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Ocean Park Discussion Thread

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yeah, so i was supposed to go to this tomorrow but instead i need to study for exams and pack (only 2 more days in Hong Kong). I was supposed to go with a few friends but they decided not to go last minute and I don't really feel like going alone, so yeah..


it looks great though

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Sorry for digging up an oldish thread, but Im stopping in Hong Kong on the way to England this June and I'm planning to visit Ocean Park. Just wondering if theres anybody who's ridden Hair Raiser who can tell me if its good and how it compares to other Floorless coasters?


To bad you couldn't wait a few months because TPR will be there in September and I'm sure there will be a few reports then.

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The Honourable Mr. Leung Chun-ying, Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), today officiated the launch of Ocean Park’s Polar Adventure, Hong Kong’s first polar-themed attraction with Arctic and Antarctic animal ambassadors. Mr. Leung was joined by Dr. Allan Zeman, Chairman of Ocean Park; Ms. Judy Chen, Chair of Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Hong Kong (OPCFHK); and Mr. Andy Lau, JP, Conservation Ambassador of OPCFHK.


Spanning over 150,000 square feet and home to over 100 polar animals of diverse species, Polar Adventure is Asia’s first themed area integrating immersive presentations of Arctic and Antarctic animals and a family coaster ride. Offering a total of 9 individual attractions*, Polar Adventure is also Asia’s newest attraction dedicated to raising awareness of the impact of global climate change on polar wildlife and habitats. Starting tomorrow, without having to criss-cross both ends of the world, the public can encounter at South Pole Spectacular three different species of penguins and at North Pole Encounter Pacific walruses, spotted seals, northern sea lions, snowy owls and arctic foxes – on every single visit to Ocean Park.


Both pavilions offer a uniquely open exhibit space as the animal ambassadors are not separated from the guests with floor-to-ceiling partitions. Adding to the sense of realism, the pavilions feature interior lighting specifically adjusted to mimic the seasonal conditions in the Polar Regions, with regular displays of stunning auroras during their respective winter period. The entire family can also enjoy Arctic Blast, a snow sled-inspired roller coaster, and dine at Tuxedos Restaurant for a panoramic view of the penguin pool area. Polar Adventure is the final themed area to open under Ocean Park’s 6-year HK$5.55 billion Master Redevelopment Plan (MRP), which has already transformed Hong Kong’s People’s Park into a leading world-class family travel destination. The previously launched new themed areas helped Ocean Park attract a record high of 7.1 million guests (note: this attendance figure is unaudited) for the fiscal year that ended 30 June 2012.


Also on hand as officiating guests to show their support for the conservation and tourism significance of Polar Adventure are: Mr. Gregory So Kam-leung, JP, Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development; Mr. Philip Yung, JP, Commissioner for Tourism; Mr. Adam Koo, Chief Executive Officer of World Wide Fund; Mr. Edwin Lau, Director of Friends of the Earth; and Dr. Rebecca Lee, Founder of the Polar Museum Foundation and renowned arctic explorer.


The Honourable Mr. Leung said, “By empowering the Hong Kong public and millions of tourists with important conservation messages about the impact of global climate change, Polar Adventure will be a critical public education resource that helps support the HKSAR government’s efforts to foster a greener and more carbon-caring Hong Kong. As a father of three, I am also proud that Hong Kong can offer this and future generations of young people a fun way to connect with these remote but ecologically significant regions of the planet.”


Dr. Zeman said, “With the launch of Polar Adventure, we have fully realised the New Ocean Park experience envisioned in our 6-year Master Redevelopment Plan – on time, on budget and at the expected quality level. On every visit to Ocean Park, people of all ages can now connect with nature from the sea floor to the sea shore, through the canopy of the rainforest to both ends of the world. At Polar Adventure, guests can encounter a variety of unique polar species up-close and from different perspectives in settings that realistically simulate the unique sights and sounds of both Polar Regions. Our immersive presentation will enable the public to better appreciate how the devastating effects of global climate change, from disrupted oceanic circulation to raised sea levels, can impact Hong Kong and the entire world.”


