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  1. yeahhh!!! faded colors and rusted rides!!! - Schwarzkopf track system, all models! speedracer, wildcat, jetstar, ...
  2. where I can find custom support, stairs, etc... for RCT2? Thanks!
  3. I'm 28 and my first coaster EVER was MontaƱa Rusa Infantil at Parque de la Ciudad when I was 6 My first big coaster was Aconcagua at Parque de la Ciudad when I was 10. I LOVE THIS ROLLER COASTER; YESTERDAY, TODAY AND FOREVER! My first Looping coaster was "Looping Star" (Pinfari ZL42 ) at Super Park when I was 12.
  4. Aconcagua. Some short. But fast, smooth and nice airtime. Photos taken with permission
  5. I like standard, if old better! I love the "Super Tornado" an extremely old wildmouse manufactured by Pinfari. Operating since the 60s in Buenos Aires. Brutal drops, extreme quick turns, and a wild and insane airtime! Super Tornado POV http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=01LuBOvnW0g http://www.rcdb.com/3238.htm?p=0
  6. Spectacular Photos man!!!! I hope to see more! SFOG
  7. this is an expansion joint? This piece reminds me a expansion joints of Vertigorama (also built by Giovanola)
  8. I regret posting this again. but someone could answer me? I would like to know your opinion Thank you!
  9. Hi! I live in Argentina and the most extreme I have experienced is a Skycoaster (230 feet), an SLC (very smooth) and a Vekoma Boomerang (terribly rough and painful) I very much enjoy the SLC and I love the intense drop the Skycoaster. But the boomerang, it gives me pain all over my body, and also it leaves my heart beating extremely strong. The first drop and the rest of the layout leaves me breathless. For that reason, I hate the boomerang, I can't enjoy. I thinks will die, even after finishing the ride. should I avoid riding mega, giga and hypercoasters, given my experience with boomerang? Sorry, my English sucks.
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