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  1. I'm *really* looking forward to that photo TR
  2. During the recent TPR trip to China I once again managed to finish the full set of B&M coasters. Here are the new and relocated rides I've ridden since my original post two years ago. 1539a (relocated 632): Monster (Walygator Parc) 1639: Raptor (Gardaland) 1658: Krake (Heide Park) 1735: Swarm (Thorpe Park) 1743: OzIris (Parc Asterix) 1775: Shambhala (Port Aventura) 1776a (relocated 159): Green Lantern (Six Flags Great Adventure) 1784: Leviathan (Canadas Wonderland) 1788a (relocated 106): Apocalypse (Six Flags America) 1791: Wild Eagle (Dollywood) 1795: X-Flight (Six Flags Great America) 1810: Hair Raiser (Ocean Park) 1831: Sky Scrapper (World Joyland)
  3. Okay, with the benefit of hindsight, that was pretty bad form on my part. I just saw the note from _koppen asking for a review, and posted a brief one without realising that it could come over the way it has. No excuses; next time I'll think before I post. Sorry everyone.
  4. I've ridden it, and I can tell you that it's actually really good. The new train design is comfortable and the ride itself is smooth, fast, and forceful. The bad news is that it operates for very limited hours. When I was there last year it operated 11:00-15:00 on a day when the park was open 08:00-22:00.
  5. I think we may have a clue as to why opinions on that ride are so polarised.
  6. Precisely. I spend a substantial percentage of my income on travel, and I'm only able to do that because I'm frugal in other areas. I've not read most of this thread, but I'll say that for me, personally, I'll travel as far as I have to if there's a park that I want to visit. I've done long weekends in very far away places - and I've always had as much time as I've wanted in the area.
  7. I'd throw in an honourable mention for Olympia Looping. Dominator is bigger, but it hasn't been relocated quite so many times
  8. Sommerland Syd has filed for bankruptcy. http://ekstrabladet.dk/kup/forbrug/article1815437.ece?refimg=827688
  9. #1800 a few weeks ago on Vilde Mus at Bakken. I've not quite managed one hundred new credits this year, but China should fix that
  10. Don't forget to post these pics when you get a chance -- thanks!
  11. Agreed. It doesn't cause a problem unless you're riding repeatedly, at which point it gives you a headache
  12. Senzafiato is a near-clone of Rita at Alton Towers - the only difference being the top hat. Rita hits 61.1mph.
  13. It is the smoothest ride in the park. In my original post I noted that it had great airtime, and it does; I liked it a lot. But don't try telling me it doesn't have a B&M rattle; it does. If it didn't I'd have ridden more. As it was, I ended up with a mild headache after a few rides in a short period. Just for the record, I'm one of those singing the praises of OzIris, and I'm not a local. I'm going to get back there at some point in the not too distant future to validate my theory that something changed on OzIris between when the ECC was there (end-April) and when TPR was there; my bet remains wheel compound.
  14. It was running two trains and for the most part not stacking. As regards rattle, I rode six times, so unless I was really unlucky it has a B&M rattle. I didn't get a front (not willing to pay thirty euro for a single front seat ride, thanks) so I can't comment beyond that.
  15. A quick review of Shambhala... Considerably more intense than than Silver Star with some great floating airtime.It does have a bit of a B&M rattle though, and having assigned seating sucks -- especially when front row is basically reserved for those on the top of the line express pass. Is it a number one? No. Is it the new best hyper in Europe? Depends on whether you like Expedition GeForce or not.
  16. What I want to understand is why those of us who rode it in April appear to have had a totally different ride experience to those of you who rode it more recently. Different wheel compound maybe? I'm contemplating going back there for another day trip to see whether the experience really has changed or whether I was seeing things through rose tinted glasses.
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