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What are you thankful for...

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I am thankful for Robb and Elissa finally starting up clubTPR. You have put together a club great enough for my family to finally cancel ACE!!!!75138_461899857334_722322334_5764072_5332742_n.jpg.004496da293aeb17f24e288f4802ceb7.jpg

A wife that puts up with my dumb a**


Great friends we have met on this site to enjoy the parks with


And the newest member of club TPR my son Zach

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Thankful for:


---Living in Orlando where I can ride a coaster 365 days a year

---Harry Potter Land and BUTERBEER

---Cedar Point where I got my start working in theme parks

---Walt Disney World where 24 years later I am still working for a theme park!

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As someone said before, Canada's already "done their day" a bit earlier, lol.


But at this time, for myself, I am thankful for...


- My partner, who lets me go on these coaster tours w/o any hassle.


- TPR, specifically Elissa and Robb who work their brains out in putting together and hosting the best tours possible.


- And Tokyo Disney Sea.

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I'm thankful that right now, I'm finally studying in the land of USA.


I'm right now in Northeastern University, dual-majoring in Environmental Studies-International Affairs, and minoring in Music Industry.


And I'm thankful that my family is here for Thanksgiving.


Anyone in Boston? HIT ME UP!

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I'm thankful that Halloween events have gotten so popular specifically HHN, Halloscreams, Haunt, Phobia, and every other event that keeps seasonal parks open through the end of October. And to everyone who complains about how bad their halloween event sucks in comparison to Halloween Horror Nights just be thankful that your coasters are open for night rides in late October!


Also thankful for TPR for giving me a wonderful place to waste time every day

thankful for Illuminations, you can never have a bad day at WDW as long as your in Epcot around 9pm

thankful for Dole Whips, enough said

Thankful for jellyrolls and the entire Boardwalk Resort, such an amazing place

Thankful for jersey shore for giving me people to make fun of at amusement parks

Thankful for Wet n Wild for secretly being the best water park in Orlando, but shhh don't tell anyone

Thankful for Vekoma making painful coasters, without them we wouldn't know how good Intamin and B&M really were

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Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who I know lead me to Robb & Elissa. Also because in every Intamin ride I see the marvel in his glory. It is because of him that I know that people like Stan Checketts, Bollinger & Mailbiard, and Alan Schilke were placed on this earth. Let us bow our heads and pray.


In this we ask his praise.



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1. Theme Park Review


2. Being located in an area of the country with so many great parks within a few hours,

(KI, CP, HW, Indiana Beach, SFGAm, Kennywood and other greats).


3. Disneyworld! Only 7 more months until were arrive.


4. My coaster buddy being my daughter...she's following in daddies footsteps!

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TPR.... to the people who have such a non-serious look at theme parks and coasters.

All the parks and coasters that I have ridden, (101 so far and counting)

My family for dealing with my some what obsession with coaster.

RCT- gives me something to do in the winter time.

My dear wife..... She married me on the great Phantom's Revenge

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I am thankful for many things in the amusement park industry, but here are the top ones:


--Living 90 minutes away from the absolutely wonderful Kennywood Park.

--Having the opportunity to meet Walter Bolliger at CoasterMania this year.

--Obviously Theme Park Review

--Going to college almost even distanced between Kings Island and Kings Dominion

--Plus having an awesome family who supports my roller coaster riding habit!

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