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  1. Isn't this nothing more than a carnival ride? Hard to believe there are so may issues. Riptide says "Hi."
  2. I remember saying "this should be just like Viper" when I was waiting in line for Vortex back in '07. Boy was I wrong!
  3. I have no idea but my ride in the front was rough. Smooth as glass in the back.
  4. When did you ride it (Kumba)? I know it was a bit rough in July before they did a refurb in August. December ‘15
  5. I wanted to love Kumba but it was pretty rough in the back. Front was amazing, however. Montu is just nuts - I probably rode 10 times when I visited.
  6. Wristbands can be picked up at Main Entry Gate OR the "Universal Box Office" which is inside the park next to Starbucks in the Upper Lot. There's no need to exit the park and re-enter. The late FOL option includes Mummy, Jurassic Park, Transformers, and Simpsons as well as HHN mazes.
  7. So I’ve been clearly living under a rock and had no idea it has been SBNO this long.
  8. That’s used to lift the catch car out of its trough and to lower it back in.
  9. ^All valid points. My question is, when was the last time (If ever) an NDT was conducted on the arm assemblies?
  10. Please do this. I second this but ask that you also wear an Intamin hat and carry a Vekoma binder to really f*ck with people.
  11. Excellent, Glad they took care of you. The world we live in is in a sad state.
  12. Grab a half-rack of ribs on the way out of the station. That's my kind of ride.
  13. Universal Studios Hollywood charges $12 for a tall can of Bud Light......
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