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  1. As a cast member on the Great Movie Ride, I found that this system is quite an advancement. It had some tech issues, but Disney seems to always work out the kinks one way or another. Alot of people ask us why the Great Movie Ride (and several other high capacity attractions) even need a fast pass; The reality is that we can get lines last up to an hour during busy time of the day. I love the idea behind fast pass simply because I know that everyone will be able to experience our show, even if they don't have enough time left in the day to wait for an hour for it. I hope you all enjoy it !!!
  2. In regards to the TSMania copy attraction, after further research, it looks to me like its still made by ETF Group. I haven't been able to find another manufacturer that has been able to replicate their ride system. www.etf.nl/nl/etf-ride-systems/products/multi-mover-track-bound/ Thanks for the great update!
  3. Big Thunder Mountain (FL), when the bat cave audio was still on, was always the most deafening for me.
  4. When I first heard about this woodie, I honestly thought that the Starliner was coming to Orlando. Well no matter what happens, I'll be there opening day to cheer on our new arrival.
  5. Hey TPR crew, hope to see you all at the Downtown Disney Lego store where I work. Our entire crew is looking forward to Legoland FL, can't wait to see your review on it. Have fun! - Caleb
  6. That pool is amazing, now if only they'd bring back the looking glass elevator
  7. The sitch tiki room version looks so much better than the under new management. Thanks for the pics!
  8. Does anyone know who designed the ride vehicle Maus au Chocolat (Toy Story Mania)???
  9. Its great to see Big Mike back in action!!! Hope all is going well with yah, and thanks for the great update!
  10. I think this suggestion is the exact opposite of what he was looking for. Considering that monorail costs could be $25 million per mile or more, this could easily be in the billion dollar range to connect every piece of property that disney has at Walt Disney World. I'm pretty sure Disney has money. I'm pretty sure that Disney doesn't spend excess money on things that don't make them money in the near future. I was having a conversation with a couple of bus drivers about upgrading some of their Gillig buses to hybrids. Their answer was that Disney had already "experimented" with a few and found that the cost of initially installing said buses was to much, even though it would have saved them million on gas each year. It seems like because the transportation service is free, that means that it should recieve less consideration for upgrades than the money making parks.
  11. I know it sounds impossible when I say that I can finish off every ride in MK in half a day. Now this is because I, like many other Disney gurus, have learned how to work the crowds and times. However I think that the Imagineers need to look into ride systems that can handle larger capacities. An example is Toy Story Mania, which as we all know, has some of the longest ride lines in Disney history. Now Hollywood Studios already is the smallest of the parks, which makes it a very confined area to begin with. So over all, why would you invest in a ride that has such a low rider capacity when the park itself needs rides that can make big hauls. And to top it off, rides with large capacities are left out dated and with low ridership because of their age. If different sets where used on the backlot tour, and the scenery changed once in awhile, those 200 passenger trams would be full! I really think expansion with higher capacity and renovation of the out date is the key to Disney's War on Lines.
  12. Its tied between the first time I got evacuated from Universe of Energy (it was a long step down) or Toy Story Mania (First they spin you, then they pull steps out from the vehicle, then they parade you around the building) .
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