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  1. Tell me where ANY of this is that offensive? Seriously, David, shut up. Lighten up and get a sense of humor. The show ran for several weeks without any issue at all until ONE idiot with a very loud voice felt the need to make a big deal out of it, and then all the idiot sheep in the world felt the need to jump on that bandwagon because they have an internet connection, a keyboard, and an uneducated voice to speak with. And that resulted in Universal closing the show. I personally don't put any blame on Universal. I put the blame on society and people like David who are making com
  2. I've got to say, that I figured this was going to happen. The mincing and the limp wrist and the sex jokes were annoying and stupid, but not necessarily a game-changing problem. There have been childish stereotypical gay jokes in the show for years without the show being canceled. I don't think the problem was just the stereotypes, it was the violence that was done to the newly stereotypically gay Superman as soon as he came out. Yes, I know that it's superheroes who fight all the time. Violence is a part of the trope, and it's part of the trope with the Bill and Ted show overall.
  3. ^ I took a bunch of pictures for over a half hour of the ceremony, trying to get a couple of good ones. The looks on Robb's and Elissa's faces were pretty constant, and very entertaining! I forget why there were so few of us -- and none of the women, other than Elissa -- in the room with us for the tea ceremony. Had they split us into groups? Or did half the group go back to the hotel early?
  4. It's a good thing we're not in China right now, particularly in northeast cities like Harbin. Apparently, the smog there right now is some of the worst ever recorded -- more than triple the levels that are considered hazardous! Much of the city is shut down right now, including the airport, many schools and even some bus lines! Who's ever heard of a city shut down due to smog?!? The pictures and video in all of the news reports are horrifying!
  5. Mallorca is one of many a resort islands off of and part of Spain. It's most famous for its beaches and its nightclubs. I haven't been there, but I've been its sister island Ibiza. From what I gather, the islands are somewhat similar, although Mallorca is bigger, and Ibiza is much more famous for its very huge clubs, and is a much more major destination for college aged kids vacationing to enjoy the EDM music scene. (Some of the clubs there can hold over 10,000 people!) In Ibiza, the focus is much more on the clubs than the beaches, although the beaches are popular. But to get to the b
  6. By the way, for those looking for more big parks and less little crappy parks and less sightseeing, we're heading into the part of the China trip that's mostly bigger parks with bigger coasters. I did quite a bit of sightseeing in Shanghai -- partially because we were there for three nights and right near Nanjing Road, and partially because I liked the place quite a bit. I didn't really do any major sightseeing again on the trip until Hong Kong. So hang in there! I did want to document these smaller parks somewhat, since few enthusiasts have, and since I'll honestly probably never go ba
  7. Day 25, part 3: More Shanghai sightseeing: Tea ceremony, Bund, Korean fun house, Nanjing Road. After we got all of our credits in, we went to a Chinese tea ceremony, which was supposed to show us how the Chinese drink their various kinds of teas, but was basically an excuse to try to get us to buy lots of tea and accessories. Of course, the ceremony ended with a nice long wait in the showroom, with aggressive sellers everywhere. I guess we couldn’t complain, because we’d managed to go 10 days in a row without any of these showroom tours. And it was mildly interesting for those of us who
  8. Day 25, part 2: More Shanghai credit whoring: Luxun Park, People’s Park and Century Park Then it was on to Luxan park, which was very close to Peace/Heping Park. The park was also hosting the Shanghai International Lantern Festival, which meant that there were all sorts of near artistic displays all over the park. I’m assuming that this was part of the big city-wide tourist weeks of promotions that had started while we were in the city. At least this gave us lots of cool displays to look at while we walked through the park. The highlight of the festival was a long, sprawling 201 meter
  9. ^ Unfortunately, it was under rehab on my visit September of last year. Well, that's just another excuse to go back!
  10. Day 25, part 1: More Shanghai credit whoring: Gongqing Forest Park, Peace Park at Heping Park. We started our next day of credit whoring at a more medium sized park called Gonquing Forest Park, which was just 7 miles northeast of downtown Shanghai and was the furthest of the 5 parks we’d be hitting up this day. We started at Inertia Roller Coaster, the park’s Jungle Mouse. Then we headed to what would be the biggest coaster of the day, Loop and Spiral Coaster, a fairly typical loopscrew by a local coaster company named Sameco. We discovered that the park had a BobKart ride, which they c
  11. Don't tease me like that! I was all set to see the show last Fall, but they canceled it after the earthquake. I planned to settle for seeing their show in Macau, China, after the TPR Best of China Tour on the same trip, only to have THAT show canceled as well! I finally settled for The House of Dancing Waters show in Macau by early Cirque director Franco Dragone.
  12. By the way, for those who were on the Shanghai part of the tour, I found two corrections to the list of coasters that Larry posted last year. (Note that this is NOT criticism! There were TONS of coasters on that trip, and no one else even came close to getting them all! I couldn't have even identified many of the coasters in this PTR -- especially the ones in these credit whoring days -- without Larry's list!) -- Sliding Dragon at Chang Feng Park is NOT powered, as I noted in the TR above. This will only affect those of us who don't count powered coasters. -- Sliding Dragon at Shan
  13. I thought that it did. I could smell the wood fairly strongly in the whole area. My friends didn't notice it as much.
  14. Day 24, part 4: Shanghai Sightseeing: the Bottle Opener. After we got back to the hotel, a lot of us headed out for some sightseeing. A group of us headed over towards Nanjing Road, where the most convenient subway stop to our hotel was. We walked around that tourist shopping street for a bit before heading back across the river to visit the Shanghai World Financial Center, aka the Bottle Opener. There are lots of stories going around as to why the top of the building has that big hole in it, but it was originally supposed to be a circle. But the locals complained that it would have lo
  15. Great PTR. Some day I'll have to get to Oktoberfest, if only to experience Olympia Looping with 7 car trains. I finally got to ride it this Summer at Cranger Kirmes. But they only had 5 car trains on it. Everyone knows that Uncle Anton's coasters are best in the back seat, but that effectively made it like riding in the middle. it's still an awesome ride, but it wasn't quite as intense as I'd been hoping for. It probably didn't help that it was mid-day on the first day of the fair. So, if the ride needed to break in after being rebuilt, it hadn't yet.
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