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  1. This should have been placed in the Theme Parks/Roller Coasters/Donkeys forum. I have no clue what went wrong. Please move it to there.
  2. May 6, 2020: Wanzhuyuan (Jieyang, Guangdong, China) There is life after Covid-19. Today I visited Wanzhuyuan in Jieyang city in Guangdong, China. This park has been around for a while and added a bunch of new rides a few years ago. Wanzhuyuan is a very scenic park with a few lakes a lot of trees, water park and an area of amusement rides. Perhaps the most interesting ride here is Jungle Roller Coaster. It is a small family coaster with spinning cars. It is not very thrilling, but it still has some merit. It is located under a canopy and this provides relief from the hot sun. The other two coasters were Sliding Dragon, a standard twin helix powered coaster and Crazy Rat, a standard new generation jungle mouse. Under normal circumstances, my visit to Wanzhuyuan would be just another small park in China, but due to the events of the last few months, the chance to ride a jungle mouse takes on a whole new meaning. The coasters of Wanzhuyuan are just a few of the 541 coasters I have discovered before ACE or RCDB. There is life after Covid-19. This is one of the lakes in the park. This is a restaurant inside the park. Here is one of the top spin rides with newer restraints. I just have to include the carousel shot for this place. Asians love to their giant Ferris wheels. Chinese people love their powered dragon coasters. I never thought I would be so happy to see one of these, but after the last few months... Jungle Roller Coaster is under a canopy and has plants surrounding the track. It is a bit cheesy, but fun. The hotrail on this ride makes the cars spin. It is a gravity powered ride. Yes! It is open! There are coasters after Covid-19. The flume did not appear to be open on this hot day. They have a jungle mouse here called Crazy Rat. This is a newer model. It replaced an older jungle mouse. This will finish off the TR.
  3. I am aware that anniversaries sell themselves and CF has done it this way in the past, but look at CP this year. A new ride is being added and other things are being done. They are not just using the 150th anniversary of the park for marketing If the leaked drawings of the KD coaster were real, CF has probably already purchased one due to the amount of time it would take to plan and build a coaster. If this is the case and it is now not going to KD, then where will it go?
  4. Maybe the rumored wing coaster for KD has been moved to Kings Island as a replacement for Vortex. I know KD removed Volcano and a new coaster would be a likely candidate for them to get a new coaster as KI is getting Orion, but KI is now without a conventional sitdown looper and a wing coaster could fill that need (even though it is a little bit different from a sitdown looper). Another reason I think this is that the footprint of that rumored wing coaster would fit very well where Vortex was. I rode a version of this design at Colorful Yunnan Paradise and the station area, if this ride was built for KI, would be very close to the midway where the station for Vortex was. Also, the cost is another thing. After spending $30-35 million or so for Orion, KI's next coaster may be on a smaller scale. Also, 2022 is KI's 50th anniversary, so a new coaster could be possible. This is pure speculation on my part. I have no insider information, but I do think this could be possible.
  5. It seems that the video has been removed. The ride basically looks like two giant um....dicks side by side and they move as though...uh....sexual intercourse is taking place. Riders sit on them without a seat belt and the object is not to fall off (the ride is pretty tame). It is at a carnival in Thailand. You do not get wet, unless the seeing this attraction makes you excited and you are a female. Seriously.....there is no other way to describe this attraction... I do not know what the name of the ride is. I came up with Erotica: The Ride on my own.
  6. There is only one way to describe this ride... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQcS6IrYmT0&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR3TtTFlROjebvKoMSAO40Ih6cxOM7dj67DQWz7ptjjNEG0r6uPA5_6B_OQ&app=desktop
  7. With the removal of the rides, Ohio will be without a traditional amusement park that has a regular operating season and Stricker's Grove will be the last traditional park in Ohio. I have been to Coney several times. I have never went there for the pool. I went for a traditional amusement park experience in a park with a rich history. Once before, Coney removed the rides and focused only on the pool and not only did it return as an amusement park, Kings Island arose from the ashes.
