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  1. Oh jeez...this was posted on YouTube a few minutes ago... "For all u people sayin the coin mested up the ride. Tat did not do any ting. A back pack fell off. Becuz of tat the coster lost speed. It didn't make anuf speed to get around the loop. N ten so the coin dropped out of my hand. If the coster would have had anuf speed. The coin would have stood on my hand. So the coin´╗┐ did not cause nuthing to harm the coster. It was a back pack" Is it too much to ask for proper spelling and grammar?
  2. One thing I always look forward to on TPR are the Tokyo Disney Resort photo trip reports! And this one is the best of them all! Great videos and great pictures!
  3. Watching the live action Fairly OddParents movie on Nickelodeon. For a Made-for-TV movie, it's so awesome! I love how close it is to the cartoon, right down to everyone's voices!
  4. Trying to register for Physics 200. Very limited space and I keep an error message saying they're all closed (even though there's spots open)... Man...
  5. Disneyland Adventures for the Kinect. Oh...my...God....YESS!
  6. Got to be careful around mermaids, Robb! Haven't you seen Pirates 4? Mermaids are evil! Seriously though, great update Robb! Can't wait to try out Star Tours - The Adventure Continues!
  7. Just got ModNation Racers! Still debating if I want to get either Pursuit Force or Killzone (already got a hard copy of LBP).
  8. ^ I wonder if that's the case as well. Anyway glad to see WDW get their classic Tiki Room back...
  9. I know! I can't stand those people either!
  10. The Pokemon cartoon By which I mean the current "Black and White" series airing...
  11. The last coaster I rode was Revenge of the Mummy at Universal Studios Hollywood on Sunday. It's okay. The coaster in the dark portion of the ride was fun, but WAY too short for me to recommend. Thankfully, I only waited five minutes for the ride. Anything more than 15 minutes, I say skip it.
  12. Cute trip report, Elissa! I got to visit Legoland someday.
  13. Looks like I'm in the same boat as you pal, which is good! I need someone to help me row!
  14. Went to my local flea market last week, picked up a Sega Genesis w/Disney's Aladdin as well as the Game Boy Player for my GameCube! Both of them are great! Disney's Aladdin is fun, but it's ridiculously hard!
  15. "Imagination, Imagination!! Imagination, Imagination!" Ah man, I got that song stuck in my head!
  16. Today was a great day for me! My new driver's license came in the mail, as did the start-up disc for my GameBoy Player!
  17. That's not true with me. Sure I still rank California's Fantasmic overall, but I'll admit to Hong Kong Disneyland having a better Space Mountain than ours as well as Tokyo Disneyland having a better Monsters Inc. ride than the one in DCA.
  18. Admittedly, when I first heard that Tokyo DisneySEA will be replacing BraviSEAmo with another "Fantasmic!" I was worried that it was going to be a carbon copy of the show in California and Florida. Of course, this being Tokyo Disney Resort, I was blown away! This is a fantastic version of "Fantasmic!" It retains a lot of the charm and spectacle of the other two shows and yet it also tries many new things, such as the blue Sorcerer's Hat. It even has a bit of World of Color and Epcot's Illuminations in it. However, I'll still say that I like the California version better. You just can't beat the original!
  19. Honestly, I'm still not too sure about Shanghai Disneyland. Although I do think the art work looks neat and I am curious as to what unique ideas they have for the park, something just tells me that this park seems unnecessary. I don't know. Maybe it's early to say...
  20. After putting it off for a few weeks, I finally downloaded Steam onto my Mac. The first game I get: Team Fortress 2. And I am addicted! I'm not usually a fan of online shooters, but this one was fun! If anyone wants to be friends, check me out here: http://steamcommunity.com/id/spacescream91 ----space "super-awesome medic" mtfan
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