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What is the best floorless?

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I have been on a lot of floorless coasters and there has only been one that has actually blown me away. That it Superman Krypton Coaster at SFFT. This is just an amazing ride IMO with a lot of forces. I agree with you James Dillaman in that not very people have been on it so people cannot say it is their favorite.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I've been on:


Medusa (SFGAdv)

Hydra: The Revenge (DP)

Batman: The Dark Knight (SFNE)

Dominator (Geauga Lake)


Medusa has some great forces, tons of airtime, a great roar, and a smooth ride. Hydra after the first drop, sucked. It felt like it just wasn't doing anything and was very prone to breakdowns. Batman: TDK was a fun ride with good forces. I only rode it once and my first impression was that it was a decent ride. I'll have to get back to SFNE this summer to ride it some more. Dominator was rough as heck, interesting layout, but not well maintained. The corkscrews and turns near the end of the ride really hurt. Also, the floors on Dominator were set on turbo or something because they shot up as soon as the train stopped. All the other floorless coasters gently lift them up.


So if you haven't been able to figure out which I like the most yet, its Medusa.

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Between Kraken and the Krypton Coaster, I pick Kraken.


But really, the two are both incredibly fantastic. In my observation, only the really jaded coaster enthusiasts complain about floorless coasters being gimmicky. These are the people who focus more on intensity than anything else, generally having lost that sense of awe that went along with a fans first few phenomenal rides.


Front row on a floorless really doesn't compare to anything else out there. Is the track layout pretty much interchangeable with a standard looper? Sure. But that feeling of openness is unmatched. Inverted coasters started this trend, but ultimately they end up being more confining if you're not in the front row, as your head is up by the wheels and track -- sure, your feet dangle free, but that's not where your eyes are.


I forget where I was going with that. So in conclusion, Kraken wins. Barely.

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I've ridden:


Kraken, Dominator, Batman:Dark Night, and Medusa (east). I'd rank 'em like this...


1. Kraken - Possibly the best overall layout for a floorless design. Every element seems to flow seemlessly, and the intensity is heightened by scenic trenches and the waterfall cave. Oh yeah, it has the perfect zero-g roll too.


2. Dominator (B:KF when I rode it) - I loved the speed on this one. The first drop was incredible heading into the HUGE vertical loop. The turns over the water and queue parts, and the subsequent turnaround over the building portion carried great speed, which I loved. Just a really great layout, minus the zero-g that Kraken has.


3. Batman:The Dark Knight - I really liked this one alot. It felt like the B:TR clone equivalent for the floorless design....you know, short and sweet. It had great pacing, and just the right package of all the classic B&M elements....good drop, loop, zero-g, corkscrews, etc.


4. Medusa (east) - All in all, this one's pretty much right there with the others. It's a close race between the 4. I guess the only knocks I have against Medusa are the hideous colors, and the MCBR. Yes, I know Kraken has one too. I just think Medusa's takes away a bit more from the ride than Kraken's does.


With all that said, I have always wanted to ride what I think may be better than all of them....S:KC. It's ashame it's in Texas. Don't ask me why, I just have no desire to visit Texas for anything other than SF parks and Schlitterbahn (sp?)....and that won't cut it, so therefore Superman will have to wait.


And to those who say floorless is a gimmick, I say... Yes, I'll even take the much-maligned Hydra any day of the week.

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  • 2 years later...

I would rank the ones I have done like this...


1. Medusa (East)

2. Dominator (KD)

3. Hydra

4. Batman

5. Superman (Madrid)

6. Kraken


The top two I really, really like, the next two I thought were good fun, the bottom two I pretty much hated...


And not having done the rest, I'd still say I think Medusa looks the best, or Superman in Texas.

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So far Dominator is the only floorless I've had the chance to experience but KD did an excellent job of rehabbing the ride for it's debut here in Va.


After seeing a video of the ride in it's last season or two in Ohio I couldn't believe how rough the 2nd half appeared to be but,thankfully it was smooth as glass when I rode it back in july & august.

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I myself have been on the following.

Medusa east, Kraken, Hydra,Dominator(when it was knight flight) .


I love them all for their unique experiences though Dominator is a slight let down for me. I mean you get hit with slam fire banked turns and a big freakin' loop. then its onto an odd long turn up to brakes, its like there could have been a zero g roll or something to fill that gap.


Medusa east being the original, I liked it for a time but it wore off after they built more.


Hydra , I watched herc' go down in a crash of glory for this tiny thing but its still a unique family floorless and its pretty good for the park. I enjoyed it while I could because I had to move.


Kraken though, has got to be my favorite. Location is perfect! I mean going through the inversions and the drop the way its set to face right at them. After the mid course though that finale was amazing especially at night!

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OK, so I'm not a diehard B + M fan, nor am I fixated with "loop-de-loops", so take this with a grain of salt.


1. Medusa East

2. Hydra (why is everyone complaining?!)

3. Batman SFNE (Mr. short and sweet)

4. do I really need to list Dominator (KD)? Maybe it was just the cold morning, but Dom was surprisingly jarring.


Regarding my list: It's all relative. I have yet to ride Kraken.

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Well I've only been on four so far:

Medusa West


Superman:Krypton Coaster

Batman:Knight Flight (Dominator)


Superman wins hands down. IMO not only is this a damn good floorless, but arguably oner of the best B&M's ever built. Dominator (I rode it as batman) was a close second. Scream and Medusa West's layouts were just, "Eh, this is a kinda cool coaster...kinda."

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I would have to say Kraken is my favorite floorless coaster. Actually, it's the only floorless in my top 10. The zero-g roll is great and the first drop in the back is even better than nitro's IMO.





4.Medusa (east)

5.Dominator (sorry no zero-g roll, no top 3)

6.Batman-The Dark Knight

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