  8. August 2019: Beijing Parks I spent a few days in Beijing a week ago and visited four parks there. The following is a rundown of each park. Sun Park-I visited this park the evening I arrived in Beijing. Most rides had closed for the day, but some family rides were still open and this included two coasters that had been added since my last visit. Jungle Block is a family coaster with spinning cars and is intense. It is the second coaster of this type that I have experienced. After this, I found Happy Journey Cars,which was not on RCDB at the time. It is a kiddie coaster with spinning cars. I was almost too tall with the little metal canopy on top of the cars. It was an okay ride, but nothing special. It became coaster #502 for me to find before ACE or RCDB. By this time, the few rides that were open started to shut down for the evening, so I left the park. Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park-This park is in the western suburbs of Beijing and has it's own subway stop. This is the oldest park in Beijing and it shows. Many of the coasters that were here on my first visit have been removed. The Shenzhou Coaster SLC knockoff is still here, but the way the OTSRs are designed, it is impossible for anyone ever 6 feet tall to ride. I would love to try it even though I know it will be painful. Crazy Mouse replaced an identical unit in 2015 and is a fun ride. I also had planned to ride the Crazy Skateboard coaster here, but it was closed on my visit. There was one other coaster added. It is called Fruit Worm Coaster and adults are permitted to ride, so I took a spin (or 6) on it. After that, I went to pay my respect to the Space Trip coaster which is SBNO. I wish they would fix it or replace it with an identical unit. It is a fun ride. Afterwards, I left to head out for the second park of the day. Qinglonghu Park-Qinglonghu is Chinese for Green Dragon Lake. This park is located southwest of Beijing and takes a while to get there by public transport. There is a small, but fun powered coaster here. The park itself is very nice and the rides are kept up. The only problems here were 1. the restrooms are wicked and 2. the bus stop is about a 30 minute walk away from the park entrance. Despite those issues, the park looks very nice and is a fun outing with the lake and the natural beauty of the mountains as a backdrop. Happy Valley (Beijing)-This would be my last park of the trip. I wanted to ride the new coasters that had been added since my first visit nearly 10 years ago and to ride the SLC that was closed then. My first ride of the day was Flight Of The Himalayan Eagle Music Roller Coaster. This is a B&M "hyper coaster". At 164 feet tall, it is the bargain basement B&M. It is an okay ride, but I was not wowed by it. Meanwhile, in the the states, people are whining about Orion. Up next was Golden Wings In Snowfield, the Vekom SLC that was closed the last time. This ride was a little rough, but I enjoyed it and the ride crew was amazing. As I was walking out through the exit each time, the train was climbing the lift with the next trainload of riders. Most operations at this park are a bit slow, but this crew did a fantastic job. Family Inverted Coaster was next and had the longest wait of any coaster. I waited 90 minutes for it. It is like the one in Shanghai. It is okay, but I like the Vekoma family suspendeds better. Crystal Wing was next. This B&M was a bit painful in one spot. Many people seem to like B&Ms but I think Vekomas and Arrows age better. Jungle Racing is a Vekoma mine train and a lot of fun. There is so many trees surrounding the track that it actually feels like a trip through the jungle. This is much smoother than the Golden Horse knockoffs. Extreme Rusher, an S&S creation was not open during my visit. In fact, during my encounters with B&M launched coasters, none of them have been open. Recently, National Public Radio published an article about S&S (and other companies) not doing business with Chinese parks due to the tariffs/trade war. Blaming Trump is an easy answer, but if you look at the history of foreign built rides in China, you will see that Chinese parks build a lot of Vekoma rides. Why? Perhaps it is because a factory in Guangdong manufactures Vekoma track. Also, I just mentioned that all of the S&S launched coasters I have encountered have been closed during my visits. In fact, the S&S launched launched coasters at Happy Valley in Beijing and Happy Valley in Shenzhen were SBNO for a while after they initially opened. Perhaps it isn't Trump at all. My comments on this issue are not meant to be about supporting or not supporting Donald Trump. I am just trying to offer my own perspective as to why S&S is not doing a lot of business here in China. I have now ridden 1216 coasters and discovered 502 coasters before ACE or RCDB. I started my park hopping in Beijing with Sun Park and Jungle Block. Happy Journey Cars is a new ride here. One ride was four circuits. It is an odd ride. The following morning, I went to Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park. Shenzhou Coaster is still open and has horrible restraints that prevents anyone over 5'7" to ride. It was the first Chinese knockoff SLC. A new fruit worm ride has been added since my last visit. These are somewhat common. It does not go through a giant apple like the others. Adults are permitted to ride. This is the centerpiece of the park. Here is the carousel at Shijingshan. A new flume has been added in recent years. It has reverser turntables. Crazy Skateboard is a new coaster here. It was not open today. This mite mouse replaced an identical model. I went to Qinglonghu (Green Dragon Lake) after I visited Shijingshan. There are boat rides for visitors to enjoy. A family flume ride is here too. A little powered coaster is also here. It is called Fruit Worm Coaster. Here is another look at it. Yes. Adults can ride too. A couple of mornings later, I went to Happy Valley in Beijing. A closed for the day Extreme Rusher greeted me upon entering the park. Family Inverted Coaster is a recent addition. It is like the one at Happy Valley in Shanghai. The theming is great here. Here is the gingerbread cookie carousel. Jungle Racing is one of the best mine trains for scenery. It is like racing through a jungle. It is much smoother than the Golden Horse knockoffs. Crystal Wing is still great fun. I remember riding it almost 10 years ago. Golden Wings In Snowfield is a great SLC. It is a little rough in a few spots, but still an enjoyable ride. The crew running the ride was very efficient. Flight of the Himalayan Eagle Music Roller Coaster is the new for 2019 ride. At 164 feet tall, B&M calls it a hyper coaster...meanwhile back in the states, everyone is bitching about Orion not reaching 300 feet tall. There are several spots for photos ops with this ride. Here is the first turnaround on the ride. Here is an action shot to finish the TR.
  9. I visited three parks over the last five days. I would have visited four of them, but one park had been closed and the rides removed. Here is a rundown of the parks. Universal 100 Movie Theme Park: This is not owned by Universal, but it is a large park and very nice. It is nicely themed and has a lot of theater based attractions and shows. Rides are scattered throughout the park, including Mine Truck, which is a knockoff of a Vekoma Mine Train. It is an okay ride, but I think the park should have a more thrilling coaster and at least two large coasters. There is a flying theater ride and the film is all in English. It is about a problem with the water supply. I will not give too much away here. White Sand Gate Park: This park is on the opposite side of Haikou and tourist bus 4 begins at one park and terminates at the other. I was here last year, but the big coaster has been replaced with a new family coaster called Family Roller Coaster and a new mouse coaster called Happy Roller Coaster has opened as well. I rode both coasters, took some photos and left. One odd ride I saw here was a Mini Top Spin. Cunjin Park: This place is a city park on the Chinese mainland in Zhanjiang. It has a small corner with rides, including a Fruit Worm Coaster. It replaced a jungle mouse. I rode the coaster, too a few photos and left. This trip was fun, but my first point of interest was in the town of Leizhou at a small place called Children's Playground. The reason for this was I discovered a coaster here (on Google), it was my 500th coaster found before ACE or RCDB. Sadly, the park did not pass inspection and everything there is gone. At least Fruit Worm Coaster at Cunjin brought my total to 501 coasters discovered before ACE or RCDB. I have now ridden 1208 coasters and I have visited 613 different parks. I will check out Changying Wonderland today or Universal 100 Movie Theme Park as RCDB calls it. Here are the tower rides people have been talking about on the internet. A lot of the buildings are like this. That is a large ship. Caterpilla serves as the resident kiddie coaster. No. Adults are not permitted to ride. Mine Truck is the big coaster here. It is a knockoff of a Vekoma Mine Train. I like the cars on this one. It is a bit choppy. It is an okay ride, but I think a park of this size could use at least one more large coaster. A couple of days later, I went to White Sand Gate Park on the other side of Haikou. There is a mini Top Spin here. A couple of new coasters have been added since I last visited. This one is quite fun. It is called Family Roller Coaster. The old powered coaster is still here. Happy Roller Coaster has replaced the old mouse coaster. I like how they are using parts of old rides for decorations on new rides. Here is another view of Happy Roller Coaster. Back on the mainland of China, I went to Cunjin Park in Zhanjiang. Here is the carousel shot for this TR. The Ferris wheel is one of many new rides here. It has not opened yet. Here are the rocket ships. The pirate ship is new. The parks has a little train. This has replaced the park's jungle mouse. Here is an onride shot of Fruit Worm Coaster to close out the TR.
