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What are you thankful for...

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So as we're all (well, the Americans among us) giving thanks today for the normal stuff...family, friends, health, etc. I have a better question!


What are you truly thankful for in the industry!?


Here are my top three:


- Intamin Roller Coasters

- Virtual Queues

- Proslide


So what are you really thankful for? It could be a specific ride, park, manufacturer, food item, anything in the industry!



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Honestly, top of my theme park-related thankful-for list is Theme Park Review, and the trips I've been on this year in particular, so thanks Robb, Elissa and everyone on the UK and IntimidaTours, for such amazing times.


Otherwise, I'm pretty thankful that I have Alton Towers and Chessington World of Adventures within travelling distance - and I'm also very thankful for dark rides, everywhere.

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I'm thankful for Theme Park Review being a part of my life and it's been an awesome ride with the website, videos (I still have VHS tapes from back in the day), trips and all the friendships I have made on this website. I don't want to sound like a tool but I don't think I can be as grateful and thankful for anything else for the past 5 years as I have been for Theme Park Review.


Thank you guys!


Jimmy "Turkey Day" Bo

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The one thing that I am very thankful in this growing industry is Arrow Dynamics. Without their innovative ride I think the amusement industry would be very different today had they not exisited. With innovations such as the tubular steel rails for Matterhorn, Polymer Wheels for Matterhorn, The corkscrew for Corkscrew, interlocking loops for Loch Ness Monster and Orient Express, mega loopers RIP GASM, and the 4th Dimension roller coaster. X remains in my mind one of the single most crazy ride concepts ever designed and built.


I am thankful for Arrow, and wish more rides like Tennesee Tornado would have been built, and concepts such as the Arrowbatic would have been built.

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1. Wooden coasters who have survived for ages. With so many parks these days going bankrupt, and with so much theme park history dissapearing, it neat to see the older coasters. (Insert Big Dipper Joke Here)


2. TPR, honestly, theme parks wouldn't be the same without all the jumor, inside jokes, and fun that happens on this site.


3. Coasters with lots of airtime! Best feature of a coaster! El Toro, Bizzaro (SFNE), Intimidator, and all the coasters with great airtime!

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-Intiman, rocket coasters... giga coasters....mmmmm

-Gravity Group, for original wooden coasters, great innovation in the wooden roller coaster industry including Timberliners

-Busch Gardens, great theming and great roller coasters, and CHEETAH HUNT!

-Wizarding World of Harry Potter, for just being kick ass

-Mack, for their variety and appeal to all

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I'm thankful for a wife that lets me travel all over the world to visit themeparks.


I'm thankful for Robb & Elissa devoting so much time and effort planning trips and developing this website.


I'm thankful for all the friends made over the years on TPR trips.

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I'm thankful to have Intimidator 305 only 20 minutes away from me (and in whatever configuration it will be in 2011). Also thankful for a multi-launch (hopefully an Intamin like at its sister park) coaster to be constructed 45 minutes away from me in 2012.


Edit to add:

Like Sharktums, I think I'm just grateful for Intamin in general.

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Strong hope by Ed Hart in Kentucky Kingdom opening, everything on Theme Park Review, and new elements for wooden coasters and water slides. I can't really think of anything else.

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- My location, at least 8 fantastic parks within driving distance.

- The continual growth and renewal of the industry

- TPR, and all the other sites that have gotten and kept me interested

- Parks like Knoebels, Quassy, and Lake Compounce, complete throwbacks to simple fun

- Floater airtime, ejector airtime, sudden airtime, El Toro airtime

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Well, that we are blessed with THE greatest Arrow coaster ever Built: Loch Ness Monster.


That Schwarzkopf's rides are still operating throughout the world today, and we still can ride his masterpieces, although NOT necessairly in their original locations.


And that TPR is still growing strong all these years later, thanks to the efforts of Our Founder Robb, His lovely wife Elyssa, and the dozens of people who moderate, administrate, and frustrate us (joking, of course) the site and it's boards. Without them, none of us would be here 'posting' our joy!


Happy Turkey Day,


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