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  1. I just spent two wonderful days at Cedar Point but spent all our time riding rides and eating at Melt. I didn’t get a chance to do any souvenir shopping. I’d really like to get some T-shirt’s and stuff, does anyone have a link to where I can buy Cedar Point swag? I sure would appreciate the help. #rideon
  2. Official Press Release: Cowabunga Bay Water Park Announces Surfin’ USA Turbo Blast the first ride of its kind in the world Celebrates Spectacular Slide Nights with DJ’s Fire dancers and Fireworks Las Vegas, Nev. - Cowabunga Bay water park, now opened daily, is blowing summer weekends out of the water this 2016 summer season and announces the first slide of its kind, Surfin’ USA’s Turbo Blast. The award winning water park, known for its world re-nown slides, strives to be the leader in family fun, delivering state of the art rides, and a variety of entertainment for all ages. T
  3. I’ve ridden it. The drop is insanely scary, the loop is a disorienting blur and it is surprisingly very smooth.
  4. Contrary to belief water parks use less water than most major commercial and residential developments. We use less water than an apartment complex, major retail center, housing development and here in Las Vegas, any Hotel and Casino.
  5. Here’s a look at Inatmin’s early years. For more great Amusement Park history visit Shane’s Amusement Attic here on TPR http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=40361
  6. Those are RTM injected fiberglass pieces which means they will be really shiny!
  7. Even though we have had chilling weather here in the desert work continues on our new slides. With the giant wave portion nearly completed, work will soon focus on the slide portion that drops into the wave and then the Beach Blanket Banzai slide. Hopefully they will be ready for testing the end of the month.
  8. Here are some progress pics of the new “Wild Surf” slide going up at Cowabunga Bay. One half of the giant wave is now completed and work on the other half continues. Once the wave portion of the slide is complete work can begin on the family raft slide “Beach Blanket Banzai” Both slides are scheduled to be completed and ready to open when Cowabunga Bay opens for its second season March 28th.
  9. Here’s the story on the re-design and delay of this ride: We purchased this slide from Polin back in 2012. In Polin’s haste they displayed a model of the ride at the IAAPA convention boasting it would open at Cowabunga Bay in 2013. When Proslide got wind of it they slapped a lawsuit against Polin due to patent infringements because it was similar to Proslide’s Tornado. When we got wind of the pending lawsuit we asked Polin to redesign the ride to differentiate it from Proslides Tornado otherwise we would have to back out of the purchase. Polin then did a major re-do on the design which n
  10. Does anyone in this area or with the park know if this is going to happen? I am hopeful this ride gets refurbed and installed soon. Update please!
  11. Cowabunga Bay Las Vegas Opening Season recap: Although the park got off to a late start, official opening day was July 4, 2014, I am thrilled to say Cowabunga Bay Las Vegas was a huge hit. From the many great reviews we got from all those who visited I feel that 2015 will be even better. The last day of operation was October 12th and we look forward to next season which begins on March 28th. We will be debuting two new 4-person family raft slides, Wild Surf & Beach Blanket Banzai, which are currently under construction, when the park opens. For all of those who did not get a cha
  12. Hello All- I just thought I would post a few photos from around the park now that it is finally open. Here is the park in action!
  13. Thanks everyone for the well wishes. Gonna pull an all nighter tonight getting everything in place for tomorrows opening. I am super excited to show off the park. I think it turned out beautiful!
  14. Any one up for a rocking good time at the Surf-A-Rama D ive In? The most awesome place to ride the waves in Surf City USA. How about a trip up and down Surfin’ USA??? IMG_7423.MOV
  15. Here are a few. Lazy River now has water and Kids Cove is complete. We start testing slides on Friday!
  16. Preparing the Surf-A-Rama D ive In Theater Wave Pool. This is what it will look like next week, signage being installed Tuesday Herbie flies again Cars will feature water sprays off them into the wave pool Kids version of our Downhill racer. Seated or face-first Shooting Gallery in the Sharkcade waterfalls in the Lazy River
  17. I wish it was an LED screen but it will actually be themed to be a 1950’s beachside Drive In Theater named the “Surf-A-Rama Drive In” On the marquee the “r” has fallen off, therefore “Surf-A-Rama D ive In” The black portion will be a retro intermission scene and the red part will be a marquee. However, we hope in the future to have an actual screen that we can show movies on. CowabungaBay-WavePool-IntermissionArt-060314.pdf
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