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  1. Reports are in that muppeteer Jerry Nelson died last night, after a long illness, aged 78. If you want clarification, you'll know his voice from the Count, Gobo Fraggle, Floyd Pepper, the Trash Heap, Robin the Frog, Camilla (the chicken), etc.
  2. Nice memories of a fun day, Mike-hungry lions notwithstanding. Kawasemi was awesome, and the rest of the park - if a bit wet - wasn't half bad either.
  3. Come back tomorrow? I meant in two weeks, honestly... ...in all seriousness, December is the very definition of crazy busy. Thanks to Robin for reminding me to finish this off! When last we met, Rosie and I had gone to Harrods, to get a very expensive (but worthwhile) lunch, and see exceptionally cute puppies. We returned to Hyde Park about 5.30pm, and all the pretty lights were on... So I guess you'd like to see coasters and stuff, would you? Here we have a spinning mouse... Not too shabby, we got a pretty decent spin on this. Across the way is the kid's area Santa Land.
  4. Thanks for the reminder to...er...actually finish our TR. Luckily WW is on for another couple of weeks...
  5. A couple of weeks back, Rosie (freekeee) and I went off into the posh part of central London, to take a look at the annual Christmas-fest that is Hyde Park Winter Wonderland. This was my third year going, and Rosie's first time, so it was awesome to show her around, and experience the new and old attractions together. Winter Wonderland greets you with a German(ish) Christmas market, with tacky gifts and yummy food a-plenty: Welcome to Winter Wonderland. Or WWW. for short. Hey, that rings a bell... Georg the Christmas Moose welcomes you, and sings carols and popular Christmas
  6. Neat - we'll be there the 3rd to the 12th, so if you - or anyone TPR-related - turn up during that time, it'd be great to spend some time. Mike 'will stop threadjacking...now' Moody
  7. This thread is just making me more excited for mine and my girlfriend's own January trip - just five weeks to go!
  8. This year's Japan trip, such a wonderful experience - thanks be particularly to Robb & Elissa, for that.
  9. Now I'm living in Twickenham (for university), Thorpe, Legoland and Chessington are all about half an hour away, by train - but I think I'd say Chessington's my home park. It's nice to have a home park that isn't generally a sh1thole, hello Drayton...
  10. Looks like the group had better weather at Tobu than when Divv, Andrew and I went the previous week. We did manage to get Kawasemi, though - and it was epic. Still wish I'd been with you lot for the actual TPR day at Tobu.
  11. I knew people in Youtube comments were tools. I just didn't realise how much it'd shock me when the way my face looks brought on such hateful comments. This is a bit of a setback, I must admit.
  12. Sindbad's Storybook Voyage (TDS) - Compass of Your Heart
  13. 1. Soyro the Dragon (Playstation) 2. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64) 3. Kirby's Fun Pak (SNES) 4. Super Mario Allstars (SNES) 5. Super Mario 64 (N64) 6. Timesplitters 2 (PS2) 7. Jak II: Renegade (PS2) 8. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PS2) 9. Second Sight (PS2) 10. Super Mario Galaxy (Wii)
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