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  1. origin id = joebillmatt got the updates, add me
  2. Yup, nothing to see here, just some hot air, oh well. Although I do have to say, being on several boards, including ones that aren't totally positive about Disney, this is the first one to actually complain about this ride.
  3. Yeah, that can't really happen 'simple as that'. Slowing down the inside reduces capacity. Speeding up the outside causes cascade stops, not to mention the banked turns are designed for 40mph and not a higher speed. I think, without making the ride longer or reducing capacity, they've done a great job. Of course I'd like an additional 10 minutes in the dark ride section or for the race to go up to 65mph or higher, but it just can't happen.
  4. Totally blown away by this all. Disney has out done themselves with Carsland. I mean, if they can make someone who doesn't even like Cars to love this land, they've done something really right!
  5. Anyone have information on the factors that play into the cost of FastLane, and if there is a way to predict how much it'll cost? I'm interested in buying it next time I go, but I want to go knowing that'll it cost $xxx and not be surprised when it turns out to cost twice as much.
  6. The closest example is Disney. There are merge points before the turnstiles into the rides. It varies, Raptor is halfway up the stairs, Millie is inside the station, TTD gets their own train, etc. It really just depends on the station layout. No one gets 'rows' and no one gets to enter through the exit.
  7. It was busy, but it didn't help that until around 1pm Millie wasn't up yet, Dragster ran intermittently most of the day, Maverick went down after 3/4pm, Wicked Twister wasn't running, MaxAir went down right before I left, and I saw Cedar Creek Mine Ride get evacuated when in line for Skyhawk. It was crazy. There were also quite a few school groups today for competitions and events which cause problems. Most of the rides I don't have issues with the FastLane for. One I do have gripes against is TTD, as there the capacity is split: FastLane gets the first trail to themselves, second train for standby. This seems highly skewed. Other than that most of the merge points were right before the turnstile into the ride (except for Millie) and I had very little issue with it. Luminosity is going to be interesting. It seems to be CP's response to GlowFest/elecTRONica/Mad T Party. I don't know how much information/pictures have gotten out, but here's a general idea of what's going down. There has been lots of pavement work in the Iron Dragon Midway. There is now a large stage to the right of the entrance of Iron Dragon that will be the main performance area. There are a few levels along with large scaffolding (three stories) behind it for dancing/lighting. Lots of LED lights of various kinds; they were setting up several LED screens today too. There are about four, large cylindrical dance platforms about 4' tall in the midway along with some new swoopy pavement. In addition there is a new bar (or new to me) near the main midway. The lighting/speaker set ups even go into the main midway nearly up to Cedar Downs. This looks to be a major event and offering this year, I can't wait to see what the final product looks like!
  8. I'm going to be there tomorrow morning bright and early. I'll be wearing my red Dayton sweatshirt, come up and say hi (my name is Joe so you don't have to awkwardly call me by my username).
  9. Yeah, I really doubt that. Remember that whole "65 mph outside" part?
  10. I'd hardly call what they have now detailed and practical sets. I mean more than half the ride is those cut outs. I think this new overlay will be much better and more impressive. Unlike SSE the designing will happen in the pre show and the ride will be where the parts of you car are tested.
  11. Got me on that one, I meant is it in 'Random, Random, Random'?
  12. Yes, the new show has an updated version of Modern Plumbing and Drumbone. It also has the Gumballs and Marshmallows, Paint Drumming, the Feast, PVC IV, and many other "classics".
  13. Get there and see them! Love the new show, saw the new touring version of the stage show in Cleveland, it was very similar but still had some different things. I'm making this a #1 priority when I'm in Orlando next!
  14. Cruises, theme parks, and air flights are the same in that once an "event" has occurred, everyone freaks out and worries too much. I'm just an engineer, not a psychologist, but I imagine people worry irrationally when they pay money for other people to worry about things (piloting ships, flying planes, operating rides). One thing happens, no matter how rare or remote, and it sends chills through the whole industry. Royal, Disney, Princess, Carnival, etc all don't want any sort of power outages, singings, or tippings to happen to anyone because it causes poor sales. The loss of life, the poor safety briefings, the late muster drills, all are horribly indicative of this cruise line. It's shameful. I've only cruised once, in 2001, and we had our drills before we had our first meal on the ship. And yes, we went Royal Caribbean. My thoughts are with the friends and family of those lost and missing...
  15. Awesome! I've been to WDW nearly 20 times and DL only twice! You'll have a great time! I don't know when you're going, but hopefully it's during a down time so there are low wait times. I also recommend you pick up the touring plans.com app for live/predicted wait times (yes, they work!), touring plans (recommended for new visits), and reviews of restaurants. Lets see what I can do! DL: Star Tours, Space Mountain, Nemo (low capacity), Matterhorn, Rodger Rabbit, Peter Pan, and Splash. DCA: Midway Mania, Screamin, Soarin. Also Little Mermaid but that eats people so nothing more than 20 minutes. Pirates is longer at DL from what I've noticed. HM is short, so is Pooh, Pinocchio, Captain EO, and Tiki Room. At DCA, well, pretty much anything! Here's my favorite places that aren't too pricey. DTD: House of Blues (after 10pm they have a great food & drink happy hour), Labrea Bakery. DL: Bengal BBQ, New Orleans Cafe (sit down, offers same food as Blue Bayou, but cheaper and easier to get into), that pizza/pasta/salad place in Tomorrowland. DCA: Pacific Warf Bakery (I love their veggie chilli in a bread bowl, had it twice) & Taste Pilot's Grill. Great Moment's With Mr Lincoln and the attached museum areas are fantastic. Oh, and don't miss World of Color. As long as it isn't a weekend you're usually golden. See when the shows of Aladdin are at DCA to make a date to see that. Even if it isn't you're "DCA Day" you can park hop in 5 minutes. -Explore DTD, it's way better than WDW and has some really creative musicians and shops! -Enjoy the small areas in the parks, DL is like an actual park instead of an amusement park. Look for the locations of old rides and shows and study the history. -Indiana Jones is my favorite ride ever, lines aren't too bad now-a-days. Get a FP if all else fails or do stand-by. -Rodger Rabbit can't be found at any WDW park, so make sure to do that at least twice, including once to see the whole standby queue. -Make sure to see Fantasmic at DL, it's a much better show than at WDW and has unique segments. -DCA is a mess now. -ToT has shorter lines than at WDW, so don't worry too much about lines. -Stop by the Blue Sky Cellar to see new attraction stuff, it's really cool! -Grizzly River Run is the best white water rapids ride anywhere. I'll throw in my two cents. All rides are better at DL except for Splash, Jungle Cruise, HM, and Pooh. DCA's Muppets is better than the DHS one. Really, try to get the touring plans.com subscription or get the Unofficial Guide to DL. You won't regret it. Also, remember, park hopping is beyond easy. Jumping parks to eat or ride rides is super easy; what I did in May was start in DL, jump over to DCA for WoC FP and doing some rides, then back to DL. I saw WoC three times!
  16. I want to see if I can make Curry Popcorn at home... mmmmmm. AND OMG THEY HAVE A WAFFLE RESTAURANT! I'm saving up my pennies for a TPR Japan trip in like... oh... 10 years?
  17. Any reason why there's a random photo of AquaTopia instead of Indiana Jones? Also, Tower of Terror at TDS has the coolest preshow ever.
  18. Oh man, I wish I could get me some TDS action. It's one of the things I want to do before I die.
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