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  1. Thanks for keeping us informed on your expansion. The Tilt-a Whirl looks pretty poppy.
  2. ^ You of course don't have to be nice but a coaster forum sure seems like a good place for it. What is embarrassing to me is that there is very little compassion shown for a woman who's child was eatin in front of her. Was it negligent, of course, but some of your attitudes completely suck.
  3. Perhaps I don't understand what safety net means but I promise there is a lawyer licking his chops that thinks he dose. Robb, I only took the info you provided which said there was a safety net and it failed. The story didn't refer to it as a loose article screen that I am aware of. This will come up again and I am sure the parks lawyer will agree it was the mothers fault as I do. The fact that people do negligent things and our legal system supports them isn't changing any time soon. Robb, why not just ask me to clarify my comment, that was a bit much IMO.
  4. Is White Lightning a reference to lightning or moonshine? Trains look more like moonshne themed. In all seriousness I have heard them refer to Central Florida Lightning as being part of the influence on the name. That color blue is basically a perfect blue, I look forward to seeing it in the sun, in person. So far so good for the Fun Spot folks, it looks like they have done there homework on this. From the art and Facebook we know they are getting a brand new Tilt-a-Whirl as well as the Scrambler and Paratrooper they already have but are any of the other flats confirmed. It appears like a Screamin Swing will be one seeing as they have one in pieces in the parking lot. I am very much hoping the Streetfighter looking ride is actually one. The flats line up could be really solid, nothing crazy but some good solid rides.
  5. It's funny how Americans are used as a poster boy for everything that sucks, but we have all been in the parks when the tour groups are there, enough said.
  6. Parks need to protect themselves from the negligence of their patrons. Seriously bad parenting for sure but the safety net should be functional in case something like this happens. Very awful story that probably wont end well for the remaining dogs either. The parent's life too is basically over. Very sad.
  7. Cool trains. Anyone got any concrete pictures, it's not actually real until I see footers. It's hard to believe we're getting a fun looking woodie in Orlando.
  8. Thats not just any dirt, thats dirt from the actual coaster site. Best update of the year, you sir are a poet.
  9. Worst kept secret ever but great news that it's confirmed. I hope to learn as little as possible about this ride until I actually go ride it, something brand new I'm trying out.
  10. If you only look to the left, Nitro has a nice view. Asia and South America seem to have some insane coaster views. I love the view of just about any fair from above...Volusia County Fair in just 4 days!
  11. I went by today and there is some work being done, not what we're looking for but it's progress. The main thing lately has been filling the ditch that ran under the former Commander track, they accomplished this and poured some concrete for drainage. I talked to a guy who said they are still planning on March through May to open the new rides, seems difficult to me. Tractors on site are moving dirt making way for the go kart track that will be 4 stories tall. They had painted the chasis for the old karts red and blue, they look nice. The other tracks got snazzy new signs and they put a kid track over by the slide and carousel. They are changing the concession as well in preparation for a major expansion of food service, seems they are going to put some big bucks into it. I really hope this is a huge success for Fun Spot, that coaster will be a hell of a calling card for this area. Speaking of which, there is no sign of the new coaster. I saw a bunch of folks dressed nice coming from up stairs, hopefully finalizing plans to go ahead with construction. I know it was a big deal to them to have the coaster under way if not track complete for IAAPA. Obviously they can't finish track but maybe they could at least get a start. On that note, how long might it take to get footers in for White Lightning. After that the thing could go up pretty fast.
  12. A couple cool things on the Fun Spot facebook page. They are getting a BRAND NEW Tilt-a-Whirl, I didn't think they still made new ones and it's a ride I love so I'm glad to see a new one. They have some photos of construction crews doing some clearing...so there's dirt, wIll someone get more pictures of the dirt please. Also you can see the ground breaking ceremony, actually quite boring, and there a couple GCI links to blogs about the coaster. It's a start.
  13. There is at least a large banner hanging on the track that is being expanded, Commander I think it's called, that shows the entire expansion. Basically the same one we have seen before with the flats moved around a little. The construction that is going on now is being done by Fun Spot staff with rented machinery. I watched for a while when they first started and sincerely hope that most of this project is done by people who build stuff for a living. I was out again yesterday for a ride or two and it was pretty unimpressive. Someone needs to clean the place up, it looked like crap, burger was crap and the rides were the worst I've had there. Someone was learning on Paratrooper and apparently on the salt shakers too. I have had much better times in the park than my last one was. To me it seemed like construction could be any time now, weird I suppose but thats the way it felt to me.
  14. I love this ride and would love to get a chance to ride it now that I am into riding coasters more. I got on it without having any idea what it did at Boardwalk and Baseball, quite an eye opening experience. Pretty sure it was just lap bars when I rode. Freakin crazy ride, just brilliant! I think a modern version of this ride would be spectacular, round loops though please.
  15. You would think there would at least be some site work going on...but still nothing. Maybe they are right on schedule but it seems late to me.
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