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  1. Regarding on how crowded the park gets, it is really difficult to say. Last Tuesday I was there and it was busy. We ended up with a gold qbot and our wait times were 30 mins, much less than waiting in line still so we were grateful for that. The wait for Goliath alone was about 120 mins, and it looked like the other coasters were about an hour (or more) wait. I went to the park yesterday to meet up with some friends after work, and we waited only a matter of minutes for Whizzer, and decided to do the single rider line for Goliath which was about an hour. The posted wait time for Goliath y
  2. I am going to have to disagree with you about re-rides screwing up everything. When I was there on Tuesday (using a gold flash pass), whatever ride I was at, the employees would let the rest of the guests waiting know about the platinum pass re-ride policy (if there was a plat pass group riding). I saw a lot of groups with plat pass too. With the employees letting people know of the re-rides, that would give you ample time to rearrange your group if needed. I just think of the re-rides as an added bonus. My friend and I purchased a gold qbot on Tuesday since I had an add a friend for f
  3. Just catching up on some things here, and wanted to add my two cents (take it for what it's worth). When I worked at the park many years ago, we did just that. Take our ride cert badge and gently place it on top of the child's head. Now they have these plastic right triangle things to use as a straightedge. After KT received the wristband Viper ride ops should not have pressed the issue any further. In fact, when I used to work there we had a stamp that we could have stamped the child's hand. So many parents asked for it and if we didn't have one, we would direct them to guest re
  4. I was there and the park handled the situation very unprofessionally and honesty did not even care about the park goers and their safety. They did not tell you anything or where to go for safety. Very sad. I worked at the park many years ago, and there were a few times that we had some very severe weather (rain, thunder, lightning, tornado sirens going off and the sky did turn green). Several announcements throughout the park were being made and all employees were advised by their supervisors where to direct guests to in order to seek shelter. Sad to hear that it wasn't the case yesterd
  5. A lot of people don't like it because they expected it to be the same as Simpsons and it's much more involved. With having to have workers, leveling up, leveling up characters, unlocking skins, it's a lot more in depth and some people just want a more casual game. I love that it's more in depth and takes a long time to do things as it gives me something to do. Elissa, I will agree with you on all points you mentioned. When I found the game in the app store two days ago I honestly thought it was going to be a knock off. I've been giving this game a little bit more love each day
  6. So far I am not a fan of this game, and I can't think of a single good reason why. I love the show though so I want to like the game, but I just can't get into it for some reason. Am I the only one that feels this way? It's OK if I am.
  7. The Easter updated annoyed me as well, glad I wasn't the only person who felt that way. Spending 500 eggs for one spin was just ridiculous. If it was 200-300 then I think everything would have been more attainable.
  8. The Stonecutters episode is one of my favorites. I really hope Steve Gutenburg becomes an available character in the game.
  9. I don't know I didn't discover this game until yesterday. I'm currently on level 4 and just finished up one of the Jerome quests. So far, I like this game. I have a Kindle, and I do hope that maybe in the future it will be released for the Kindle, but for now I'll play on my phone. I won't let that deter me from continuing.
  10. I would imagine that the crew would stick around for testing, just to work out any "kinks" the ride may have. I know the ride will have to run for awhile before the state can sign off and before anyone can set foot in the train. They still have to put up a support for the zero-g stall and they have to finish the last section of lift hill stairs. Ok. I wasn't aware those two things needed to be done yet.
  11. I would imagine that the crew would stick around for testing, just to work out any "kinks" the ride may have. I know the ride will have to run for awhile before the state can sign off and before anyone can set foot in the train.
  12. Sure, but you'll find them in the winter. I found one where I could stay at a Mt. O property and it included water park, food and drinks (yes alcohol was included as well). I forgot what the price was but of course there were exclusions as to what was available and where you could go.
  13. ^I didn't think you were but after re-reading my comments I sounded a little biased and quick to judge. I'm glad everyone had a pleasant stay there. I'd imagine you were at the hotel closest to the park. It does look nice and that would be the one is stay at since it's close to the water park. Mt O can be a good park. I do enjoy the outdoor water park more than anything there. Posideons Rage is an awesome wave pool. I just hope they put some money into the rides and develop better operations.
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