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  1. Don't really want to bump an old thread, but I do like to thank all the people that helped me out in this topic. We had a great day at Disney and managed to do a lot of the rides we wanted, without having to hurry. We even did a mid-day swim in our hotel (15 minutes away). Morning advice on getting FP for EE, then riding EE and then Safari + EE afterwards was great. We did Primeval Whirl and Dinosaur and got out of the park bij 11.30. In the Studios we only did RNR and TOT (FP) and then returned to our hotel because we needed a break. We arrived at MK around 4.30 PM and did SM, BTM, SM, Small World, speedway (??), Buzz, Haunted House. We definitely enjoyed ourselves. Even though lines were short, there were too many people for my liking. That kind of ruins the Disney atmosphere. I feel like not a slower schedule but smaller crowds would have made a difference, but considering the reasonable wait lines, I think that's rather impossible. I'd rank my US+IOA and Sea World-experience above Disney, but I'm glad we managed to spend a day at Disney though.
  2. Thanks for the help with my schedule everyone! Appreciate it.
  3. Spent a few hours in Parc Asterix today. After a rather tame ride on Tonnerre 2 years ago, we got to ride it during rather heavy rain today. Our backseat ride in the pouring rain was incredible. I now get all the love for Tonnerre. Oz'iris looked absolutely breathtaking, even in the rain. The ride itself was very good and a nice addition to the park. Supersmooth (frontseat) with decent forces, however nothing too incredible. Perfect ride for both families as well as thrill-seekers. Overall operations seemed good in the park, although it wasn't very crowded.
  4. Don't want to open a new topic for my question, so hopefully someone will help me out here. I'll be in Seaworld Orlando on Thursday May 31 from 9AM (will be there before opening) till about 3.30PM. I want to do the following: Kraken (re-rides?) Manta (re-rides?) Journey To Atlantis Feeding Dolphins Wild Arctic Shamu Express Shamu show (One Ocean) --> Am I missing something important? I'd like to get the most out of my day, so please comment on my plan of attack: 1) Manta, right after park opening, maybe a re-ride depending on crowds 2) Journey To Atlantis 3) Kraken 4) Dolphin feeding area (if we still have time) 5) 12.00: Shamu show 6) Wild Arctic + Shamu Express (credit) 7) Another walk around the park to check some aquariums, enjoy the atmosphere, and get to the dolphin feeding area if we run out of time in the morning. Depending on how busy the park is, we could also do the Blue Horizons dolphin show at 2. Is this realistic? Is it a good choice to go to Manta first, or should we pick Kraken or Journey? How likely is the Shamu show to be full at noon? We have binoculars so we don't really care about having the best seats. Thanks in advance.
  5. All within the next 45 days: Parc Asterix Universal Studios Orlando Busch Gardens Tampa Magic Kingdom Animal Kingdom Studios Sea World I'm beyond excited!
  6. Seeing these amazing pictures, I'm kind of curious now about the operations of the ride... How quick they dispatch, how fast the line goes, how popular the ride is (it is France after all)...
  7. Thanks for the great advice once again. TSM seems like a 'problem-ride'. It's not a priority, so depending on the crowds, we'll just skip that. DHS has magic hours that day, so it'll definitely be crowded. I've thought about starting at DHS, but with the magic hours, we won't 'profit' from being there at the regular opening time, while I feel like we'd only have to spend 2 hours, maybe 2,5 at AK if we get there at opening. This will probably be a lot longer and more 'stressful' (cause EE is my nr1 priority) if we do this park 2nd. Oh and the girlfriend's used to being 'burnt out' . After all the advice I feel even more confident that we can pull it off. I'm so excited now!
  8. Thanks already! ^Our approach indeed is to get out of AK and Studios as fast as possible (including a walk around the park though). They both have signature rides that we REALLY want to do though, so we don't want to skip those parks either. Animal Kingdom: - Expedition Everest (re-ride maybe?) - Kilimanjaro Safaris --> Just noticed the ride itself is 20 minutes + extra time, so we might skip that, depending on when our EE FP time slot is. - Primeval Whirl - Kali River Rapids maybe, although 1 water ride (Splash Mountain) is already too much for me . Studios: - Tower Of Terror - Toy Story Mania?? - Rock N Rollercoaster (already rode it in Paris though, so if we run into any unforeseen problems, we could skip this one) - Studio tour or Great Movie Ride - is Star Tours worth it? Magic Kingdom: - Big Thunder Mountain - Space Mountain - Splash Mountain - Pirates - Barnstormer - Haunted Mansion Which darkrides do you suggest? It's a Small World, Peter Pan...? They'd mainly be for my girlfriend who wants the 'Disney Experience'. She has never been to Disneyland Paris, I have.
