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What are you thankful for...

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1. Theme Park Review (I really like the store, magazine and Chat in particular, a great way to share a hobby)

2. Things to look at in ride queues - see Soarin, Shrek 4D, Haunted Mansion, Space Mountain

3. Those really cool El Loco Coasters!

(i found the restraints on Mumbo Jumbo way to tight but that was probably just a nasty ride op, in general they are great!)


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I'm thankful for:


- Rocky Mountain Construction (for the new Texas Giant)

- Dollywood (for having an awesome Euro-fighter)

- Carnivals (for providing some rides and coaster credits in the dullest part of Texas)

- Theme Park Review (for encouraging me to become a theme park/coaster enthusiast)

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I'm thankful for:


-TPR (for being the best site for coasters, jokes, and IAAPA coverage)

-GCI (for making the best woodies imo)

-Intamin (for making the best steelies imo)

-SFMM (for being my second home since I came to SoCal. The site of my first roller coaster and the birthplace of my love of the theme park industry.)


Thank you!

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I'm thankful for this website and how big of a solid role it's played in the course of my life so far. I've met industry officials, park owners and many other important persons through this website. I met two of the best people I currently know in my life on this site, which are Robb and Elissa Alvey which I see as good friends and a part of my internet family.


I'm also thankful for the forum community, it's filled with thousands of awesome and decent people. They never fail to make me laugh or smile, and we've been in for the hard times and good times together. I hope it continues to be that way. Thanks everyone!


Poem for Robb/Elissa and everyone on TPR:


Thanksgiving is a time

For reviewing what we treasure,

The people we hold dear,

Who give us so much pleasure.


Without you as my friends,

Life would be a bore;

Having you in my life

Is what I’m thankful for.

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I'm thankful for:

- Robb and Elissa for putting together this awesome site and all the trips.

- All the awesome friends I've made because of this site and the IntimidaTour. I like the fact that everyone lives all over the place. This gives me even more reasons to travel. I can visit friends AND parks...and I'm going to parks with friends who ENJOY going!

- Dollywood because without it, we would never experience cinnamon bread. If you haven't tried it, just go to the park now and get some. Really, who cares about turkey? Besides, cinnamon bread is better than sex.


I'm thankful for the family owned and operated parks that still exist. All of them.


Agreed. Little Amerricka comes to mind. I'm grateful it's still around.

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-TPR for putting on great trips and being a good source of information.

-Intamin for still being willing to experiment and push the envelope.

-All the European parks that emphasize overall quality over giant coasters or raw number of coasters.

-Disney for still running things very well despite the crap global economy and tourism slow down.

-Gravity Group/GCII for keeping the wooden coaster genre alive and kicking.

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New member here.


I am thankful for:

-having been able to lurk this site for a long time now to find updates about roller coasters all over the world.

-Robb Alvey and his wife for creating one of (if not) the best Theme Park related website in existence.

-Having SFGAdv as my home park with Dorney Park about equal distance away in the opposite direction.

-Being able to ride El Toro opening day first person to ride back row, that wasn't a special VIP.

-Having a ton of sweet B&M creations located around me.

-Having the worlds tallest roller coaster in my home park

-Finally having the opportunity to ride my first stand up roller coaster (Chang/Green Lantern)

-Concurring my fear of roller coasters many years ago, by riding Medusa in the front row.

-Being able to stay with my friend in Ohio for 4 months over the summer, LEGIT at the mobile home park next to the B&M plant in Batavia, I spazzed each time I passed and saw B&M track sitting outside, I was like.....o.O that's B....&....M track.

-Being able to go to Kings Island 5 times and riding the second best woodie imo, The Beast.

-So many other unique and weird creations in the amusement park industry today. Changing and pushing the limits of roller coasters to the extreme!

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Very thankful for TPR. I wouldn't be the theme park junkie I am today without Robb and Elissa.


Also thankful for all the parks that still maintain their early 20th century woodies for me to ride, Indiana Jones Adventure and parks like Idlewild and Kennywood that continue to operate some of the "last of their kind" rides in the world.

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-WDI and Indiana Jones Adventure

-Holliday World and the whole Koch family


NOW to the generic ones...


-My family who have given me lots of privileges and support

-My friends, including my two best friends I have and their constant one-upping of what I do (ok maybe not so much that last part...)

-My school and fraternity

-To be born in a free country


And finally... CUTE GIRLS.

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