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  1. I went to edit my description, and then next thing I know it says "THIS COASTER IS BEING DELETED AND REMOVED FROM THE COMPETITION DUE TO FAILURE TO ADHERE TO TPR RULES.- R.D- GAMES FORUM MODERATOR." Can anyone explain why this happened?
  2. /\Would it be alright if we posted just a quick onride video, nothing too fancy, for people who don't have all the necessary custom scenery to ride the POV in its entirety themselves? I've been working for a solid 2 hours, and should have the ride uploaded tomorrow.
  3. /\I really like both of those latest two pictures. I can't wait/ hope to see theming on that one, 10ryansmith.
  4. /\Actually, you should be able to download the coaster just fine, regardless of whether or not you have the custom scenery sets in that park--the CS just won't show up, although certain downloads can cause the game to crash if the person downloading it doesn't have them, like CTR's, invisible entrances, etc. I think I'll whip something up this weekend if I have time--free TPR membership sounds very attractive!
  5. Well, there is a Premier Launch coaster...scratch that, three with both Chillers, that are rotting in fields/will be that could be picked up for cheap. Of course, pigs would have to fly and TPR would have to merge with ACE before that could ever happen. Don't forgot another Premier at Hard Rock Park.
  6. Sad to see so much of the Lost Continent leave as it was the most unique land in the park and I loved the style and overall concept, but as others have said, it's just better to put it out of it's misery. At this point, it doesn't exactly with IOA's portrayal on more franchise literature anyways. Still, I'd love, regardless of how unrealistic this is, if Universal decided to do a whole park dedicated to Myth's and Legends called the Lost Continent with extensive lands themed to Merlwood, Greece, etc. I've always enjoyed the Harry Potter books and loved the land especially. The lines for t
  7. All great looking parks, KDcoasterMAN! Sunbeam SWELLS. I just realized that all the supports I've done so far have been hidden by that ONE palm tree... oh well.
  8. Spiderman and Forbidden Journey are probably the two best major dark rides ever build (in my mind they are without a doubt my two favorite)--neither of these are g-forced based and I would think they would entertain anyone who enjoys dark rides, and Potterland is one of the most immersive atmospheres in any theme park.
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