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Ocean Park Discussion Thread

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^I noticed the lack of pre-drops too, which is a bit of a loss imo, they were great for faking out first time riders!


Also, I love your signature!


IIRC the pre-drop's functioning purpose was for the train to disengage the chain lift. They've since found ways around it, and I think their rides are less exciting as a result.


The lack of the little "kicker" at the top of the lift is a bummer. They really added to a first drop. In some cases I think it was a rides saving grace. Take away the first drop on Raging Bull (one of the best anywhere I'd say), and you're left with mediocrity. I'd imagine a kicker taken by a second-gen hyper train would manage to somehow turn out even better than that. The lack of this element on their newer coasters definitely tempers my excitement for their future installations.

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OK, now I'm confused. Does this mean the yellow one will be a floorless instead of a stand-up? Or was the floorless a different coaster than that yellow one?


I am confused too. Is this a stand up or floorless???????


It seems as though it will be a floorless



Wait, why am I sad about that? It still looks pretty awesome!

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There is a site that has some artwork showing some of the projects for Ocean Park, including this Floorless, which I believe is being called "Hair Raiser". When I saw the name on Screamscape, I thought it was a bit odd, but then I saw the artwork for the entrance, and it has this cool "Old Coney Island" look to it, and makes the name seem more fitting.


Here is the link: Ocean Park Artwork


Looks cool to me

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It seems an odd choice to me. They already have Dragon which is a standard sitdown ride and the floorless dive machine at Chimelong isn't that far away.


Although I'm not massively surprised its not a stand-up, It seems there may have been better options than a floorless, Unless the plan is Dragon will bite the dust sooner rather than later.

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