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  1. I am happy you like the parks in my country! I'll also be at Europa-Park on tuesday! Hope to get a pic with you guys!
  2. I visited Gardaland with my girlfriend in december! Beautiful day and no lines (5 min for all major coasters!) Gardaland - Oblivion (B&M Dive Coaster) Gardaland - Oblivion 2 (B&M Dive Coaster) Gardaland - Magic Mountain (Vekoma Double Loop Corkscrew).. Hahahha, awful!!
  3. Survey is closed now. Winner was informed via email. Please check also your spam, you need to respond once, to be legit. Mailsubject: "Master thesis online survey! You are the winner! "Parkitect" Giveaway" gone to one "@yahoo.com" mail. Thank you everyone for your participation!
  4. Come on themeparkreview, I really need your help! For example the german online poll has now over 400 participations and this international online poll just barely 15 (Same online questionnaire, expect the language!). Share the link with your facebook-, twitter- or instagramcoasterfriends or other respectable persons. For your interest: Why I would like to know your state (Where are you from)? Because I want to create a travel time contour map. You don't need to give your email to the survey. You are able to skip it. It's only necessary for the parkitect giveaway, to contact the winner. Winner will be announced, as soon as we hit 30 more participations!
  5. Well, I still need 35 more participations. Feel free to share this with your respectable friends
  6. Thank you, guys! I still need more responses .. You only need like 3-5 minutes, I promise.
  7. I can save and load the game quiet good (Win 8.1). No problems yet. I saved the whole folder to my desktop. If you want to win a free copy of parkitect, you can attend to my online survey for my master thesis in university. I really would apprechiate it!
  8. Hello Theme Park Review, my name is Timo Lissmann, I’m a student at the university of Kaiserslautern in Germany. My subjects are sports and geography and I am currently writing my master thesis for my graduation. The topic of my master thesis is: "A survey in tourism geography about Germanys biggest themepark from the view of various players". As one part of this master thesis I do carry out an examination with an online-poll. One player of this examination are international first time visitors, visitors, re-visitors of the Europa-Park. This examination is free, anonymous, voluntary and in English. I really would appreciate the responses from all of you. I am deeply grateful for your participation. URL to my online poll Please read all the questions carefully and fill out the whole poll. I will draw one test person from the whole pool, which gets a free copy of the "Parkitect" PC-Game, if you leave your email later. Source: Hotel Gasthof Grüner Baum Feldberg If there's any trouble while take the online poll let me know right here!
  9. Oh boy! The speed increased !!! It's good that i kept my mouth closed after the first test run videos
  10. Just looked at the video! I think the first drop will give you great airtime, just looking at the steepness. First hill is a bit lame, but maybe -/+ 0g floating airtime. ^The speedhill looks impressive! I think ejector airtime in the front and backrow is possible!!
  11. Planned: 1. Holidaypark (Ge) (Plopsa Germany) 2. Europapark (Ge) 3. Phantasialand (Ge) 4. Port Aventura (Es) 5. Parque Warner (Es) 6. Parque d'attracciones Madrid (Es) 7. Gardaland (It) Possible: 1. Aqualandia (It) 2. Mirabilandia (It) 3. Chessington World of.. (Uk) 4. Thorpe Park (Uk) 5. Liseberg (Sweden) 6. Grona Lund (Sweden) Have to earn money for a USA-Florida & USA-Canadian-Border Trip 2013
  12. Alton Towers is in the middle of nowhere I would advise you to rent a car (Like me and my mother did last autumn). For example directly from the airport to your loft or hotel in london, and you can get easily to the parks !
  13. I don't want to discourage you, but the coaster might not be open at that time... I'm afraid it's scheduled for the end of may is everything goes as planned. (Reason I booked my trip for the end of august...) D'OH ! Hopefully Terra Mitica is open....
  14. HOLY SHAT I just booked my plane to spain april the 30th
  15. Hm, i am not impressed that much Am I the only one who think this watercoaster is boring? (Of course it's a cool addition, but for ultimate thrillseekers it's just a joke )
  16. I also got one It's quiet good and the history of rollercoasters and there development is good.
  17. I am sorry, but I laughed so hard about the commercials I think the waterpark and aquarium are realistic, no doubt. Although nearly every hotel has its own waterpark... But a "Mega Theme Park" in turkey will be looking like an american ghetto fair This project will hit the bankruptcy as fast as chuck norris.
  18. ^Yes, you're right One is confirmed by the park and also can be seen in the video.
  19. Well, I think it's quiet difficult.. If she doesn't try some coasters with more height, more speed, more forces, then she can't get an own opinion about them.. But I'll try to get her (of course with her permission) on some more "familybased" coasters Like @imawesome1124 said maybe she gets bored of family coasters and want more thrills! There was another post (it's now deleted?), which advised me to teach her to scream all of her fears out during the ride! I think that's a really good idea! Some screaming or behaving like, you won't do or act in normal life during a ride, could even lead her interests to the ridetime on a rollercoaster
  20. Hello all lovely TPR-members !! I've got a problem! My lovely girlfriend have some serious fear of rollercoasters... That's a pitty and made me first really sad.. But I love rollercoaster so much, that I started something like a "rehab" for her First I showed her some Pov-videos on youtube or coastertube, than we rode some tiny fair coasters like a wild mouse.. Then I took her to DisneylandParis ! It was the first themepark, which was enjoyable for her! She usually don't ride any rollercoaster or thrilling flats.. BUT: We even rode Tower of Terror and Big Thunder Mountain (which is pretty awesome in france )!! (and of course all the other disneylike attractions!!).. She enjoyed it, but cried during the TOT I know that she wants to ride the big coasters, she even started to play RollercoasterTycoon 3! Her problem is that she's starting to panic during the ride like breathing to fast or crying out loud! She hates straight and high drops.. I want to take her on a more thrilling coaster like a batman-clone or something,.. but I am afraid and worried that she get some injuries or other lacks! I could never be happy any more.. I found an interesting guide called "How to Overcome Your Fear of Roller Coasters" on the internet, you can find it here (It's not mine): www.wikihow.com/Overcome-Your-Fear-of-Roller-Coasters I don't know exactly what to do next, should I follow the guide or just let her sit in front of the queue during my ride (That's no problem for her)? Do you have some ideas, cheats or what's your personal opinion to my problem? I am sorry for my bad english, I am not a native speaker I also used the search function, but didn't find a topic like this.
  21. I would say: Jaguar at Knott's! It was only a smelly, long, wet, hot caveway For me, it was horrible!
  22. This coaster just looks stunning for me!! I need to ride it NOW!! Glad, it's just a one hour route by car for me !
  23. Positive: I would say Tatsus prezelloop (Sfmm) , Stealth (Thorpe Park) direct after the launch or Batman: La Fuga (Parque Warner) between the first Loop and the Zero-G-Roll. It was the only coaster i ever blackouted for a few seconds Negative: iSpeeds second hill was an insane experience for me Awesome Airtime!! Lateral: Hmm.. Some wild mouses at the carnival fair.
  24. I'm a poll-newbie and the online-poll helped me very well !! That's a great great great addition !! I hope Coaster Express (Parque Warner) will go to hell as the wooooorst wodden coaster ever
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