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  1. Heres my username, scott8514. Thought I posted this ages ago.
  2. Triggering this to have it pop out when Neil walked by was probably the greatest thing of that day.
  3. Ugh, if it wasn't for Japan, I'd totally be up for the Texas/Midwest trip! City Museum was just too amazing in 2010, even if it was 1000 degrees in St Louis.
  4. Coaster Expedition for sure. I don't think I've ever watched a RAW video but I have bought Coaster Expedition dvd's. I tend to like the "music video" and "storytelling" style of those.
  5. I really wish I could explain to everyone how amazing this park is. Easily beats out any other park and I could have stayed here the entire part of the Europe and been completely happy! Seriously, everywhere you turn, the theme is amazing! It was all just so awesome. Great photos Hanno! I miss this place so much!
  6. I really loved this park! The whole day was awesome, especially the end of the day with beer and ice cream and songs playing over and over again! Thanks Hanno for posting these. I miss this trip!
  7. That's awesome news Robb! Thanks for all your hard work and can't wait for August 3rd to get here!
  8. I really enjoyed my time here! The super amazing dunked into chocolate waffles were freaking delicious!
  9. Awesome photos. I still have Euro Mir stuck in my head!
  10. Why yes you are! Robb, thanks for the awesome updates! I'm ready to fly out tomorrow!!
  11. This is awesome news! I'm really curious to see if they implement this for Halloween Horror Nights. Would make my night much easier!
  12. At least Larry wasn't the only one to use his hotel card on the monorail! I miss TDL so bad! I just want to spend a week eating Black Pepper & Curry Popcorn.
  13. ^His arm was nasty and I had to see it after that trip! I can't imagine when it was free and lovely. I miss amazing Japanese Vending machines which are awesome. This is two days in a row I've been reminded of Japan!
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