "make that installation nicer" proves too strong overcome. I just find it hard to limit myself and pass up opportunities to build something "better". Hopefully I become more skillful at this!
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