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  1. If you ask my high school girlfriend, going straight is quite awkward for me.
  2. I love me in this picture. And it's possibly the only photograph of me being on the far right of anything.
  3. These trip reports are getting my nephews all into theme parks. Way to recruit TPR.
  4. I don't think I could ever go to another TPR event. There are too many good looking guys that go. I wouldn't be able to control myself. I love that Kidtums' sense of humor is already showing itself to be as warped as ours.
  5. I linked to my facebook page. You should be getting more votes.
  6. There are no words to describe how impressed I am by this build.
  7. If Club TPR got any more awesome, I would have a permanant boner. Where's my renewal goodies?
  8. I waited 8 and half hours to get 2 people away from my turn to have the site crash on me last night. Not happy about this.
  9. I think he was implying you were implying it was bad. And I think you were implying Robb is bad. And I suggest this gets settled with a knife fight. Can y'all tell it's slow at work for me tonight?
  10. I'm thankful for TPR twitter updates. As, since I work so much, my phone is in my pocket on vibrate and the tweets keep me happy all day.
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