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  1. Grew up 30 mins from Knoebels, by far still my favorite park.
  2. Would be nice to see them put those on the invertigo that dorney is getting.
  3. Nice TR. Just curious, are sidewinders trains brand new or are they the old ones with modifications?
  4. Great TR, looks like you had a great trip. Nice to see some different pics of cp.
  5. Great Bear is awesome, it feels like you're actually flying through comet hollow.
  6. Great TR. It looks like BD is going to have a rotating tunnel similar to Golden Nugget.
  7. Knoebels. Just for the simple reason that it's so unique. Hershey is unique as well, but a bit more corporate then Knoebels. You'll never visit another park like Knoebels.
  8. When we would go to Knoebels as kids, I can remember the operator of the old Eli wheel sitting extremely close to the edge of the wheel while it was in motion. We would all sit there in awe wondering why this guy never got his head caught, but he never did, your post reminded me of that. Anyway, great tr.
  9. They're making some progress on the BD. They have some track going around the front now and have a car sitting in the front. The pics are from my cell phone, so the quality isn't the best.
  10. How many local GP people are you referring to? I'm local, the people I know that go to Knoebels don't even go for thrills, they go for the atmosphere, the prices, the fact that it's local, and company picnics. The past few years Knoebels has had their best years despite the crappy economy. Was it last year or the year before their opening day was by far the most crowded they ever had? Do you really think that people, who aren't enthusiasts, are gonna stop going to Knoebels if FT doesn't open?
  11. Blasted by who? People on a roller coaster board? The ride could totally suck, or even never open, people will still go to Knoebels in droves and it will still be the greatest park around, and I don't think they're gonna lose much sleep over what a few people have to say about their new ride not opening on time.
  12. Was that today? If so how were the lines?
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