Located high up in the Summit area on Brick Hill, Polar Adventure is comprised of North Pole Encounter, South Pole Spectacular and the Arctic Blast roller coaster ride. The 2-storey, 52,000 square-foot North Pole Encounter features an expansive main exhibit area with separate pools for Pacific walruses, spotted seals and northern sea lions. The first floor of the attraction features an innovative open design with bridges that enable guests to view all three arctic marine mammals from above the water level within the same exhibit space. Guests will have an opportunity to observe these marine mammals’ underwater behaviour upon entering the ground level, which is presented as the interior of a giant glacier, with icy walls and tunnels connecting panoramic displays.


The 23,000 square-foot South Pole Spectacular, on the other hand, is home to three different species of penguins – gentoo, southern rockhopper and king – which are presented in an open exhibit with a 270° viewing chamber, balconies, walkways, and glass-panelled floors that offer an underwater view of swimming penguins. Guests can also enjoy an exclusive opportunity to dine beside dozens of adorable penguins at Tuxedos Restaurant, which offers diners a panoramic view of the penguin pool area and an opportunity to help protect the environment – as 5% of revenue from the restaurant operation will be donated to OPCFHK in support of conservation projects concerning the impact of climate change on wildlife in general and on animals living in icy habitats.


Inside both pavilions, guests will also find numerous interactive educational displays, such as touch-screen panels, animation projections and models. Among the topics presented are the migration and feeding habits of polar animals; the impact of global climate change on humans through the melting of polar ice; the concept of carbon footprint and how to reduce it in everyday life, as well as the culture of native arctic people. Sprawled out in front of the two connected pavilions is the meandering tract of Arctic Blast, Ocean Park’s latest family coaster ride featuring cars shaped like snow sleds that travel at up to 35 km per hour.


True to the message conveyed by Polar Adventure, Ocean Park has adopted a comprehensive green approach to offer a world-class, eco-friendly theme park experience by minimising the attraction’s carbon footprint through state-of-the-art innovations, including a ventilation system that recycles residual cool air to cool down the Life Support System (LSS) and plant room area before being discharged. With all the green features in place, the Park has successfully created a Polar Adventure building which will have savings of at least 34% in annual electricity consumption, as compared to a building without these special features. In terms of energy efficiency, the Polar Adventure exhibits are comparable to a Level 1 energy-labelled refrigerator.


Ms. Judy Chen said, “We are grateful to Ocean Park for creating such a wonderful attraction to raise awareness of how global climate change affects the Polar Regions as well as people all over the world. OPCFHK has also benefited from the increasing size of Ocean Park’s donations as the overwhelming public reception of Ocean Park’s redevelopment has resulted in ever-increasing attendance. In the 2011/12 fiscal year alone, we have received a record high of HK$10 million from Ocean Park, an increase of 10% compared to the previous year. This support will enable us to fund more critically needed conservation work across Asia. For the 2012/13 fiscal year, OPCFHK has already allocated HK$6.34 million to fund 45 projects, including four specifically related to the impact of climate change on wildlife living in icy habitats. Ocean Park guests can all take pride in having indirectly contributed to the protection of wildlife and habitats affected by climate change.”


Mr. Andy Lau said, “As Conservation Ambassador of OPCFHK and a Hong Kong resident, I am proud that Ocean Park has created for our city a world-class attraction dedicated to the important issue of global climate change. With the launch of Polar Adventure, we can learn about the impact of global climate change on polar wildlife and how we can help slow climate change.”


At today’s opening ceremony, Dr. Zeman, Mr. Lau and other officiating guests pushed together two ice sculptures, themed on the penguin and the walrus respectively, symbolising the presence of animals from both poles at Polar Adventure to advocate for the conservation of polar animals and task of slowing climate change.


Dr. Zeman concluded, “Our MRP has transformed Ocean Park into a leading global theme park, taking our signature combination of education, conservation and entertainment to a new level of excellence. I encourage everyone to connect with nature at Polar Adventure this summer, helping us celebrate our 35th anniversary and the conclusion of our redevelopment.”

