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  1. Nothing too big comes to mind. I passed up a chance to ride the Dragons again after it was announced they were coming down in favor of a day at SeaWorld. I had previously ridden when they dueled, so maybe it was better that I skipped them and preserved the memory.
  2. Wow. Glad to have a ride as unique as this not too far from home!
  3. We had Indiana Beach pretty much all to ourselves this evening. Closed it out with a few chilly laps on Cornball Express.
  4. Mine Blower at Fun Spot. I thought it was definitely the better of the two Fun Spot wooden coasters.
  5. Found some free time on a work trip to take a few spins on Boardwalk Bullet at Kemah Boardwalk today. Happy I did- it was fantastic.
  6. Colossus the Fire Dragon at Lagoon. Got the opportunity to spend a couple of hours at this bucket list park tonight.
  7. A fantastic ride on the Voyage at Holiday World this past Sunday.
  8. I will never forget my rides on Hurricane: Category 5 from the original Pavilion. Oh lordy. They even shipped the trains to KI after it was demolished so they could continue bringing "joy" to people via Son of Beast...
  9. Phish - Moon Palace Resort, Riviera Maya (2/20-23) I had tickets, but it got moved back to late summer (tentatively, I assume). We'll see how it shakes out...
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