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  1. Cedar Fair seems to have cut Intamin off at the knees, and who could blame them? While B&M may be more predictable in their forces, I'll take a 300ft coaster by them anyway, and their trains are far superior. I would not want an Intamin with OTSR.
  2. lmao... A lift hill, and people can already tell it's not impressive? Wow, you guys are good.
  3. So has this been confirmed by the park yet, or are they just going to hope people forget the ride ever existed? lol As for a replacement, I hope they replace it with another water themed ride. And add the next coaster in Deja's spot.
  4. As much as I like Speed, that ride had lots of problems when it operated here in Las Vegas. It was down a lot, and when it did operate a lot of times the ride ops had to wait 10 minutes between cycles for various reasons. I'm not sure SFMM needs another low capacity ride that would come with potential problems. I'd rather see something new and exciting come to the park.
  5. Good points, and in all fairness I like what they did with DC Universe, obviously with very little money. And most of the theme around the park is pretty light at best, which is fine for a thrill park. The problem I think, has been the schizo way Six Flags has viewed the park over the years. When you go from "extreme" park, to family friendly, back to thrill park. Some theming here, no theming there, this is what you're going to get. The park is in dire need of a clear identity, and they need to wear it with pride. Whatever you're going to do, be the best at it. You always get the feeling they are one foot in, one foot out all of the time. Also I see no problem with criticising the park. Sometime I just get tired of the same moaning every year about Scream. Scream is a parking lot coaster...the end.
  6. Yeah don't we have these same conversations year after year? SFMM could make all these changes people are suggesting, and we'd still not give them a break. I don't blame them for putting money into thrill machines. Catering to the whims of their critics would be a never ending hole.
  7. If SFMM cared enough to make Revolution a great ride once again, I might agree with you. As it is, I could care less about what Tatsu does to a ride I will never set foot on again. Tatsu aside, Magic Mountain has been pretty awful when it comes to ride placement throughout it's history, pre Six Flags included. A park as naturally beautiful as The Mountain, should never have installed more than a few coasters to begin with. It would have made a gorgeous family/animal park. Ironically, had they taken that route, the park may not be around today.
  8. I gotta disagree about Tatsu. That being "over everything " is what separates it from other flyers, and makes the ride exciting imo. Dollywood is doing something similar with Wild Eagle and I love that as well. As for Scream or Colossus, I can see both of those issues dealt with sooner than people think.
  9. ^ Actually, from certain parts of Colossus, it is. But all that dense wood does help. With Deja Vu, I suspect it was a corporate decision and unfortunately Tim and crew had little say, similar to what happened with Riddler's third train. Hopefully by playing nicely and giving up a ride both the park and the locals loved, it will mean something special coming down the pipeline as a replacement. As evident by X-flight, the company seems more willing add something major to their crown jewel parks than they have the last few years. And I'd be surprised if they didn't want to continue promoting SFMM as the thrill capitol, especially with the addition of Drop Of Doom.
  10. Log Jammer is one of the better terrain flumes in the country. I can't see why they would remove it unless there is a lot of age damage or maintenance expenses. Maybe they're planning to add a more modern ride.
  11. After Green Lantern, please something a little higher capacity than a mouse. Like Deja Vu was a people eater? Most of their rides have good capacity if they were run right. A mouse would be more reliable than Vu. I don't see why it would have to be a high capacity ride. Capacity aside, there is nothing about mice rides that excite me in the least. And I find the 4 or 5 we have here in California to be crashing bores. If were going family ride as replacement for Deja (which I doubt), I think they can do better. Just my thought.
  12. After Green Lantern, please something a little higher capacity than a mouse.
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