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  1. My wife just passed this along to me a few minutes ago. Apparently, after 94 years it's all over for IB. https://www.wthr.com/article/indiana-beach-close-after-94-years
  2. Great trip report! I love Kenucky Kingdom, and I was hoping to make it down for Halloscream, but it won't be happening this season. Looked like fun though.
  3. July can't get here quick enough! Can't wait for Copperhead Strike, and more Afterburn and Fury!
  4. I believe I heard the whole ride is 17 seconds...with 5 inversions, (according to RCDB). That's going to be pretty crazy!
  5. 1. Name 3 of your favorite roller coasters, but not your top 3. LoCoSuMo, Rougarou, Cornball Express 2. About how many different parks did you visit in 2018? 3 Parks 3. Which 2018 park visit was your favorite? Busch Gardens Tampa 4. Your favorite 2018 park addition (ride, food, show, etc)? Steel Vengeance 5. What ride exceeded your expectations the most in 2018? Cobra's Curse 6. Best meal/food at a park in 2018? Coney BBQ @ KI 7. What was your favorite new coaster of 2018 NOT made by RMC or Larson? Cobra's Curse 8. Name one park you will definitely visit
  6. I'd try to get your rides in during the day, (presuming you're going all day). If it's like all the other Saturdays so far, it'll be crazy once the Haunt starts. We've found it somewhat easy to get in the haunts on Saturdays, the rides, not so much.
  7. Any lack of actors in the haunts could be simply due to people not showing up for work. When I worked Cornstalkers, we would often have to give up 3-4 of our people to other, more popular haunts. Also, I'm really hoping the popularity of Pumpkin Eater will eventually lead to KI getting the full haunt of it from Knotts...the would be awesome.
  8. When we were at CP the decorations and theming were better than the haunts, with the exception of Slaughterhouse & Cornstalkers. Cornstalkers being the best by a mile. Their scareactors were weak compared to KI's.
  9. It hasn't been the best year...but I thought it was pretty good myself. I want to give C.H.A.O.S another try before I rate it, (It was opening night), and now they should've had plenty of time to work out the bugs, and get their timing down more. I thought the two new scarezones, Coney Maul & Pumpkin Eater were great. And they were getting us at every turn in Slaughterhouse. Next trip, Madame Fatale's is first up...heard they're doing it Blackout style with flashlights, (hopefully, the Gantom Torches).
  10. Like Jedimaster had pointed out, the only HH attraction that it seems to fit is Backwoods Bayou. But the timing just seemed weird...putting up new ads 3 weeks into the Haunt, when it's only a 6 week event. But it is strange anyway.
  11. I just had this come up on my phone a few minutes ago. Anybody know what "The Swamp" is all about?
  12. I would love to see CP take out Snake River Falls, and use the land behind it, if needed, to install a really extensive log flume-type ride like Chiapa's (Phantasialand). Of course, moderately themed...after all this CF
  13. I'm asking my coaster bretheren for a little help. We are looking at two different options for a long weekend in early October. We have our CF Platinum so were looking at: Valleyfair & Mall Of America or Dorney & Knoebel's ...What would be our better option?
  14. I know I'm never very vocal here on TPR anymore, but I'm still here, and some day I will be on a TPR European Tour. Financially it just never works out at this point...but when it finally does I'll ONLY go with TPR.
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