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  1. I was going to say probably not, but it appears it’s actually open again! Was there yesterday. It wasn't open.
  2. Decided to do a day trip to Cedar Point. Sorry if the photos seem scarce in this report, but I really didn't stay too long there, maybe from 9:30 to 5 in the evening. But on the bright side: I finally got around to experience an RMC! I did ride other coasters that I didn't take pictures of this go around. The coaster I rode that I didn't photograph: Cedar Creek Mine Ride (Celebrating 50 years), Magnum XL-200 (Celebrating 30 years), Blue Streak, Rougarou. I didn't ride Millennium, Iron Dragon, Top Thrill, Maverick, Wicked Twister, Valravn, or any kiddie rides. In the case of Millennium, Iron Dragon, Maverick, and Top Thrill, it had to do with wait times. Twister I didn't do because I know what to expect with it. The kiddie coasters for obvious reasons. And Valravn, which I wanted to ride because of all the B&Ms out there, the only one, besides Giga, that I have yet to experience is Dive Coasters, was closed because of an accident that you may or may not know about involving one car crashing into another after the brakes failed to work. No, I am not dancing like an idiot. I'm here to ride coasters, thankyouverymuch! Finally popped my RMC cherry with the wildest and craziest RMC out there! It definitely lived up to the hype. It replaces Maverick as my favorite steel coaster. What's Mean Streak? All I see is Steel Vengeance. Gave Gemini some love as well. Money Shot 2019! I also did the Keeper of the Gate! I still like this one! Rapturous Raptor! A train waiting to go back in the station. This is still one of my favorite B&M inverts. Plus I got to ride with a cute girl. Had plenty of fun at Cedar Point as always.
  3. 2006 has rolled around, and new for the year is Junior Dipper, a kid-sized wooden coaster for Kidway Midway. The Reed brothers also announced in the future a shopping/dining area to be built. But for right now let's look in on the 2006 season at Timberwood. SCR21.BMP New for 2006, Junior Dipper kiddie wooden coaster. SCR22.BMP Going down the first drop. SCR23.BMP Kidway's original coaster, Ladybug, is still popular. SCR24.BMP The original wooden coaster, Patriot, still has steady ridership. SCR25.BMP The other wooden coaster, Coyote, is also still popular. SCR26.BMP Flip'd Out is still going strong. SCR27.BMP Action Plaza is bustling. SCR28.BMP Over near Black Cobra is where workers are surveying for the upcoming Marketplace area. SCR29.BMP Another look at Junior Dipper. SCR30.BMP 2006 proved to be another productive year for Timberwood Park.
  4. Has anybody else noticed that Google has listed Kings Island as "Permanently Closed"? I submitted multiple corrections that it wasn't the case, but for some reason it still shows up on Google as "Permanently Closed" when it isn't the case. Was just curious about if anyone else had noticed that. And nothing's changed since. I wonder if it had anything to do with the closing of Firehawk and someone erroneously marked it for the entire park rather than the ride itself. The proof.
  5. 2005 saw the removal of Dungeon and Jungle Racers. That plot of land is rumored to be a part of an expansion of Kidway Midway. But that would have to wait at least one more year. 2005 wasn't all losses, though, as they added a Chance Morgan ride, Chaos. Let's look in on the 2005 season at Timberwood Park. SCR12.BMP The empty plot of land where Dungeon and Jungle Racers once stood. SCR13.BMP New for 2005 is Chaos. SCR14.BMP Last year's addition, Flip'd Out is a hit with guests. SCR15.BMP Also still a hit is Michigan Whirl. SCR16.BMP Coyote is as popular as ever. SCR17.BMP The Raven going through its second inversion. SCR18.BMP Old Timers, the last remaining car ride since the removal of Jungle Racers. It along with Racers opened with the park way back in 1976. SCR19.BMP Another look at that empty plot of land. SCR20.BMP Folks wait patiently to see what the Reed Brothers will add to that spot.
