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What is the best floorless?

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I have only ever been on Kraken, and i thoroughly enjoyed it. However, when we went on it later on in our trip it was rattled rather a lot. No matter, still a great ride.


Will ride Scream next year at MM, you would think they would put some pebbledash down to cover the parking lot, but hey ho

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see IMO Stand-Ups and Floorless coaster are very similar. Like I ride Stand-Ups like Floorless coasters anyway so it doesnt matter to me. But I really like S:KF or Medusa SFMW.


But otherwise I would vote for Iron Wolf . I ride it like a floorless anyway so I count it as a floorless :mrgreen:

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Well, unfortunately, I've also only been on one, Dominator. The thing is pretty freakin' amazing. The turn following the loop is righteous intense, and so is the figure-8 mess following the flat spins. It's an awesome ride. I just hope the rattle it's developed doesn't get much worse.

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I really liked Superman la Attracion de Acero @ WBMW Madrid. Ok so the inversions might be "forceless" but they are still very fun. What makes the ride so great though is the airtime you get on it. The first drop in the backseat is spectacular, with airtime all the way down. The hill after the cobra roll also has the most perfect floater airtime Ive ever experienced. I was floating between the seat and the restrains over the entire hill. The helixes towards the end are also very fun as they are very close to the ground and theres a small hill between them which also has some airtime

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