  10. Yes. There are a few good pops of airtime on this ride. I went in with low expectations for it and was pleasantly surprised. Airtime and inversions work well together on the same coaster.
  11. July 14th & 15th 2019 (Changsha, Hunan, China): I would visit three parks over the past couple of days and ride my 1200th coaster in the process. Yutan Park-This park is located about a 15 minute bus ride away from the newest Fantawild Park. I stopped in for a bit, rode the coaster and left. This is a common city park with a small area of rides. The jungle mouse here became my 1200th coaster to ride and Yutan Park became park #609 for me to visit. Oriental Heritage (Changsha)-This is Fantawild's newest park and it just opened a little over a week ago. It is park #610 for me to visit and my 10th Fantawild park. There are three coasters here. Big Top is a Vekoma family suspended coaster. It is the third model of this type that I have ridden. It is a lot of fun. Visitors to Dollywood this year can experience one of these. Puppy Coaster is a wacky worm knockoff and it became coaster #1202 for me to ride. The real star here is Celestial Gauntlet. This is the first Vekoma Energy Storm coaster and is Vekoma's best work to date. It is like a mega lite with inversions. It is glass smooth and a lot of fun. It became my 1203rd coaster. One downside to this park is the slow ride ops in light of the almost $50 USD entrance fee. I do not mind the admission prices going up, but they need to start implementing customer service. Celestial Gauntlet was running only one train and can only carry 16 passengers. I waited about 45 minutes for it. With a train leaving the station every 7-8 minutes, only 8 trains will be dispatched an hour. This is not good for when these types of places get busy. Hunan Martyr's Park-I visited this park in 2010 and I went there again a couple of days ago. It was raining, but I discovered that a new mite mouse coaster had been built. I went back this morning to ride it. It became coaster #1204 for me to ride and coaster #498 for me to discover before ACE or RCDB. I am on my way to the new Oriental Heritage, but first, I will stop in at Yutan Park. They have a big Ferris Wheel here. A mouse coaster is here. I see these often. This one became my 1200th coaster. After a 15 minute bus ride, I arrived at this place. The park is less than a week and a half old. This is just inside the entrance. Here are some of the buildings in the park. There is some circus theming here. The Big Top is from Vekoma and is the third coaster of its type that I have ridden. This is the first drop on the Big Top. Here is another look at the Big Top before I move on. The rapids ride is nicely themed. Puppy Coaster is a wacky worm. Here is an onride shot. The chutes ride looks great. Now for what you all clicked on the TR to see. Celestial Gauntlet is like a mega lite with inversions. Look at that first drop. There were no rough spots at all on this. Here is an action shot. I went to Hunan Martyr's Park on Monday morning for the new mite mouse coaster. It was raining when I took this photo. Here is an onride shot to finish the TR.
  12. Garden Fantasy is a Beijing Shibaolai knock off. It is extremely slow, but it does pick up speed towards the end of the ride.
