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  1. That's unfortunate. I loved the back car on Viper but this modification is a necessary evil, most likely due to excessive forces being placed on the trains and/or track structure. Happy to hear it has reopened, however.
  2. Hopefully the riders didn't have to endure the exhaust of the evac platform motor being blown in their faces as it moves into position. I was close to getting carbon monoxide poisoning while waiting to get evac'd off of Tatsu a couple years ago.
  3. Excited for this. Hopefully they'll upgrade the rides control system as well.
  4. Management was probably using the weather as an excuse to save labor.
  5. No. Early entry only requires that you pre-purchase your tickets via mobile app or website.
  6. Interesting. Has Skyscraper even gone vertical? I actually forgot about this project until now.
  7. Considering Crazanity, a simple flat ride, wasn't open until a few weeks ago, I'd go with no. I hope I am wrong though....
  8. As a train nerd (avatar makes this painfully obvious ), I really enjoyed this. Well done.
  9. Excellent report. This photo is absolutely gorgeous! Are you using your iPhone SE?!
  10. Thank you for the report. Attractions have definitely been left to rot. Sad to see.
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