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What is the best floorless?

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1. Batman:KF / Dominator

2. Scream

3. Bizarro

4. Griffon (does it count?)

5. Hydra



Also, I haven't ridden Dominator since 2003 so I have no idea if it's gotten rough or not (I've heard reports that it's not very good now)



I rode B:KF / Dominator when it opened in 2000 and 2001, again in 2006, and recently here in 2009. It was butter smooth every time.


Batman/Dominator at Geauga Lake (SFWOA). I would say Scream but it's gotten so rough in two years...


Scream is the smoothest running of the bunch I've been on. At Termination Day we rode 5 times in a row without stepping off. FOUR times in the VERY VERY back were butter smooth. ONCE in the next row forward was rattling and rough.


SO.... It would appear that the smoothness of the ride can vary greatly depending on the condition of the specific car you are riding.


-Mr. Bebe

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Out of the two I've been on Medusa (West) and Scream!, Medusa is the better coaster.


I've had some bad rides on Scream! I still think it is a great coaster, with solid inversions and a slightly intense turn after the mid-course brake. I've ridden Medusa a lot (I'd say close to 50 times) but I've only experienced on 5 differant days, so I don't know if it has it's "rough days."


Drop: Medusa > Scream! - Straight drops are more exciting/intense)


Loop & Dive Loop: Medusa = Scream!


Zero-G-Roll & Cobra Roll/Rollover: Medusa < Scream!


Second Half: Medusa > Scream! (Cobra Roll is more intense, and 0-G Roll is surprisingly smoother)


Theme: Medusa > Scream! - I really like the station and queue, and the parking lot stripes are more visible

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I've ridden 3 and I would rank them...


1- Hydra

2- Medusa (East) (Before Bizarro)

3- Scream!


Hydra I found the smoothest of the 3 by far and the layout was much more unique then Medusa or Scream. Medusa was great as well, I really didn't enjoy Scream! much.

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I don't know if I can necessarily compare the dive machines floorlessness to the floorlessness of a labeled floorless coaster. I don't know if much can beat sitting out on Griffons 1st or 10th seat in the front row hanging on the first drop, but for some reason I fell in love with Kraken when I rode it. Albeit I have only ridden Griffon, Sheikra, Kraken and Scream!.

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1. Bizarro - Medusa East

2. Medusa West

3. Dominator

4. Superman: Krypton Coaster

5. Kraken

6. Scream!

7 Batman: The Dark Knight

8. Hydra

I think I've been on every floorless in the country.


I've called Hydra a B&M family floorless mine train because it's quiet slow at times. I dislike the slanted stretched out cobra roll.

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^^I have ridden both and in my opinion, yes, Medusa/Bizarro really is better.

However, I also agree with Bolliger&Mabillard that both are disappointing, even though I did enjoy Medusa/Bizarro... but I had higher expectations.

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To date Ive only been on Kryton, Scream and Medusa West. I'd say Krypton is by far the best I have been on...especially if you can get an early morning ride before the trims kick in.


Medusa West is also big fun, especially the drop off the midcourse. The rattle on Scream kinda kills it for me.

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I dont see the big deal in floorless coasters because I dont think they add an element of thrill at all but I would have to say Scream is my favorite to date. I have been on maybe 7 and Scream stood out and Batman at Gegua Lake that is now The Dominator is 2nd, and Superman Krypton Koaster is third at SFFT.

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