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  1. No. What I was asking was if you thought it was worth flying somewhere to spend 1/2 a day at an amusement park or taking your time over a vacation at one park. I guess I should have made that clearer. For an example of what that would be like and how much it would cost, I posted an example itinerary to get a perspective on it.
  2. I wrote this about a year ago elsewhere, but I thought you guys might like the discussion after talking about planning our next big tour: --- So I live in Boston. The closest theme park is Canobie Lake Park which is 33.7 miles, or a 30-60 minute drive. A single ticket is ~$28. Six Flags New England is a 60-90 minute drive and tickets cost ~$37. I'm lucky to live so close to amusement parks, but for driving, I'm reliant on friends to go. Any time I get a day off of work, I'd take the time to visit a park with friends. What would really be nice, instead of going to the neighborhood par
  3. Yes! I had one so bad, I had to go to the hospital. Took a full month to recover. I've been staying inside for the past couple of years and somehow, I went from tan to white. --- Have you ever gotten a kiss from a dolphin?
  4. Fox remaking Firefly..directed by Uwe Boll. --- What's worse than finding a cockroach in your hamburger and both halves are still moving with one half sliding down your throat pinching you as it goes down?
  5. You can never grow out of it! You'll be like 90 and thinking, "I know of a cool way to die." As for my intro, I live up in Boston and just started working in the industry. I've been to ~10 parks this year on business. I will probably match that visiting IAAPA. As for parks on vacation, I prefer to go to ones that are easy to travel to. One time, I flew down to Orlando, went on almost all the rides at Universal, and flew back the same day. Take that, hotel prices!
  6. Do you mean like apps for the parks or do you mean game apps?
  7. I just looked it up. Early June depart and Late June arrive. BOS to TYO. If I went on multiple airlines, I can get it down to $1181.10. Non-stop on AA is $2012.10. These flights are coach. The cheapest first class seats cost around what Japan Airlines wants coach. Delta for $5158.58 and AA non-stop for $6521.10 (Other airlines have much better first class seats). Since it is a very long flight, I do think it is better to break it up into 1-stop on same airline so you are less likely to lose your luggage. Yeah, $1200+fees sounds pretty good! So 3K for the parks, 1.5K flight (fees, tax
  8. $5 for the Great Dipper seems expensive if you would like to ride multiple times. I wonder how many riders they get a year?
  9. Cool! I like the American tours because they are much closer to where I live. The cost of a flight to Japan is the same amount as the trip there. I'd love to visit, but I don't have $8K to spare. The tours give me plenty of time to save up funds. When is the final date to register?
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