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There will be no more SkyStar helium balloon at Ocean Park following an accident in June, and about 40 balloons at other theme parks worldwide are urgently being checked for weak rip panels.


A report by the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department yesterday revealed that the rip panel, near the top of the balloon and used for its quick deflation in case of emergency, actually had an undetected tear that allowed the helium gas to escape.


The balloon, with seven passengers and the female gondola pilot on board, was descending from 60 meters when the accident happened.


At about 20 meters above the ground, "the balloon was descending faster than the retrieving speed of 0.65 meter per second and gradually landed at the planter around 29 meters away from the normal landing platform," the report said.


Four passengers and the operator suffered minor injuries while a woman from Beijing on the pathway near where the gondola landed had a head injury.


The department's investigation found that "the right-hand edge of the rip panel tongue was detached from the right covering strip and split from the right-hand rip panel joint."


The report added that before the flight cycle of the incident, around 40 flight cycles were made that day.


"No significant pressure drop was recorded before the incident, which indicated that there was no noticeable leakage of helium before the incident."


Ocean Park chairman Allan Zeman said: "The park will not continue with the Skystar attraction and plans to develop the current space into a venue for events and exhibitions to compliment the park's long-term developments."


Ocean Park also said the balloon manufacturer has warned theme parks or organizations operating about 40 balloon rides to inspect and strengthen the central part of the cover-strips.


The park also appointed US ride safety consultancy firm PLH Consulting to conduct an independent investigation.


"Their report confirmed that Ocean Park had already fully complied with the manufacturer's routine inspection and maintenance schedule and procedures, and that the park's operation, maintenance, and cleaning of the balloon are ruled out as causes of the incident," the park said.

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Aerophile provided the balloon rides for SkyStar at Ocean Park, one for OCT East, one for Wild Animal Park in San Diego, ones for Characters in Flight at Downtown Disney and PanoraMagique at Disneyland Paris and a ton of other ones for natural attractions around the globe.



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With the completion of the Master Redevelopment Plan and the planned opening of a number of new world-class attractions from 2014, one day is not enough to experience all that the Park has to offer.


The planned hotel will thus provide convenient accommodations for guests spending multiple days at Ocean Park, and transform Hong Kong People’s Park into a premier international resort destination.


The hotel project, now featuring terms that are more in line with market expectations, is expected to create 3,500 new employment positions during the construction phase and, upon completion, approximately 500 permanent hospitality positions.


The 495-room “Ocean Hotel” will be built on a 17,044 square-metre site in front of Ocean Park’s main entrance. Tender submissions will be accepted until 8 April 2013, and the contract with the successful tenderer is expected to be signed during the fourth quarter of 2013.


Ocean Park expects the tender exercise will attract feasible and sustainable development proposals as the Government will accept the premium offered by the Most Preferred Proponent.


Dr. Allan Zeman, Chairman of Ocean Park, said, “Having been recognised as a world-leading theme park with our recent Applause Award accolade, we are now ready to transform Ocean Park into a premier international resort destination and further fulfil our role as a major pillar of Hong Kong’s tourism industry.


"With the completion of the MTR South Island Line in 2015, the new hotel will also enhance Southern District’s position as a new base for travellers.


"The proposed design of the hotel must be compatible with Ocean Park’s mission to provide guests with memorable experiences combining conservation, education and entertainment values, as well as its vision to connect people with nature.


"We are grateful to the Hong Kong Government for working closely with us to come up with an appealing project, which will enhance destination tourism, and reinforce our contribution to local employment opportunities in both the construction and hospitality sectors.”


Dr. Zeman concluded, “Further to the completion of our Master Redevelopment Plan, which expanded the Park significantly, Ocean Park will be unveiling a number of world-class attractions beginning in 2014.


"A new shark aquarium, created from the former Atoll Reef, will open in the third quarter of 2014. This will be followed by the opening of the much-anticipated koala exhibit in the fourth quarter of 2014.


