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What is the best floorless?

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Been on Hydra, Medusa East, Batman, Superman Krypton, and Dominator. Superman and Dominator are tied for my favorite. Medusa and Batman seemed pretty forceless to me, and Medusa's layout seemed a bit lacking compared to the other two large flooreless I've ridden. I rode Hydra so long ago, I barely remember it. It's hard for me to judge between Superman and Dominator though.

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I've been on Dominator, Hydra, Batman, Medusa/Bizarro, and Griffon. Dominator is easily my favorite, it was better at GL because of the water, but it is still great at KD. Hydra is a distant second, I love its odd inversions and it's just a different ride. Batman is a nice little compact coaster and Medusa/Bizarro is ok, it was the first so that's cool. The new sound system needs to be louder as we all know how loud a B&M is. And Griffon is a little different but really give the floorless feel if you sit on the outsides.


1. Dominator

2. Hydra

3. Griffon

4. Medusa/Bizarro

5. Batman

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1. Dominator - I had medium expectations for this ride, and it blew me away! So much fun!

2. Kraken - I didn't care for this one at first, but when I rode it a few weeks ago, it was really good.

3. Batman: The Dark Knight - It was my first floorless and the first ride I was trained to attend, so this one gets a lot of sentimental points.

4. Griffon - I had high expectations for this one, but it didn't quite reach them. By no means a bad ride, just not terrific.

5. Hydra: The Revenge - A very unique ride. I love the inversions, but I find the ride to be just a tad short.

6. Medusa/Bizarro - A great ride, but the newer floorlesses overshadow the ride.


I rode Sheikra, but it had the floor.

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I have been on Dominator and the two California floorless coasters, and found Dominator to be significantly better than either of the two in California. This summer, I will be riding Bizarro and Batman-The Dark Knight, but I doubt either of them will be better than Dominator.

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Though Dominator is by far my favorite floorless coaster, I really liked all of the floorless coasters I have ridden.


1. Dominator back when it was at Geauga Lake

2. Medusa @ SFDK

3. Scream @ SFMM

4. Hydra @ Dorney Park

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I rode Dominator as Batman Knight Flight. It's my second favorite B&M sitdown looper right behind Kumba.



Medusa (Gadv)




Kraken and Hydra are two of the weaker B&M coasters I've experienced. The only reason I'd rate Hydra higher is it has a unique layout. I really want to try out Krypton Coaster and SFNE's Batman. Sheikra and Griffon are too different to group in here.

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This is in NO particular order! though As shown Dominator is my #1


1. Dominator - After riding Medusa at SFGADV, this one takes it as my #1 floorless. in VA it does apparently feel even more forceful than when it was in Ohio. The Mechanics even rave that it travels up to 10mph faster on a good day. The wild second Low ground banked turn is amazing!


2. Kraken - This ride is so good! I rode it on my Senior trip back in 2005 being able to ride it ALL day!. The layout is anything but "classic" when it came out. A MUST night ride!


3.Medusa East aka GADV- It was the first of its kind and I haven't ridden it as Bizarro. The layout is pretty cool, I won't call it standard like many people do. It kind of annoys me when people say "but its a typical B&M, Loop, Dive loop, Zero G roll, Cobra roll, then brakes and corkies!" I rate it in the middle of my chart.


4. Griffon, god I lucked out with this one. I hadn't ridden it till this year,after finding a day ticket on a WENDY'S floor good for a day admission. I ran into the park and just rode it a couple times.


5. Hydra- Among so many who dislike this ride, I admire it. The Inversions are not your typical style Inclined Cobra roll and Dive loop actually left me feeling a "WTF, that felt so odd!" type way. I watched it from construction all the way to opening day. The ride is very smooth and although to some "slow" Its got a very high rate of re-ridability versus say Dominator for most people.


hopefully this year I will get out to Six flags Fiesta Texas and ride SKC, I'll be going there some day or so after the Texas Giant Media day.

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Obviously I can only rank the ones that I've ridden, in order...


1 - Medusa / Bizzaro (Love this ride)

2 - Batman Night Flight / Dominator (Haven't ridden it at KD)

3 - Hydra - The Revenge (This ride is almost too smooth / Force-less)

4 - Batman the Dark Knight (SFNE) (I don't know what it is about this ride but it does nothing for me)

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1. Kraken

2. Hydra

3. Dominator

4. Superman: Krypton Coaster

5. Bizarro

6. Scream!


Dominator was FAR too rough in the 2nd half of the course this past year, to the point where it wasn't as rerideable as it used to be. While the beginning of the ride is spectacular, the 2nd half was a major buzzkill for me. Hydra is just crazy fun to me, you don't know which way is up or down, and it's such a unique ride compared to just about anything else you see from B&M. Kraken is just insane, nuff said. The only thing keeping Kraken from approaching my top 10 is the weak finish after the 2nd loop, but everything before that is phenomenal.

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Well I've only been on two, Medusa/Bizarro and Kraken, but I'd say Bizarro for sure. Kraken felt fairly, blah, to me. I don't know why but it just wasn't very exciting. Bizarro on the other hand always seem to have a nice forcefulness to it, especially with its zero g roll.


1. Medusa/Bizarro @ SFGAdv

2. Kraken @ Seaworld Orlando

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I've been on Bizarro, Scream, Dark Knight, and Kraken. Kraken is definitely my favorite because of the awesome first drop and the fun intense inversions. The other ones aren't very unique and I find interlocking corkscrews the biggest gimmick on a B&M.

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