  13. There is no chain lift for this. It is a launched coaster. I thought the name was ironic. I am glad that the park the didn't screw up the whole experience with ridiculous rules. One bit of important information is that, while the park closes at 10:00pm some nights, the coasters close at 6pm. If you visit, forget about night rides or visiting later in the day.
  14. June 15, 2019: Guangzhou Sunac Land (Guangzhou, Guangdong, China) Today was the grand opening of the new Guangzhou Sunac Land. Most of the rides opened today with the park. I had a great time here. One thing I will praise the park for is a lack of stupid rules. I saw two weight limits posted and both were reasonable. One was 90 kg for the suspended powered coaster. As this ride is pretty tame and in a building with other kiddie rides, if you are denied a ride on it, it is no big loss. All 103 kg of me managed to slip by when I held my breath as I got to the loading platform. It is nearly an 8 minute ride and has several scenes to entertain riders. The other weight limit was 135 kg (again this was reasonable) for the Fly Guangdong (Soarin' based ride) which takes riders on a "flight" over various Guangdong landmarks and scenery. This ride is highly recommended by me. All of the other rides had something like "you can ride as long as you fit". This is a much better way to do things. Dueling Dragons is/are an Intamin inverted/sitdown combo and both tracks are fantastic and do have separate layouts after the tall loop. The inverted side has four inversions while the sitdown side has three inversions. I actually like the sitdown side better, but both are fantastic. The only problem I had was that both tracks are too short. At least there are no dead spots. There is supposed to be an indoor Intamin coaster here according to RCDB, but it must be in the big building that was not open yet. There is a huge building in the northeast corner of the park and some construction is still going on. If there is another coaster here, this should be the location. I have now been to 608 parks, ridden 1199 coasters and found 496 coasters before ACE or RCDB. Sunac Land in Guangzhou opens today! Let's go in. I am in! I will get the carousel shot out of the way. Garden Fantasy is the name of this powered suspended coaster. Here is another look at Garden Fantasy. Summertime Surf is a fun water ride. The park's shoot the chutes ride makes a big splash. The rapids ride was covered in a lot of mist! The Ferris wheel looks great. They really appreciate this. Here is the disko coaster. Now for the part you have all been waiting for... It is not one, but two Intamin coasters intertwined. Just flip a coin, inverted or sitdown, you will win either way. Here is a great look at Dueling Dragons. This will finish the TR.
  15. May 31, 2019: Laibin People's Park (Laibin, Guangxi, China) I ventured out to Laibin in Guangxi province as part of a three day trip. I stopped over in Laibin to stretch and check out People's Park. Before I get to the park, I would like to compliment the people of Laibin for their driving skills. The town seems very poor and people were not as well dressed and many parts of the city seemed a bit rundown, but everyone drives like educated people. I did not see a single incident of reckless driving in the city. This is the first Chinese city I have visited that I can actually say that about. As for Laibin People's Park. One corner of the park was overgrown with weeds and looked dirty...but the rest of it was very very very nice. There is a small area of rides here and most of them are worn out. They did add a new rocketship ride recently. The coaster is jungle mouse and became my 1195 coaster. I had a great time here. I am going to explore Laibin People's Park today. Much of this park is kept up very well. The Chinese love these. I just have to get the carousel shot in for this place. This ride was recently added. There is an old jungle mouse here. It became coaster #1195 for me to ride. It is still very much operating. Here is one more look at the coaster to finish the TR.
