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  1. I went to edit my description, and then next thing I know it says "THIS COASTER IS BEING DELETED AND REMOVED FROM THE COMPETITION DUE TO FAILURE TO ADHERE TO TPR RULES.- R.D- GAMES FORUM MODERATOR." Can anyone explain why this happened?
  2. /\Would it be alright if we posted just a quick onride video, nothing too fancy, for people who don't have all the necessary custom scenery to ride the POV in its entirety themselves? I've been working for a solid 2 hours, and should have the ride uploaded tomorrow.
  3. /\I really like both of those latest two pictures. I can't wait/ hope to see theming on that one, 10ryansmith.
  4. /\Actually, you should be able to download the coaster just fine, regardless of whether or not you have the custom scenery sets in that park--the CS just won't show up, although certain downloads can cause the game to crash if the person downloading it doesn't have them, like CTR's, invisible entrances, etc. I think I'll whip something up this weekend if I have time--free TPR membership sounds very attractive!
  5. Well, there is a Premier Launch coaster...scratch that, three with both Chillers, that are rotting in fields/will be that could be picked up for cheap. Of course, pigs would have to fly and TPR would have to merge with ACE before that could ever happen. Don't forgot another Premier at Hard Rock Park.
  6. Sad to see so much of the Lost Continent leave as it was the most unique land in the park and I loved the style and overall concept, but as others have said, it's just better to put it out of it's misery. At this point, it doesn't exactly with IOA's portrayal on more franchise literature anyways. Still, I'd love, regardless of how unrealistic this is, if Universal decided to do a whole park dedicated to Myth's and Legends called the Lost Continent with extensive lands themed to Merlwood, Greece, etc. I've always enjoyed the Harry Potter books and loved the land especially. The lines for the shops were insane, but avoidable if you waited until after park closing and from my experience, the cast were all VERY enthusiastic--some of the best in my experience--even working after park hours. I'm excited to see what they come up with next, hopefully it will help make the land not crash as much and ruin the park's flow by just finishing the Lost Continent off.
  7. All great looking parks, KDcoasterMAN! Sunbeam SWELLS. I just realized that all the supports I've done so far have been hidden by that ONE palm tree... oh well.
  8. Spiderman and Forbidden Journey are probably the two best major dark rides ever build (in my mind they are without a doubt my two favorite)--neither of these are g-forced based and I would think they would entertain anyone who enjoys dark rides, and Potterland is one of the most immersive atmospheres in any theme park.
  9. I'll admit, I'm a huge Universal fan, even though I appreciate all parks, and I would understand your arguments--IF they made sense. -What is your research on the crowd level? How does some incorrect predictions that probably is not affiliated affect Universal's quality? -This is just extreme. Of course the lines are long for a brand new attraction during Spring Break, but the line is incredibly efficient, even massive crowds. And calling Harry Potter's line "entertaining enough to be enjoyable" is a ridiculous understatement. -The hanging plants are fake--they're supposed to look that way! -While the Simpson's line may not be my personal favorite, it still is a very well done line with tons of pre-shows and whimsical theming--just on par with any Disney line. -Another opinion, I see the Express Pass as a very nice perk for Universal property guests that is also generously offered to other people as well for a price. Realize this, this Fastpass rarely changes the average vacationer's gross wait time. For some rides they may be able to shorten their wait by some time (although usually you'll still have to wait a good ten minutes to get on the ride), for others, your line may be longer due to fastpass holders cutting in front of you. While yes, it is free, it is available to everyone and nowhere near as efficient as the Express Pass which lets you get on every ride (either limited or unlimited depending on which version) without waiting in any line and worrying about the stress of running around to get a fastpass. Sorry, I love Disney, but I think Universal is a better theme park compony at the time and is building better parks, plus you reasoning is pretty flawed.
  10. The station theming is totally awesome. I also am oddly fascinated with the exposed, above ground track--usually track doesn't lay on top of the floor, it is sunken below, if you know what i mean. The bunker theming totally works!
  11. Hey, maybe things will get better with the help of a wealthy investor! I always love the fresh smell of a new "rags to riches" story--there's always so much potential.
  12. Thank you so much for the VERY in-depth photo report! I really appreciate all the detailed pictures of this amazing looking ride. I'm excited to see how the loading area looks. Sounds like the Dive Coaster loading.
  13. Man, that was fast! So glad I moved my trip to July so I'll be able to ride that thing! (I know I already asked about the upcoming weeks, but could someone give me an idea of what to expect crowd-wise mid-july? Would you recommend Flash Pass?) Thanks!
  14. yeahhh! Love it Grrt... although I'm not a fan of the in game paths. I liked the tamarac textures better. Oh, and the landscaping could use a little Spice here and there in general, I see one rose bush in the left corner, and more could do wonders for the park.
  15. It really would fit the park quite nicely, definitely something that would make the park worth visiting to the general visitor, not just something that can already be found at SFDK (cough-cough windseeker)... I'd be thrilled to see a clone of Insane come to Great America, right down to that wicked color scheme!
  16. I agree! I'd love to see a video of how the ride really looks if anyone knows of one! The Scooby Doo ride was seriously awesome. Much more than I expected. Really long too.
  17. It's still under "construction." (Un)Fortunately, the park has decided in a new coaster--a Zamperla Votare.
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