"More exciting still is the on-going planning work for the redevelopment of the now-closed Tai Shue Wan area into a water park. We look forward to sharing each exciting milestone with the people of Hong Kong and visitors from all over the world alike. ”





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Yeah, Ocean Park was awesome. I even went back a couple of nights later for their world-class Halloween event. A water park seems like just what the park needs in hot Hong Kong, to make it a multi-day destination.


And the new subway line going straight to the park will make it even easier for tourists without cars to get there. Until now, they had to take a bus or taxi there. Admittedly, taxis are cheap -- it cost me under $15 (and I think under $10, if I remember correctly) from the other end of the island, near the Hong Kong Central area. But being right on the subway will only help the park attract more tourists!

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Ocean Park has sent us a press release regarding the birth and growth of several new penguin babies from the park.


‘Penguin Adventures’, the sixth episode of Ocean Park’s InsideTrax online video series, will be posted on Ocean Park’s YouTube Channel, website and Facebook fans page tomorrow. The episode reveals exclusive footage of how the first batch of penguin babies broke through the shells and were born successfully at the Park. The team of penguin keepers had tailor-made tool to facilitate the daily care routines for the animals. For instance, a transparent platform, equipped with a mirror base, is used to examine the penguins’ feet. This is important to penguins because they may contract bumble foot if they stand for too long. Transparent boards are also utilized to separate the individual penguins for feet examination and weight taking. It is important that penguins are able to see their companions during animal care routines because they are used to living in groups and feel more comfortable when their companions are within sight.


Apart from the daily care routines, Ocean Park also pays great attention to the design of the exhibit. For instance, the lightings of the exhibit are constantly adjusted according to daylight patterns in the South Pole to recreate a natural habitat for the penguins, who thoroughly enjoy “sunbathing” by the shore.


The moment when penguin chicks break through the shells


Measuring body weight of the penguins is an essential animal care procedure


Penguin trainers make use of plastic panels and a mirror to create a simple device to examine penguin feet


A fleet of penguins waiting for feet examination


A group of penguins enjoy getting sunbathed

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I went to Ocean Park this week and there was some Chinese New Year decorations.


And Hair Raiser was actually running TWO cars! The biggest shock of the day was that they opened the single rider line. After seeing the posted hour queue that was a happy surprise.


Snake dance



Oh look Hair Raiser


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Cleo the baby bottle-nose dolphin will be glimpsed by some lucky visitors for the first time as Ocean Park launches behind-the-scenes tours - which will also offer a peek behind the panda house and an invitation into the penguins' private quarters.


It will be the first time the Marine Mammal Breeding and Research Centre has been opened to the public. It is home to seven-month-old Cleo and her mother and for any of the park's dolphins who need their teeth brushed or a little time out.


The tours were announced as the government's Commerce and Economic Development Bureau revealed figures showing Ocean Park's new Water World - due to open in 2017 - should generate some HK$842 million in economic benefits for Hong Kong by 2018.


It is expected to create 2,900 new jobs in 2018 and 4,290 in 2048, the bureau added in papers submitted to the Legislative Council.


A detailed design of the project, which has been allocated a HK$2.3 billion government loan, will be completed by the third quarter of 2014 and is expected to include a wave pool, a beach, lazy river and water slides.


Meanwhile, Ocean Park's special Easter tours are expected to generate lots of interest from Hongkongers.


The behind-the-scenes look at the marine centre, panda house and the penguins are just a few of the nine tours that visitors can choose from on a first-come first-serve basis every day from March 29 to May 5. The guides will also be dishing out inside information on the residents.


Visitors to the marine centre will learn how staff are conducting research on dolphins' cognitive and acoustic abilities in collaboration with the National University of Singapore.


At the bird house, visitors will be shown how the eggs are hatched in incubators.


There is also a chance to learn how the aquarium's coral is bred - small pieces are cut out from existing coral and taken to a separate tank for more than a year while it grows. There are over a dozen species currently being nurtured, mostly from Indonesia.


Each tour, which will run once or twice daily, will be open to a maximum of 20 people who will be asked to pay a donation of at least HK$30 each to the park's conservation foundation.