  16. May 2. 2019: Humen Park and Dongguan Huying Country Park Humen Park This park was up first. I had visited a few times before and my last visit was 6 years ago. Many new rides have been added since then. I rode the coasters, including the Fruit Worm, which, according to info posted by Golden Horse, is not recommended for anyone over 80 kg. I would not have complained if I had not gotten to ride it, but this is the type of coaster that such a weight limit should be meant for. Dongguan Huying Country Park This park is part of a multi park complex that includes Qifeng Park. They are all connected by paths that go from one park to another. There is a spinning coaster here that borrows heavily from the SBF Visa spinners. It is actually a fun ride. It has a single helix instead of a figure 8 layout. There are a few other rides here as well. This is one of the parks and coasters that I discovered before ACE or RCDB. In fact, I have now ridden 1194 coasters and have discovered 479 coasters before ACE or RCDB. I have returned to Humen Park after my last visit six years ago. Spinning Coaster is still here. They have added this thing since I last visited. They allow adults to ride. These are more fun than they look. A lot of Chinese parks have a wave swinger. Look at this before you go to bed. A Ferris wheel has been added since my last visit. Humen Park recently added a powered coaster. Here is one last photo from Humen Park before I move on to the next park of the day. My next park is Dongguan Huying Country Park. It looks like it will rain soon. I better hurry. There are rides here. These are common in almost every park here in China. There is a coaster here. It appears to be based on the VISA spinners. Look at how they have the bottoms of the lift motors covered in plastic. Here is the final turn into the station. It is very photogenic. It is a lot of fun. This will close out the TR.
  17. It never opened and the Wild Mouse coaster there was under construction/testing for about 4 years before it opened. I know this because I visited this place several times over the span of 6.5 years.
  18. April 6, 2019: Lotus World-Foshan, Guangdong, China I would visit Lotus World today. I visited back in 2016, but I came back today as the park has been renovated and most of the old rides replaced (the old Ferris wheel and jungle mouse are SBNO). As part of the new ride package, two new coasters were built. One is a Golden Horse Super Spinner. It is called Invincible Whirlwind. It turned out not to be invincible after all as it was closed today. This ride looks like a huge step forward for Golden Horse. I wish I could report here on the ride experience, but due to it being closed, that will be impossible in this TR. To get my coaster fix for the day, I rode Magical Shuttle (#1191). This is a standard Golden Horse Space Car kiddie coaster. It was very popular during my visit. Many people were riding it. In all, the park looks great. The rides area is located next to the old rides area and looks much cleaner and nicer. The park is about a 30 minute walk from the Sanshui North railway station, which makes it a very easy place to visit for those who arrive by train. I am back at Lotus World. My first visit was in 2016. Things have changed. This will tell me where I need to go. The old Ferris wheel still stands, but is no longer in service. The big coaster here is named Invincible Whirlwind. It looks like it could be a fun ride. I will not find out. It is closed today. I really wanted to try it out. I hope I get to try one of these soon. This is one of the new rides here. I wonder if these will take the place of the wave swingers that seem to exist in every park in China. Here is the carousel shot for this TR. Next is Magical Shuttle. It is a Golden Horse Space Car. This would become coaster #1191 for me. It is popular with guests among all ages. This will close out the TR.
  19. The service I got at the restaurants was fantastic. At one place in Pattaya, we ordered our food and my wife said "it will be a little bit before the food is ready". She said this about a minute after we ordered. About one minute later, the guy who waited on us brought the food out. It was the same way at a restaurant in Bangkok. In addition to what I just said, the employees at the parks were excellent. It is nice to know that Thai people have a service industry.
