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  1. I am not allowed to ask question to know answers for my own personal thoughts?? So what if I repeat myself. I admit that I do repeat myself. But That really that doesn't need to be pointed out just because you find questions in unspoken text annoying. It's not like I am right their with you and I am constantly annoying you with questions.
  2. Looks like the 4D Coaster Track is not going to be 2 spines like the others, but one big fat spine. One big fat spine for the Dinosaur 4D Coaster. X2 and the Japan one have 2 smaller spines.
  3. Oh you don't have to chat with Robb or Ellissa. You can chat with the other members. Because they will be busy while having fun in the park
  4. After reading the part of the Roller Coaster closing because they saw ghost. I knew it was fake. But maybe they are trying to promote something like a new ride or something?? They probably wouldn't for no reason
  5. One thing I find really stupid about the Harry Potter Journey Ride is when the ride is over. The Hogwarts Students cheer and congratulate you for what?? Harry Potter saves the riders by killing the black smoke monsters. The riders don't do anything!! So why is the school congratulating you??
  6. Yeah I know. Sorry about that double post. I clicked twice on accident Sure it may be similar to the floorless coaster. But the people are not on the track. so they have a thrill that they are going to fall off over the edge. They are sitting so it's different from a suspened.
  7. Maybe this video will help your describe your "jizzing" experience Why are you people complaining?? No one has even ridden yet!! But there are people who wish to complain none the less.
  8. I have no doubt this Attraction will be cool. But Star Wars just so uninteresting and stupid to me. The 3 recent films were just stupid. My thoughts on them The Phantom Menace: SHUT THAT STUPID JAR JAR BINKS UP!! WHY DID DARTH MAUL DIE!!!??!? HE WAS THE ULTIMATE BAD@$$OF THE FILM!! FUF YOU LUCAS!! Attack of the Clones: BAD@$$ JANGO FETT DIED??!!?! FUF YOU AGAIN LUCAS!! Revenge of the Sith: Where did General Gervoius come from?? Who cares he is bad@$$. They really couldn't tell that Anikan was evil the first few miniutes?? Just look at his face and use your jedi power to read his mind. poof he is being seduced by the dark side by the emperor just by mind reading. General Grvoius died?? FUUUUUUUUUUUU Go to this link http://www.redlettermedia.com/sith.html Watch this Revenge of the Sith review and you will see the truth why this movie sucks and why the The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones suck. The review pulls some inappropriate jokes just to let you know ahead of time.
  9. Looks pretty damn sexy!! Once Six Flags finds out about this. No doubt the will be wanting one in one of their parks. Remember Air at Alton Towers?? Suddenly Six Flags jumps up and wants a Flying Coaster. I Hope Six Flags Over Texas gets one.
  10. Did these supports just show up?? Were they there before when you saw the other possible drifting coaster track?? How long have they been sitting there??
  11. A Long Long time ago but somehow in the future where humans live and speak english. Star Wars is very confusing but I enjoy it. Empire Strikes Back is only movie I like out of them all. The 3 recent new ones just suck.
  12. Six Flags Over Geargia is a dump after that flood. Almost every coaster there shows signs of rust and twisted metal. Their coasters are rotting away.
  13. So after this coaster gets revealed and shown to the public and the media, other amusement companies will be jumping up and be wanting a B&M Wing Rider in their parks. Same thing happened with the B&M Flying Coaster. No doubt Six Flags will be wanting one after they see this one.
  14. Were these coaster tracks there before?? Or just now these coaster track got there??
  15. You think Ferrari World will expand their park and add attractions in the years to come? If they happen to stay that is.
  16. Looks awesome!! But it looks simple. By the angle of the pictures, I can't tell if there is going to be a Immelmann loop or not. Looks like just a steep turn down to some air hills and then back to station. I don't think this diving machine will match up there with the others.
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