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Ocean Park is looking for companies interested in developing a project with them for a "New Koala Attraction."




Ocean Park Corporation (the Corporation) invites Expressions of Interest for the ‘New Koala Attraction’ project at Ocean Park (the Project).


The Corporation intends to appoint a Contractor to carry out works for the Project. The work site for the Project comprises the exhibit building with plant rooms. The existing exhibit building is a 3‐storey building with site coverage area of approximate 1,450m2.


The scope of renovation works includes the following: Structural and Building works:

  • 1. General alteration, addition, and structural works to the existing building.
  • 2. Construction of reinforced concrete slabs, columns and footings inside the building.
  • 3. High level openings at existing façade.
  • 4. Construction of skylight system.
  • 5. General building fit‐out.

Exterior and interior theme works:

  • 1. Internal theme features of entrance foyer, exhibit gallery, education narration area and photo corner.
  • 2. Animal’s Habitat landscaping area.
  • 3. Theme works and decoration features for educational display galleries.
  • 4. Lighting and sound effect, appropriate lighting fitting, device, equipment and system as to achieve the special effect.

Building Services provisions:

  • 1. Electrical Installation.
  • 2. Air‐conditioning/Ventilation Services Installation.
  • 3. Fire Services Installation.
  • 4. Plumbing and Drainage Installation.
  • 5. Lifting platform Installation.
  • 6. Cold Storage Installation.

The expected construction period is scheduled from early September 2013 to end Jun 2014 (approximate 300 calendar days), exact construction period is subject to the contract.


Entities submitting Expressions of Interest will be considered for shortlisting for inclusion in a tenderer list, based on the following criteria:


Mandatory Requirements

Any party intends to bid for the Project must be a Registered Building Contractor within the list of Buildings Department of the HKSAR Government and has a minimum of 5 years relevant local experience in Hong Kong.



  • 1. Successful management and construction experience on large‐scaled themed entertainment facilities. This experience should be in either Hong Kong or elsewhere.
  • 2. Proven high‐quality expertise in management and construction of building works or A & A works for multi‐disciplinary architectural & engineering projects greater than
    $30.0 million, undertaken in Hong Kong.
  • 3. Overall management (including safety, quality and environmental management) and
    construction resources.
  • 4. Knowledge, experience, capability and availability of key staff.



The last 3 years’ audited financial statements must also be submitted so as to prove your financial capability for the successful implementation of the proposed Project.

All of the above requirements regarding Technical/Experience/Resources must be addressed in the Expressions of Interest, which should not exceed eight sheets of single sides A4 text (with no further attachments) with a minimum font size of 11 points. The ‘Expressions of Interest’ documents must be deposited in our tender box situated at the Administration Building Annex of Ocean Park, Aberdeen, Hong Kong, on or before 3:30pm on June 6, 2013 (Hong Kong Time). Late submission or submissions by fax or e‐mail will not be accepted.


The Corporation intends inviting shortlisted entities in due course to submit tender proposal. Applicants who do not hear from the Corporation within three months should consider their Expressions of Interest unsuccessful.


The Corporation is not bound to shortlist any entity which submits an Expression of Interest, and reserves absolute discretion not to invite any entity (whether or not it has submitted Expression of Interest) to submit any tender offer.


Ocean Park Corporation is a public body listed under the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance. It is an offence in law for any party offering any form of advantages to the staff and agents (e.g. consultants) of the Corporation in connection with this Expressions of Interest exercise.

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Hello, I know a lot of this thread is showing current and future updates to Ocean Park, however I thought some of you would like a few older pics.

These were taken while I was in the Navy in '94, unfortunately I've lost most of my pics over the years, including an entire roll of closeups of The Dragon.















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Great seeing these early photos, and knowing what OP looks like now,

having been there over a year ago with TPR. The coaster looks

very nice, sticking out of the trees, and the water behind it. Very cool.


Thanks for sharing them!


Still a great view of the coaster and beyond the site it's on. Mmmmm. (sept.2012)

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