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  1. You know what, I think I will post on here. I have no idea if this is going to be completed or if this is just something I'm doing until I'm bored with (More than likely its the second of the two) but either way I have started playing up RCT yet again, and I've been working on a bunch of stuff. Some of the things I plan on doing are not going to go well with the people who are focusing on realism and company names. My intention is not to care about that kind of stuff ^.^ I do still plan to support the thing, to make it look prettier.
  2. Just came in for a peek at this thread, as I do like to take a look at this site every know and then. I've seen a lot of improvement in a lot of you,and ghost your new content is looking pretty sweet; a lot better than that of what you posted four years ago Well, I'm off to go lurk some more; who knows maybe I'll post something for you all to look at. I don't know x3
  3. You do know that will branch into people colliding with their download uploads and what not.
  4. ^It doesn't need a dive loop. Its no more or less of a coaster with/without one.
  5. Its fun to watch someone do a music park, Ive never imagined someone being able to make a lot of rides in the pop genre, granted I'm kind of out of that genre with only knowing a few foreign bands with pop styles in their music Anyways, advice for a park marker. Just add some more bushes and shrubs. Maybe some more flowers too.
  6. ^^It lets people know if the park is NCS or not; I had a lot of confusion in my past NCS parks, so I'm making it very obvious for people ^What part of my post was about NCS?
  7. ^Well, I'm going to be working around the park. Once I get all the rides, and all the shops layed out, I plan on going back and touching up on foliage and minor details here and there. I do plan on having a download, as early as two weeks from now (It won't cover the full map, but it will end the era) The reason for this is that rides will be removed, and if something gets removed, I would like for it to be viewed even after it has been removed. With the paths, yeah I make the paths wide, at least 4x4. Its weird for me to see narrow pathways. (I PROBABLY should use narrow pathways as this part of the park is in the corner surrounded by a lake) Thanks for the constructive feedback!
  8. ^Well of course I'm going to add more. Its a park that I had just started. Its like 2.5% done.
  9. !Licht Legende! Hello there, this is a new park that I have been working on for about a week or so now. I've decided that I'm going to dive back into the realms of RCT2 NCS once again to do a park. This park here will be pretty large in size, I imagine it will be finished in some time. I'm going to be doing something different in this park compared to the other ones I have done. I'm going to set up a timeline of eras. It pretty much means I'm not going to be diving in and making all of the new stuff, I'm going to be starting the park in an "early days" kind of style, which is all in the 1965-1985 time frame. Right now I'm thinking of the park being in Western Germany. There are some early, unfinished pictures in the preview thread on pages 352-354 This park is more for fun than anything, I don't plan on going for any kind of "Spotlight" with this park! (Also, if anyone here knows German, and sees an error/a better name for a ride/shop/anything. Please let me know via PM!) Kanonball (Canonball) and Kreuzritter (Crusader) Holzwasser (TimberWater) Dubbel Terug (Double Edge)
  10. Nah, only one of them work, but I've seen a lot of RCT2 Parks with two drops as the "final drops".
  11. ^Looks good to me. Log Flume, just without the trees. I believe the name translates to TimberWater, but I may change ti.
  12. The park is still in "early days", so I'm not doing anything too big. Like imagine a park that just started or something, I don't know how to explain it. I would like some feed back on any of the screens I've posted.
  13. ^^Yeah, colored wooden coasters like that do exist, but normally they are in smaller areas. Taking up as much space as Scooby Doo. Also, throw in some terrain changes. Flatlands are kind of dull, unless you have a lot (and I mean about 80% more) going on in your park. With the double dip, maybe you can do it like the other ones, where it doesn't have that weird turn at the end, or at least theme it to where it does something other than turn at a high speed of 4mph.
  14. ^It looks like there is a bit of extra braces there. Other than that, it looks good. I say keep the colors. I don't know serious I'm going to get into this project. I'm just kind of doing medicore stuff at the moment. It may or may not pick up, idk.
  15. I've kind of started a park. The plan is going through a time line, but I'm not doing a year by year basis (I'm kind of just placing things down, without worrying about dates, but at the same time keeping things in there era) Anyways, here is the "big coaster" of the park. I'm thinking Germany for the location of this park, as Sweden and Norway have kind of been used up by the last few parks I've done. Kanonen, is an out n back wooden coaster that has a lake in the "center" of it. There is nothing else done other than the track
  16. I think I'm going to be doing a new park in the old thread I have (LINK) I have a few options that I want to go through. All are NCS (but custom rides) Only one of them would probley get worthy mention of its own thread. -A Pokémon park themed to the Hoen region (Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald) -A "timeline" park that starts off with rides that would appear in like the 50's and end up with rides that are seen now (I put timeline in quotations as it would be done in a "Year 1, Year 2, Year 3" kind of style) (This would get its own thread) -A park filled with a bunch of ideas I had for the last decade. Mostly consisting of coaster plots with peeps and shops to the side. I also plan on redoing some of the custom scenarios and taking part of some challenges that have been made by other RCT2 users. If you look in my thread, I have some examples. I don't know if this should of been posted here or my thread, but I'm flipping a coin here. Any reply is a good reply : 3 EDIT Thought I should say something to SoCal. Go for the Sea World Park, while that comic is quite popular, I haven't really seen anyone express a passion for it. (Yet again, I don't know the majority of this site). Parks that cater towards one theme like that are harder to do, you got to plan out that stuff
  17. ^Something that is turning the whole entire ride. Not changing direction, and not having any space between turns.
  18. ^Yeah, I have to agree. That coaster isn't anything unique. I would just listen to his advice and expand it out a bit.
  19. Oh my, random post Anyways, this looks really good. I suggest making your paths wider, but thats it. I like the rides you put in, and I like how your doing this park so far. Granted I haven't seen an RCT Park in almost a year
  20. Ok, I got it to work, and it was something with the balloon stall. In your scernio editor do you happen to have two balloon stalls? If so, thats what the problem was. I downloaded some parks in NE just to find it, and I got the glitchy balloon stand. I'm in Year2 (May) with 890 guests, and I'll give everyone a hint right now. GoKarts and Motion Simulators.
  21. Well either way it is a good find, as well as the other scernios there. I'm going to grab these downloads before the site closes (like a lot of other RCT2 sites :c)
  22. ^Let me clarify that post. I kinda meant that because I post this on multiple sites, it would be unfair to only give TPR the pictures. I later found out you can actually take the TPR image urls and code them to appear on other sites too, which is what I've been doing with my RCT2 stuff. Image shack is blocked on one of the sites I use and Photobucket is going to be a source I will no longer use. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I don't know if this is by magic or what, but the pictures are up.
  23. All right, I have some images of a park that I'm working on. Its based on an old park called Carolina Bay. Link=http://coaster-net.com/forums/index.php?/topic/8339-six-flags-carolina-bay/ Now shut up and take my screens. (All NCS)
  24. ^I upload this to multiple sites, so no. Project is done because RCT2 works for me yet again, so I'm going to go back playing that. May come back to this one day. (Never expect any RCT3 project of mine to last forever)
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