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  1. I've been on eight. Bat - Canada's Wonderland (Operating 1987) Boomerang Coast to Coaster - Great Escape & Splashwater Kingdom (Operating 5/23/1997) Boomerang Coast to Coaster - Darien Lake (Operating 5/16/1998) Carolina Cobra - Carowinds (Operating 3/28/2009) Flashback - Six Flags New England (Operating 5/5/2000) Sea Serpent - Morey's Piers (Operating 1984) Sidewinder - Hersheypark (Operating 5/11/1991) Zoomerang - Lake Compounce (Operating 6/27/1997)
  2. ^AJ, don't you worry. We're going to be needing your inventor skills for fall semester in order to the design project. There will be plenty of things for you to do.
  3. Thanks for all of the responses. They are very important to the success of our design project. ^The reason you were not able to find much information about our group is because, quite frankly, there isn't much. Our group was formed last year, but really just started to move forward this semester. Aside from this design project, we are currently experimenting and performing tests with a Coasterdynamix kit, and are soon going to undertake the task of building a working scale wooden roller coaster model. After each of these projects, we will be writing a substantial report that will be available to view on our website (website coming soon). We were also able to schedule a backstage tour of Kennywood that we hope will open our eyes to the world of theme park engineering more. In addition to the Kennywood tour, we hope that our substantial amount of industry contacts will lead to more tour opportunities and our recognition in the industry. If you have any more questions don't be afraid to ask. I would like to thank everyone once again for providing his or her valuable feedback to our survey. Without you this design project would not be successful.
  4. ^Don't worry about the location part then. Just leave it blank. I'm pretty sure that you can continue without filling that out. We would greatly appreciate your input. EDIT: We have fixed the survey so that it allows for people outside of the United States to take it. Thanks.
  5. Penn State Theme Park Engineering The Penn State Theme Park Engineering Group has chosen to take on the challenge of designing an original theme park ride from the ground up. The first step in the process, deciding what to design, however, depends on you. By filling out this ten question survey we will be able to gather data regarding what types of rides and characteristics people prefer in a ride experience. After receiving this information, we will then be able to determine what type of ride to build and what characteristics and features are important to its success. From there, we will embark on the long and involved design process, documenting every step along the way. We would kindly appreciate your input on this survey. It will take only a few minutes and will allow you to express your ride preferences and even give us your most 'out there' ride design ideas. Who knows, maybe we can make one these crazy ideas a reality. A special thanks to Robb for allowing us to post our survey. Survey Link: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/KW6BL2W
  6. 13/20. Not too bad. Some of them were difficult though.
  7. Exactly! ^^I live 30 minutes from the park and visited there every Wednesday this summer. It is an awesome place to hang out and chill with friends. The Phoenix is one of the best coasters around and the bumper cars are truly amazing. Not to mention the delicious dinner you can get for a reasonable price. There's no reason to boycott the park because of complications constructing a ride that hasn't been built in over 50 YEARS. It's not like the park said, "We failed. We can't build anymore rides." Instead they've kept adding new rides to the park, including two new credits. It took to me awhile to truly appreciate my home park, but after visiting many other parks each year, I have realized that Knoebels is truly one of the best parks in existence. I think you should appreciate it more.
  8. I got word from home that I received my Bag of Crap today. Unfortunately, I'm at school and I had my Bag of Crap sent to my house. I'll be sure to post pictures of it when I finally do get home. (Should be within a month) Judging by what I see was sent this time around it should be amazing. Thanks!
  9. Locked! I'm going to go with 7 duckies! Welcome back Big Mike! I always enjoy reading your trip reports and meeting up with you!
  10. I'm in my first year studying Architectural Engineering at Penn State University.
  11. It's always nice to see you. Glad you enjoyed the Little League World Series!
  12. Kings Dominion Knoebels Hersheypark Canada's Wonderland Cedar Point Six Flags Great Adventure Seabreeze Darien Lake Carowinds Six Flags Over Georgia Dollywood Kennywood Delgrosso's Indiana Beach Six Flags Great America Michigan's Adventure
  13. Cedar Fair Platinum Pass from Kings Dominion Six Flags pass from Six Flags America Both of them are quite handy this year.
  14. 200th- Mindbender at Six Flags Over Georgia on 6/24/2010.
  15. I wouldn't think too much about them being in the park. Roller coaster designers don't just like to design coasters, but they also like to ride them too. In fact if you listen to In the Loop, you'll notice that they we're just there to enjoy Hurlfest.
  16. I was planning on taking a trip out there this year so this sounds like the perfect day to do it!
  17. Yeah like the others have said they tell you when you're going to launch, so it wasn't that scary at all. There's always some people that over react to situations like that and find it more frightening than it actually is. It was a lot of fun though hearing all of the bickering and comments made down there though.
  18. Yeah I got stuck in the tunnel on Saturday night on one of the last rides of the day. I'd say it took around fifteen or twenty minutes to get it up and running again. Then they were nice enough to send us around agin.
  19. I'm graduating from Shikellamy High School on June 4th. I'll finish either 2nd or 3rd in my class. College: Penn State University-University Park Major: Architectural Engineering Summer Plans: I'll be working for a local company that is known for their creations all around the world. I'm also gonna attempt to reach 250 credits.
  20. ^Thanks for the response. I was a little worried about it being too busy but I guess I need not worry. I hope that I'm able to get all the credits. It's sad to hear about the single rider lines being removed though.
  21. We are still a ways off from being able to do a CE disc on Blu-Ray mainly due to the source material. The source for the next CE disc is all in Standard Def and then the one after that is kind of "mixed" That's what I figured. No worries. I'll buy the In the Raw Blu-ray and patiently await the CE one years on down the road.
  22. Yes I would definitely be interested. I currently own a PS3 and a HDTV so I would buy a TPR Blu-ray practically as soon as it comes out. Although I think I would enjoy a Coaster Expedition Blu-ray more, having HD pov's of roller coasters all on one disc is very enticing. That said, I will definitely use my Club TPR towards this when it comes out.
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