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What are you thankful for...

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--All the rides, companies, organizations, and other influences that have inspired me to become an enthusiast

--My ability to travel and to enjoy a pleasing selection of attractions

--Theme Park Review and everything it has brought to my life

--Continued interest in building and preserving wooden coasters

--Survival of classic wooden coasters, particularly those still running classic trains

--Rare and quirky flat rides and dark rides

--Innovation within the industry

--All manner of parks and carnivals (there is not one size or type of place that I categorically dislike)

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I'm certainly thankful for TPR, and Club TPR, and the great job they do of providing enthusiasts with special events and activities that would never be offered to "regular" park patrons. I'm also thankful for the numerous trip reports from so many different members that allow me to at least vicariously visit parks I might not ever see otherwise. Last, but not least, I am thankful for Piers' antics, drunken and sober, that never cease to make me laugh.

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-My boyfriend that shares my obsession with coasters

-B&M and GCI

-All my friends in my coaster club that share my obsession

-SFOG for only being 10 minutes from where I live and the fact that we have Goliath which is my number one steel. Also, that we are getting the first eurofighter with just lap bars next year (YAY!)

-Dollywood and Pete Owens, for being awesome!

-Robb, Elissa and TPR for being awesome and bringing us the most up to date coaster news, pictures and videos

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TPR and the trips they provide that now consume my vacation time, bank account and thoughts!


The awesome friends I've made from the trips and the fact that two of them travelled to my house for Thanksgiving.


ANTON! Mindbender @ SFoG (nothing more needs to be said!)



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- Dinosaur


What else needs to be said?!?


Oh, OK, I'm also thankful for all the cool people I've met through this site. I am always amazed when I meet anyone that can put up with me and my nonsense for more than five minutes, so the fact that there are actually people that look forward to seeing me every year and will actually invite me to their homes and stuff continues to amaze me.


Robb & Elissa have been and always will be among my best friends. I have laughed and had great times with these two more than anyone else I've ever known. Again, why they still speak to me 10+ years later is a mystery that even science cannot solve (much like calculating Jeff Johnson's true age), but I do really appreciate them, and am constantly amazed at how much work they put into this site and the trips and in general keeping us all entertained. You both deserve a cookie.


Oh, and we cannot forget the one thing to be thankful for that without TPR and specifically the Japan 2007 trip would not have otherwise existed: Ice Bat.



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I'm thankful for having Valleyfair and Nickeloden Universe as my home parks, especially Nickeloden Universe since it lets me have an offseason coaster fix so I don't have to go a whole half-year without going on a coaster . I'm also thankful for TPR for being a great coaster/park website. Last but not least, I'm thankful for roller coasters and parks in general.

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I'm thankful for not having a single amusement park anywhere near where I live... oh wait..


On a more serious note, I'm extremely thankful for having had the opportunity to experience Walt Disney World in September this year. It was truly a trip of a lifetime, and for me the Disney magic is very much real. Rides, service, food, fireworks, everything was excellent! I'm thankful for the positive comments I have received on my trip report and videos, and getting a little attention from Robb himself as "the actual Norwegian who rode Maelstrom".



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Honestly? I'm super thankful for RMC, and all the amazing designs that they keep rolling out. They never stop amazing us with what they do.


Also, I am super thank for everyone from the CEO's, to the ride ops, to the janitorial teams that keep the parks running, and (for the most part) clean and beautiful.

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I'm thankful that more coaster builders are doing away with the dreaded OTSR whenever possible and all of the headbanging that often goes with it. Also thankful that my #1 coaster (Skyrush) is only 81 miles away from my home (yeah, not exactly next door but it could be far worse - it could be on the other side of the country or even out of the country!). And I'm thankful that I have a good variety of coasters and parks nearby, both for day and overnight trips.

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...Thankful for the Industry going back to creating some truly original and awesome new DARK RIDES.

Current and future. And for (finally) creating Coloured Coaster Track (Red, Blue and Green so far)

to make wooden coasters even more awesome looking, than they already are!


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I'm most thankful for TPR, everyone and everything here are awesome!

I'm thankful for Alan Schilke, Joe Draves, Werner Stengel and everyone behind the amazing projects.

I'm thankful for my IAAPA experience for teaching me an important lesson.

I'm thankful for Chimelong, you guys proved that Chinese amusement park/theme park still has a hope.

I'm thankful for everyone in the industry I got to know this year, you guys taught me a lot.

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*Heating systems in pools and slides.

*A community of die-hard amusement/theme park fans

*Ed Hart, for dedicating his time in getting Kentucky Kingdom revitalized and reopened, and for spending money on bringing some kick-a$$ attractions to the park and reopened.

*Ride Centerline, and everyone involved with it.

*The entire amusement park industry in general, for being able to bring people way to enjoy thrills without risking their lives in extremely dangerous activities (most of the time ).


I could go on, but this is all I could think of at the moment. Happy Turkey Day, everyone!

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I'M THANKFUL for being able to meet amazing "theme park junkies" such as myself when I travel to theme parks! I'm glad to know that some people in the world share my same passion for riding the biggest, longest, tallest, craziest, breathtaking, and AMAZING thrill rides in the world! MUCH LOVE my fellow THEME PARK JUNKIES!!!

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