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  1. While I have never used a travel agent, I can say that the best deals I have ever received have been onboard the ship. When we cruise we will book our next cruise on our current trip and the deals they throw at you are some of the best easily. The deals typically get better as the cruise goes on too so don't book within the first few days of travel. I usually wait till the last 2 or 3 days.
  2. Osceola Parkway heading towards Animal Kingdom is getting a bus lane as well as an overpass at Victory Way to keep traffic flowing at the entrance to Wide World of Sports. The construction that is happening at the MK toll plaza is another overpass to keep traffic moving to the resorts without vehicles having to pass through the toll plaza. Its basically to ease congestion in the morning and to route resort traffic away from the parking lot/tolls.
  3. I second Celebrity for an Alaskan cruise. And if you can do it, go on their land cruise that follows the sea cruise. Two weeks in Alaska is just heaven.
  4. This is the project I have been working on and I am stoked that it is finally getting closer to opening. It is definitely going to be a spectacular in the sky. While I am sad to see 'Wishes' go this new show is totally going to deliver in ways that 'Wishes' never could.
  5. Yeah about that.... From The News Junkie on Real Radio. I'm sure it will be fixed by the time your trip comes around
  6. I can't say enough about how great Celebrity is! My fiancé and I started our cruising on Carnival, upgraded to Royal, and finally landed on Celebrity at the advice of a friend. It only took one sailing with them for us to realize Celebrity would always be our preferred cruise line. The service is top notch and the attention to detail is down right scary when it comes to making sure everything is right with your trip. As was pointed out the average age of cruisers is older than most other lines but I think this is a huge plus! My fiancé and I are 30 and 32 so we stick out like a sore thumb
  7. The silver was just a primer as the Castle is back to being blue again. The crane is now gone and the JLG lifts should be going away soon.
  8. A lot of hard work paid off tonight with 'Celebrate the Magic' as the crowd seemed to really love the show. The new projectors are definitely welcomed as the images were much more clear and crisp than before. Overall I like this better than MM&Y, although there isn't Walt saying "waffle" at the end of this one so thats a bummer
  9. Standing at the woodcarvers shop. I would be the one wearing the tie and radio.
  10. You got some good pictures of the lighting I did for the event. Thanks
  11. The only proper way to ride should be to sit down and enjoy. There shouldn't be any work done to properly ride a coaster just so it can be enjoyable.
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