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What is the best floorless?

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while I really enjoyed Kracken last year, and Hydra the year before. . . having just re-ridden this one last weekend, i'll have to say that:


Superman: Krypton Coaster at SFFT is the top floorless for me.

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1) Superman Krypton Coaster- Love the setting, smooth, and forceful.

2) Medusa- Great drop and good inversions.

3) Kraken- Good inversions, love the second half.

4) Dominator- Miss the zero-G roll, but great otherwise.

5) Hydra- Love the drop and nice floaty inversions.

6) Daemonen- The Great Bear of floorless coasters. Compact but good whip.

7) Superman- Some good airtime, but forceless inversions.

8) Bizarro- Decent inversions and a large layout.

9) Scream- Parking lot.

10) Rougarou- Love the first half, but second half is a headbanger.

11) Batman- Great zero-G roll, but nothing else blows me away.

12) Patriot- Weakest layout of all of them.

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1. Kraken



3. Rougarou

4. Scream


I love Kraken a lot, very intense/forceful and I barely found it to be rough. Rougarou and Scream were both rattly, rough trash fires.



My kind of guy!


My list...


1. Kraken

2. Superman: Krypton Coaster


3. Dominator

4. Bizarro


5. Rougarou


6. Scream

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