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  1. ^ It would, but im sure something custom would fit in that spot even better. If a wing coaster ever gets placed in that spot even if custom it would have to be similar X Flight since its a large but compact area.
  2. Its funny how so many of you keep mentioning the X flight clone. I thought everyone was against the cloning idea, I just don't understand why everyone all for it now. And if anyone noticed as of the last 5 years Six Flags has not purchased any clones of large coasters. All recent additions have been custom, X Flight, Full Throttle, Superman Escape from Krypton, Goliath SFOG, NTAG, and Iron Rattler. I hope they continue with this trend and when SFOT finally gets a coaster, it will be something custom.
  3. Does anyone know if Banshee footprint is supposed to cover the majority of SOB former footprint or is there expected be lots of unused land?
  4. ^ Cant say im sad to here about judge closing. However, Im happy about Shockwave proggressing, I have not rode it since the travel channel shoot.
  5. Don't know if anyone knows or if this has been answered already. Will this have Gerstlauer make the trains anymore or at least on this ride?
  6. ^ Im waiting for the day a bulldozer is in front of the park as well. The park is large nearly 250 acres. But how the rides are layed out in the park dosent leave much room for expansion without ride removal. With SFGadv removing American Eagle because of low popularity, maybe we will see the removal of JRS is a possibillty in the future. I wonder if the park has gotten on the permits needed for demolition for the shopping center.
  7. Well I dont think anyone is too surprised about this. Especially consedering NTAG accident in all. As much as I am ready for a new coaster I'm not even mad or really dissapointed because the childrens area really needs it. When I took my little niece to the park a few weeks ago it was kinda depresssing, the rides are pretty sad. But if something (meaning a large coaster, perferrably custom) dosent happen in 2015 I would be pretty dissaponted.
  8. And I'm sure attendance has not quite been the same since NTAGs accident. The park may be afraid to put another roller coaster in because of the accident, as some people now feel roller coasters are dangerous. SFOT is supposed to be Six Flags flagship park even though it doesnt seem to get as many new large attractions as SFGadv and SFMM. Anyone know what time the announcements wills be made?
  9. For all I know, Magic Mountain got ride of their PR person to cut costs! I'd love to seem some infrastructure rejuvenation and general park restoration at both SFOT and SFMM! I think everyone wants to Revolution restored. I personally would like them to do a restoration on the scale of the Phantoms Revenge but I dout that would happen. I wish SFOT would allow Rocky Mountain to come back and do some magic to JRS, which I'm sure will never happen. But I can dream. But some general tlc for the parks would be appreciated as well. It would also be nice if SFOT would keep summer hours because I know a lot of people who would actually prefer to go after work and school on weekdays for various reasons plus the temperatures are much better.
  10. SFOT is the only six flags park that has not gotten a "Facebook hint teaser" I wonder if that means anything.
  11. If it is a drop tower hopefully it will face riders like BGT new drop tower.
  12. This has turned out to be a dissapointing year at SFOT. It's started off well with getting a new large attraction even with Shockwave being closed. But with NTAG, being closed amongst little rides minor breakdowns on other coasters.
  13. Looks more like a Dive loop but I hope it turns out to be immelman. Cant wait to see this ride unvailed. I hope its not a dissapointment. Id its from RmC or Intimain I dont see it be too bad either way.
  14. I think runaway mountain is sleep on. Its one of those rides that really shows that Premier has more to offer than just great lunch coasters.
  15. Im a bit suprissed that Apliengiest ranks so high as I felt it to be super fast but super forceless. I think Batman Raptor and Mountu top are great.
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