  20. February 23-February 28, 2019 (Bangkok and Pattaya in Thailand): I decided to go to Thailand for reasons both professional and leisure. I originally had another vacation planned for China, but after the way people acted on my Yunnan trip, I decided to bypass China as much as possible. I flew out of Hong Kong on Emirates Airlines. I chose Emirates because it was non-Chinese and, after not being welcome at many hotels in China and such, I felt it was for the best that I choose not to interact with Chinese and take my money elsewhere. Also, the Chinese practice of selling me tickets to ride coasters, allowing me to walk to the loading station of the coaster and then being informed of a stupid policy that will not permit me to ride made me feel the need to give my money to non-Chinese parks. I visited two parks while I was in Thailand. Pattaya Park Beach Resort: This is a beach resort with a hotel, amusement park, water park and a beach in the seaside city of Pattaya. The amusement park here features about 8 rides. One coaster is here. It is called Slalom. It has a spiral lift hill and single car trains. It is a short, but fun coaster. Single riders are not allowed as the operators said the ride needs people on each side to balance the car as it goes around the turns. I would ride it twice. It is a very intense coaster and well worth going to Pattaya for if you visit Thailand. Slalom became coaster #1189 for me to ride and Pattaya Park became park #604 for me to visit. One more thing about Pattaya Park is there was a reverse freefall coaster built here that never opened. The tower section still looms above the park, but the launch section has been removed. Dream World: I visited this place in 2017 and was disappointed that Sky Coaster was closed. Today, Sky Coaster was open and I got to ride it. It is a Vekoma suspended coaster with floorless trains. It became coaster #1190 for me to ride. I really enjoyed it. Speedy Mouse is still here and is one of the best kiddie coasters I have been on and Black Hole Coaster is still great fun. In fact, Dream World is one of my favorite parks and even though only three coasters are here, all of them are great. I caught my flight back to Hong Kong and returned to China. Upon my return to China, the taxi driver took me out of the way going home despite my instructions not to do so. At least I could disconnect from that type of nongsense for a couple of says. In closing this TR, this was originally supposed to be another vacation in China, but stupid/rude operations and policies at parks, the dishonest drivers and the racist hotel policy has told me that Chinese can't be bothered by foreigners and me, being the gentleman that I am, chose to leave the Chinese alone and SPEND MY MONEY ELSEWHERE. I am in Thailand. I have arrived at the Pattaya Park Beach Resort. This is where I will spend the night. It is a short walk from the beach and the amusement park. Here is the beach. Let's check out the rides. The park built a reverse freefall coaster that never opened. Half of it has been removed. Asians love their wave swingers. This looks like pirate ships back in America. A coaster is here. It has a spiral lift. It runs single car trains. Meet Slalom (that is the coaster's name). This is a fun coaster. After two days in Pattaya, I went back to Bangkok to visit Dream World. This is my second visit to this park. It is one of my favorite parks in Asia. Black Hole Coaster is still as much fun as I remember from two years ago. Yes! It snows close to the equator. Actually, it is Snow Town at Dream World. This is one of the many rides that entertains guests at Dream World. This is one of the best kiddie coasters anywhere. Here is an onride shot. This is what I came here for. It was closed two years ago for rehab when I visited in 2017. Sky Coaster is a Vekoma Swinging Turns model. Vekoma only built three of these. It is a fun ride. This will close out the TR.
  21. February 20, 2019: Chengdong Park (Zhaoqing, Guangdong, China) I went to Chengdong Park in Zhaoqing. This is a small city park with various facilities, including a nice little corner of amusement rides. There is a jungle mouse here. It is the same type I have covered before in my TRs. There is also a powered coaster, Ferris Wheel, wave swinger and other rides. I have been to 603 parks, ridden 1188 coasters and discovered 468 coasters before ACE or RCDB. I am going to visit Chengdong Park in Zhaoqing tonight. This little structure is immediately inside the gate. I will see where this leads. There are rides in Chengdong Park. Another day...another powered dragon... I see this often here. This one seems a bit faster for some reason. I love how each walk through haunted house has a different entrance in China. This is a target shooting ride. Up next, we have the carousel shot for this place. A jungle mouse is here. This is the most common design of this type of coaster in China. I see this so often here in China. I will close this TR with a shot of the park's wave swinger ride.
  22. Given that I have been in Asia a number of years, I can see it from the the perspective of Fox. I do not know of much over here that opens on time or ahead of schedule. Let's face it, this park is built upon the site of another park and has been under construction for five years or so, which is more than enough time to have been finished and opened. I am sure that Fox would have liked to have opened the place and started making money and I am sure that the Malays who are building the park probably are in no hurry to finish the job and see the paychecks stop coming in.
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