  9. I'm slowly reaching the final stadium of planning my trip to Florida (thanks to Beemerboy for helping me out). My girlfriend and I will be visiting Disney World Wednesday, May 30. This will be our first time at Disney World and we just want to do as much as possible. I know we should have booked more days at Disney etc, but it is the way it is, and we want to make the most of it. Opening times are 9-10 for Magic Kingdom. Beside MK, we also want to do Animal Kingdom and Studios. Even though Epcot gets amazing reviews, we will most likely skip this because we just won't have enough time to stroll around and enjoy the park. Test Track being down is also a reason. We don't mind the fact that we won't be able to take in the parks properly and probably won't lose much time on dining inside the park either. Our goal is to get the most out of our day and we want to focus on the major rides (coasters/darkrides/water rides). Shows and parades will probably be skipped anyways because we don't really like that. Same goes for fireworks. While this might not be the best approach to visiting Disney World, this is what we chose for and if you could help us out, it'd be amazing. 1) According to my research, our schedule should be: - Animal Kingdom 9-12 / Studios: 1-4 / Magic Kingdom 4-10. Is this realistic? 2) We will have a car. How far in advance should we be at the Animal Kingdom gates to be part of the first group of people inside the park? How long should entering the complex and parking our car take? What would be the best area to park our car? 3) Travelling between parks seems like quite a task. Should we take our car and get to another parking, or take monorail/bus? How should we make the AK-DHS and the DHS-MK transfer? Is 30 minutes each a reasonable timeframe? Are the bus/monorail stops usually in front of the entrance gates? 4) Are there specific FP-strategies we should know about? Or should we just walk up to the ride we want, and then take the FP and go for the next ride and come back? Can we take FP for a certain ride, anywhere in the park, or only at the FP booth near that ride? Can we have several FP at the same time, or just 1? Even though this is going to be an intense day, I feel pretty confident that we can pull it off and still have fun, if we get to AK on time, and don't lose too much time on us being inexperienced (transfers, not finding rides...). Some input would be gladly appreciated. If anyone needs help for a trip to Belgium, let me know, I'll help you out.
  10. We're definitely considering the all-day dining pass, depending on what kind of ticket combination we'll buy (going to Sea World) as well. Park's open from 9.30-6 and we'll be there all day, so according to what you said, we should have more than enough time to enjoy the dining pass without having to miss must-do rides. Thanks!
  11. Will be going to BGT on May 23, which is a Wednesday. What should our 'plan of attack' be? We want to do all the coasters + some other major rides (just like most people). Any shows that we should definitely see? Is this a holiday-week, because Memorial Day is in a few days? What can we expect of the crowds? Should we eat inside the park or would it be better to take our car and eat somewhere right outside of the park? Thanks.
  12. I was at Europa park on one of the busiest days of the year (holiday in both Germany and France, first nice weather, weekend) and even though the park was packed (even the streets were extremely crowded) they managed to clear pretty much every line (even though most were longer than the provided space) in 1 hour or less. My respect for Europa Park doubled that day. I would have had a horrible experience in 99% of all theme parks, but Europa park pulled it off. However, with the amount of rides EP has, you definitely need 2 or 3 days.
  13. Some good advice has already been given! I appreciate that. I might not have expressed myself correctly in my first few posts in this thread. I'm not coming to Florida for the credits. I'm coming to Florida to take a few days off work, enjoy the good weather, see soemthing new and have an overall good time. The fact that there are some of the best theme parks in the world, makes FL even more interesting to me. The way it looks right now, it's going to be a full day at BGT, half day at SWO, full hopper day at Disney and a full hopper day at Universal. So, you definitely changed my schedule quite a bit .
  14. Thanks. It'll be my first time in Orlando. We have about 10 days to spend so our schedule will be close to this: 2d Orlando 2d Miami 1d Everglades 1d beaches+keys 1d BGT 1d SWO 2 'free' days We're flying into Orlando on Tuesday evening and we're flying back home on Friday of the next week. That way I think we can avoid do parks on Memorial Day weekend. I considered Magic Kingdom to be most interesting because it seems like it's the only complete Disney-park. I don't have any preference though and if I'm paying the Disney ticketprice, I won't focus too much on doing the rollercoasters because they're not that breathtaking anyways... I've thought about the Disney hopper day, and it seems fun to just hang around (with a tight schedule) and enjoy our last day in Florida. I'm not sure though. Based on what you said I will definitely plan a Universal-day! I'll probably just give in to my gf and plan a Disney day too... even though I think 4 days out of 10 spent on theme parks might be 1 day too much... Can't always get the balance right I guess, especially not in Fl .
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