  6. 2004 has arrived and the Reed Brothers announced at the end of last year a replacement for PowerLoop was coming. And folks got it in the form of Flip'd Out, a Vekoma Boomerang model. Although it's a common roller coaster model, folks loved the new addition. But PowerLoop would not be the only leaving ride. Ben Reed, Jr. also announced that at the end of the 2004 season, the dark ride Dungeon (opened since 1980) and Jungle Racers (opened with the park in 1976) would close. So get your last ride in on these rides before they're gone forever. SCR1.BMP Timberwood received its newest coaster Flip'd Out for 2004. SCR2.BMP Folks are lining up for the newest ride. Guests agree that Flip'd Out is a worthy replacement for PowerLoop. SCR3.BMP Patriot has picked up in ridership again. SCR5.BMP This area of the park has grown in recent years. SCR6.BMP Black Cobra has steady ridership, despite not being real popular. SCR7.BMP Take one last ride on Dungeon. It, along with Jungle Racers, will be leaving after the 2004 season. SCR4.BMP Michigan Whirl is still really popular. SCR8.BMP Blaze! is also still popular. Although its days may be numbered after its builder, TOGO, went out of business, and parts are becoming harder to find. SCR9.BMP The train going around. SCR10.BMP Another look at Flip'd Out. SCR11.BMP Everyone get your rides on Dungeon and Jungle Racers before the end of the season.
  7. Sorry I haven't been posting too much. Been busy with work and other things, but I haven't forgotten about the park. Anyway, back to the story. For the 2003 season, only a small addition is added to Timberwood. Skateboards opened in the Action Plaza section of the park. But unfortunately it was overshadowed by some bad news. After 24 years of operation, PowerLoop, the park's original looping coaster, is closing after decreased ridership and growing maintenance costs. The good news was the Reed Brothers had promised to replace it the very next year. Anyway, let's look at the 2003 season at Timberwood Park. SCR12.BMP Located at the top is the latest addition to Action Plaza, Skateboards. As we look at the expansion, Timberwood has huge plans for this area. SCR9.BMP Last year's addition, Michigan Whirl, is a hit with park goers. SCR10.BMP A trainload of riders on Coyote. SCR11.BMP The Raven is still a popular coaster with thrill seekers. SCR13.BMP One of Colossal Air's trains about to climb the lift hill. SCR14.BMP Get one last ride on PowerLoop, Timberwood's original looping coaster before it's gone forever. SCR15.BMP Of course, the original coaster, Patriot, is here to stay. SCR16.BMP While many folks are saddened that PowerLoop is leaving, they are also excited to see what is coming next.
  8. As we head into 2002, Timberwood receives its newest coaster; a Maurer Sohne creation called Michigan Whirl. It is another first of its kind coaster in Michigan, as it's the only spinning coaster in the state. Plus Timberwood Entertainment purchased another amusement park. This time they purchased Winston Grove Park in Northern California (still fictional park). Let's take a look at Timberwood's newest coaster. SCR1.BMP Michigan Whirl, the new coaster for 2002. SCR2.BMP People are lining up for the latest addition to Timberwood. SCR3.BMP The complete layout of Michigan Whirl. SCR4.BMP Last year's addition, Action Plaza, is picking up plenty of steam. SCR5.BMP Some expansion near Black Cobra. SCR6.BMP PowerLoop is rumored to be on its last leg. SCR7.BMP Wild Flume is still going strong. As one of the opening day attractions, it is a testament to Timberwood's legacy. SCR8.BMP With Michigan Whirl added to the coaster lineup, people wonder what will the park add next.
  9. 2001 began with the addition of a whole new area called Action Plaza. While it only opened with a couple of attractions, Go Karts and Mini Golf (in-game), there was a promise to expand it in the future. Now let's take a look at the newest area at Timberwood. SCR204.BMP 2001 introduces us to Action Plaza with two new attractions. The first of which is Go Karts. SCR205.BMP The other is Mini Golf. SCR206.BMP A look at the new area. SCR207.BMP The Raven is still pretty popular with guests. SCR208.BMP Last year's addition, The Plunge, is a hit with guests as well. SCR209.BMP Another trainload of riders on Blaze! going up the lift hill. SCR210.BMP Another look at the new area Action Plaza. SCR211.BMP Timberwood has really grown from its humble beginnings back in 1976.
