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  1. I don't remember much racing... but going through some late 90s POV pictures, there it is! Racing down drop #2 I was in the red train, and you can see black to the left. Color me surprised! LOL i did have a gap where i was away from the park... from 92-99.... probably missed it... because anytime i have been on it during dual dispatches...they always stopped one of the trains on the lift ... Why did they stop a train on the lift? Was it the mysterious "California law against racing a coaster" (file that with the one about Revolution not being able to run with lap bars.) I could see there being an issue as people used to grab hands and pass stuff... I also ran across a picture with on red train on the lift, one coming into final brakes and I'm assuming the 3rd red train is getting ready to leave the station. I guess they were serious about adding the block brake (double dip) in order to run 3 trains on each side (when they went to Morgans.) Related, I read an article from a guy who had a hand in building the ride, and said they wanted to originally run 10 (ten!!!) trains. There were brakes on each curve, but things didn't work out so well. Those IAD/NAD trains didn't last long.
  2. I don't remember much racing... but going through some late 90s POV pictures, there it is! Racing down drop #2 I was in the red train, and you can see black to the left. Color me surprised!
  3. I doubt anyone would lose a leg on a B&M ride. But stranger things have happened.
  4. Iron Wolf Still have my Iron Wolf sticky note pads given out by the park before the ride opened:
  5. Holiday World loves everyone (as long as you follow their rules, which you should!) Can't wait for Holiwood Nights! After their recent "values" statement, I feel like spending more of my time and money there, more often.
  6. Assigned seating can be annoying... but when I've asked nicely if a certain seat was possible, it's usually granted. What's really annoying is if you catch a Six Flags ride with assigned seating (especially Goliath at Great America). Someone else can fill in the details, but it's safe to say that it drastically slows down the operation (and thus the queue).
  7. I can appreciate it, but it just may not suit my taste. My last visit to Carowinds (2011) I rode the new Intimidator one time. The line was short, but the experience was so close to what I've experienced on every B&M speed coaster I've been on. The Arrow mine train was very unique and fun, we spent plenty of time on that! Raging Bull at my home park is more appealing to me, even with the trims (and the first drop is the wildest of any B&M I've been on.) But I'd rather spend my time on Whizzer, Demon and American Eagle. Same situation on my last visit to SFOG. My friends wanted to ride Goliath, so I rode it with them once. Great ride, I'm glad people love it! I spent most of my time on the super unique Mind Bender. It's just a taste thing. I'm glad the big B&M's are there and appreciate that the majority of the people who ride find them outstanding... my preference is for more unique and classic stuff. It would be boring if we all liked the same stuff. Plus, we wouldn't have much to argue about
  8. Does anyone have a clue what kind of crowds the park gets on weekdays during spring break (April 6-9)? I'm curious to see how the 3 train operation is going. They have more time to load than Leviathan, but there are also seatbelts now. I heard someone mention assigned seating?
  9. What kind of crowds does the park usually get on weekdays during spring break? Thinking of taking a detour on my way to SFOG...
  10. I haven't been to the park since 2011... and now I'm remembering they may have removed a couple flat rides. The Schwarzkopf Enterprise and that indoor scrambler are gone, right? SF Great America being my home park, It's always a good reminder to be grateful for all the classic flat rides we still have. And 2 classic flumes to boot! Yup, that's the one! Big time! Can't wait for that! I'm not sure if I've gotten night rights on MB since the 90s! Woohoo!
  11. ^Thanks for the heads up! It's such a shame the operations are poor, and more coaster trains aren't running. On all my visits since the early 90s, operations at the park have been poor. It's kind of par for Six Flags' reputation as the "wal-mart" of the theme park industry, but it still stinks. Things were running better when Shapiro was in charge. Luckily, I'll be there on a Thurs/Fri, and then a weekend event (including 1 hour ERT on 3 coasters), so I'll probably get plenty of rides in.
  12. I've been planning to go to the park for 3 or 4 days early next month, but hearing Mind Bender is only running one train, I might shorten my trip. What a bummer... I remember when the ride had 3 trains. How's Georgia Cyclone faring these days? I know the first 2 drops had topper track put on, I'm looking forward to seeing what that is like. On my visits in 2011 and 2007, it was a horribly rough AND slow ride. I wish I could beem back to 1990, what a ride that was!
  13. When will you be down at SFoG? I'll be there Easter Weekend for my yearly Mindbender fix David April 9-12 (Thurs-Sun) Can't wait! Hope to see you! (But maybe I won't since you said Easter Weekend :/)
  14. ^You could always ask him "when did you decide to be a heterosexual?" Or "when did you decide to have brown eyes" (or whatever color). Just remember, his ignorance has nothing to do with you. Chin up, camper! You're not the one with the problem. Hi guys! Thought I would drop in... I'm spending more and more time not online, in search of "a life" (not that you can't have a life and hang out online, I just need to be online less). Hope you all have a great spring coaster season, I'm ecstatic about going down to SFOG to ride Mind Bender next month (with that 'other' club)!
  15. I've wondered about it a lot, too. I think that some of us are just wired differently; I couldn't imagine sharing a boyfriend with anyone, and my drunk days are over. Now I just need to find a compatible guy who only wants me!
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