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  1. That could also be because RMC started manufacturing their own trains shortly after NTG was built.
  2. Am I the only one that thinks West Coast Customs is a fad that's way past its expiration date?
  3. Thanks for the report - Looks promising. Just purchased tickets for 12/5. 11/28 sold out before I could enter my credit card details to checkout so seems like this event is popular.
  4. Great report! I agree that SFFT is the best ran out of all of the SF parks IMO.
  5. If it's anything like their "Taste of Seven Seas" festival it'll be a hit.
  6. Smart move incorporating opportunities for retail sales themed to COVID. Glad to hear they didn't throw in the towel and opened what they could. Thanks for the report.
  7. ABC 6 is reporting a Themed Decoration fell striking guests walking below. Edit: ^Beat me to it.
  8. Great report. I also checked out "The Plan" on your website and I must admit that it looks like it's going to be a blast! Definitely unfortunate that you had to put it off due to COVID-19 but I'm sure it will be worth the wait and I'm eager to see your trip reports.
  9. First drop looks like it'll provide some decent airtime for those in the back row. This makes me really look forward to my Texas trip in April.
  10. That's unfortunate. I loved the back car on Viper but this modification is a necessary evil, most likely due to excessive forces being placed on the trains and/or track structure. Happy to hear it has reopened, however.
  11. Hopefully the riders didn't have to endure the exhaust of the evac platform motor being blown in their faces as it moves into position. I was close to getting carbon monoxide poisoning while waiting to get evac'd off of Tatsu a couple years ago.
  12. Excited for this. Hopefully they'll upgrade the rides control system as well.
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