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What is the best floorless?

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Let's see....


I would rank the ones I have been on like this....


Dominator (Knight Flight, whatever) - Geauga Lake

Daemonen - Tivoli Gardens

Superman Krypton Coaster - SFFT

Kraken - SWF

Medusa - SFGadv

Scream! - SFMM

Batman: Dark Knight - SFNE

Medusa West - SFMW


It was a tough call for my #2 between Daemonen and Kypton Coaster, but Daemonen just really packed a punch a lot like Top Gun at PGA does.


Also, I haven't ridden Dominator since 2003 so I have no idea if it's gotten rough or not (I've heard reports that it's not very good now) so my ranking on that ride is based on my '03 experience.



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I have only been on three floorless coasters.


Medusa (SFMW), it was my first

Scream (SFMM), second

Kraken (SWO) last year


Scream has that typical dive-into-the-first-drop that gets me no airtime. This is so typical of so many B&M’s no matter their type. It seems to cushion the drop. I always figured they did this for space/footprint constraints. I don’t like it! I want air!


But of the other two I mentioned they had actual non banking drops. This is a good thing! So to pick between the two, I would say it was Kraken because it has more themeing than Medusa.

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Its really close between Scream and Medusa West, (the only 2 floorless coasters I've been on) But I'd say Scream wins for its 2nd half. It has an airtime hill in its 2nd half and Medusa doesn't. But I like Medusas 1st drop more than Screams and the Sea Serpent roll isn't speacial at all. But I love both rides.

Kevin"Yay floorlss coasters"Bujold

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I have only been on 4 Floorless coasters and I would rate them as follows:

1. Kraken (SWO)

2. Medusa (SFGAdv)

3. Scream (SFMM)

4. Batman: Dark Knight (SFNE)


I think Dominator, Superman Krypton Coaster, and Medusa at Six Flags Marine World would probably supplant the ones in my list above if I had ridden them.


As far as floorless coasters go I am non-plussed, if not riding in the front they are just glorified loopers. In the front, they are a lot better.

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well, I've been on Scream and I've been on Medusa West, and Medusa West is simply amazing, and from what I've heard Kraken is nothing short of brilliance and one of B&M's best rides. Scream is fun, nothing spectacular, but I'm sure Medusa, although its a smaller version of Scream, blows scream away with its setting and everything.

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Although I´ve only riden on superman la atracción de acero, I think it´s the best floorless because:

1. the first drop has more degrees than any other floorless, and is very tall (54.6 m., the park map says 50 m.)

2. It has two hills with good airtime.


But it has a small defect (for me), I would like a dive loop instead of an immelman loop.

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I've been on (in order of going on them - I think that that affects your judgement somewhat - the first one that I go on has that novelty factor which tends to make me like it);


Batman Knight Flight @ SFWoA

Medusa @ SFGAdv

Kraken @ SWO

Superman Krypton Coaster @ SFFT

Superman Atraccione de Acero @ WBMW


and I think that Kraken edges it - its just kinda got it all....


I do like them all tho'

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I've only ridden a one coaster floorless, in Superman La Atracción de Acero en Movie World Madrid (Now Warner Bros.Park,oldest six flags gestion) it's more beautiful but in the main drop a wild good airtime!! you is a superman ,but the 2 airtime hills it's great ,the past saturday i put stand up in the airtime!! ,and too friends visit more parks in the USA (SF great adventure,Magic Mountain,Great america,Busch's Gardens,Universal Park,Disney parks...)say: the floorless in USA it's better but Superman la atraccion de acero is more better, i recomend visit Warner Bros. Park and her coasters are beatiful!(in the oldest are six flags park ,but the president of Community Madrid expulse at six flags the accionist but "model gestion is very american",she is very estupid! )


see you later


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I've been on the following B&M floorless coasters


Batman:Knight Flight / Dominator - Geauga Lake

Medusa - Six Flags Great Adventure

Superman:La Atraccion de Acero - WBMW Madrid


I personally felt Medusa to be a little lame


I think I have to choose Batman:Knight Flight / Dominator as my favourite


Paul 'A bit surprised no one has mentioned Daemonen' Chapman

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I've been on:


Dominator aka BKF (Geauga Lake) Rating out of 10: 10*

Hydra The Revenge (Dorney Park) Rating out of 10: 9

Medusa (SFGAdv) Rating out of 10: 8

Kraken (SWOrland) Rating out of 10: 9

Superman Krypton Coaster (SFFT) Rating out of 10: 10*

Georgia Scorcher (SFOG) Rating out of 10: 10*


*My opinion of the best ones.

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Hello from Amsterdam - I have never ridden a floorless coaster of any kind in my (current) life, so I am looking forward to what ever the UK Tour offers in such an array as non-floored rides can only give.


Un-floored oi!

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I've been on the following floorless:


Medusa (SFGAdv)

Kraken (Sea World Orlando)

Scream (SFMM)

Batman: Knight Flight (SFWOA)


The Best is Batman: KF. If you sit in the back row, you get this whip sensation as you turn around and go down the first drop! I haven't encountered that sensation in any other floorless. It may be called Dominator now, but it will always be Batman: KF to me.


The worst: Scream! Can you say, "Boring?"

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