  10. As the new Millennium rolls in, Timberwood presents its newest thrill ride, The Plunge. An Intamin drop tower that rises people up 150 feet in the air and then rotates them at the top just before dropping them down. In spite of the formation of Timberwood Entertainment Company, L.P. which has been buying up independent parks left and right, the Reed Brothers had not forgotten their original flagship park. SCR196.BMP 2000 brings us The Plunge. SCR197.BMP Last year's addition, The Raven, is a much talked-about coaster. SCR198.BMP Next door to The Raven, its predecessor Coyote continues to be a popular coaster. SCR199.BMP Doubledrop is also bringing in the ridership. SCR200.BMP Colossal Air has begun to pick up in ridership once again. SCR201.BMP Fans still seem to like Blaze!, in spite of the fact that this particular model of coaster is now starting to get a bad reputation. SCR202.BMP And we can't forget the original scream machine, Patriot. SCR203.BMP Timberwood is ready to enter the new century with a bang!
  11. As we roll into 1999 and towards the new millennium we check in on Timberwood and the new coaster that has opened. But before we get to that, the Reed Brothers, since forming Timberwood Entertainment Company, L.P. (T.E.C.), made their first amusement park purchase. They had just acquired Uncle Dean's Funland in Omaha, Nebraska (obviously a fictional park), making it T.E.C.'s first park acquisition. Ben Reed, Sr. never would have dreamed that. Ben, Jr. said that they will be adding to Uncle Dean's in the not so distant future. And now to the newest addition to the flagship park, Timberwood Park. That coaster is The Raven, an inverted coaster by Bolliger & Mabillard. Being the only inverted coaster in Michigan makes it a sight to behold. B&M's inverted coasters has become all the rage since its first installation at a well-known Gurnee, Illinois park. And park guests loved the new ride. Let's look in on Timberwood Park and its newest coaster, The Raven. SCR186.BMP New for 1999 is The Raven, an inverted coaster. SCR187.BMP Some of The Raven's twisted layout. It has four inversions which are, in order, a vertical loop, a zero g-roll, a second vertical loop, and a corkscrew. SCR188.BMP The Raven's layout. It is sandwiched between PowerLoop and Coyote. SCR189.BMP Last year's addition, Doubledrop, is still going pretty strong. SCR190.BMP Ladybug is still popular with families. SCR191.BMP The Chairlift is also still popular. SCR192.BMP Wild Flume continues to get steady ridership. SCR193.BMP Coyote is also still getting plenty of riders. SCR194.BMP Another look at The Raven. SCR195.BMP With The Raven now a part of Timberwood Park, it is now in the big league with much larger parks.
  12. 1998 has come and the Reed Brothers had an important announcement to make in regards to not only Timberwood Park, but a new venture they were starting. Ben Reed, Jr. stated, "I am proud to announce the formation of Timberwood Entertainment Company, L.P., which will purchase other parks around the country. TImberwood Park will serve as our flagship park." So the Reed Brothers with this new company will be in the same company as other chains like Cedar Fair and Six Flags. Getting back to the new season at the park, Timberwood welcomed Doubledrop, a splash boat ride that is guaranteed to get you soaked. It is located next to Coyote. Now Timberwood has three way to get you wet! The formation of the new company would not be the only announcement from the brothers. They also announced for the 1999 season another first-of-its-kind coaster in Michigan coming to the park, but folks would have to wait until the next season to see what it was. SCR180.BMP 1998 brings us Doubledrop (In-game ride). SCR181.BMP Another trainload of passengers going up Coyote. Doubledrop is next door. SCR182.BMP Thunder Rapids, one of the other water options in the park. SCR183.BMP Pendulum is still going strong. SCR184.BMP Black Cobra finally picked up in ridership. SCR185.BMP Folks wait in anticipation to see what the new coaster coming next year will be.
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