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  1. That green engine is the unnamed train that we got from Disney. We just call it the Davenport, it came to us from Knott's a few years ago and the superintendent had converted it from fuel fired to coal fired and then got it ready to be ran on our tracks. We were doing boiler washes on the other two trains and didn't feel like running George, so we fired up the Davenport and ran it while doing boiler washes on Judy and 22. So it's just our 4th and rarely used engine.
  2. Don't get me started about how CP has a MUCH better railroad. There are not many parks that can boast about still using coal and owning trains that were not designed for the park but has previous jobs before running around the park. I don't want to start an argument with you Greg, because you know way more than I do, but CP's train is in a whole different league, along with Dollywood's.
  3. From what I've heard, and seen, the old existing freeway lines aren't fully being used. They are bypassing people even further up to the station on MF and TTD. Mean Streak will go under the station and around to the base of the stairs. Raptor will use the existing Freeway, Magnum might. The thing I'm finding crazy is that you can rent the DA birthday pavilion without paying for entrance to the park. They will escort your group to the pavilion and let you play in DA and then escort you back out.
  4. I just want a refurbed Twins. I enjoyed that ride and as mentioned earlier, could be great with Timberliners
  5. Glad that my Shivering Timbers is still in the top 25. Doesn't run like it used to, but still such a good ride. More people need to get up there and ride it.
  6. Not to be rude, but they are mainly just pictures of Sandusky and the bay. Nothing is really visible but the skyline and there is nothing that interesting about it. Sorry, but it may just be because I can look out my back window and see the same thing.
  7. Done. Thunderhead Boulder Dash Shivering Timbers ^^ It's always good to see some love for Shivering Timbers. First coaster I ever worked
  8. Cedar Fair sent one of Cedar Point's engines, Jennie K, to Knott's to get refurbished. Wish they would actually refurbish it and send it back. Judy K and 22 are fun, and the Davenport will be fun this summer, but I'd rather have Jennie back.
  9. Almost $31 million!?!?! That's crazy expensive for this.
  10. DA makes sense at KI because a typical family can ride almost everything in a single day and may have some extra time for DA. At CP, the typical family is able to ride a few rides because the lines are so long and will not have that extra time, now will want to replace a ride on Millennium Force with a $5 up-charge walk-through. Detroit, Cleveland, Toledo, Columbus, they are the demographic audience for Cedar Point. They aren't doing too well financially, especially the first two. They just raised ticket prices to $50 and I am counting on a parking hike up to $12, there is no way a family that just got done spending $9 per burger basket for each member of the family is going to dish out ANOTHER $5 for DA. Just IMO. How much do you wanna bet that they will try and sell "3D glasses" for $1.
  11. I was actually gonna mention this, glad I read through the post. I would have loved for a hyper to be at MiA.
  12. I was a Team Leader on Maverick and we would get "Ride Prides" from colleges on the weekends at the end of the year. We would give them as much training as a regular employee that starts in the middle of the season. Before being trained on their specific rides, they also have to watch the same videos we watch and complete the same checklists and drug tests. If a TL is not comfortable with how a individual is doing, there are less safety heavy positions we can put them. Plus, at least at CP, they are not allowed to use buttons on coasters, so no enables for them. Also with Maverick, with a Ride Pride on each non button position, that still leaves 3 actual employees to watch there every move. I'm not familiar with DL's training methods, but usually if someone doesn't cut it on a coaster, they get moved to a flat or kids area, or in CP's case, sweeps.
  13. Millennium Force uses no legged dummies with no lap bar. Best Picture I Could Find
  14. This is an absolutely terrible thing but the blame isn't just on one party. The riders either got permission from guest services/park op/first aid or pressured the ride ops to let him ride. Having done this many years, I don't just see an entire platform, of at least 2 people, let a man ride with no legs. It would have to have been everyone's first day to let something like that go. I was always taught that if you aren't sure or comfortable sending someone, contact a supervisor. It's always better to be overly safe than not. If the ride got permission from the front of the park, then the person clearly made a mistake. If I'm not mistaken, it's not just a matter or lapbar vs OTSR, usually no legs means no ride regardless of the harness. If the front of the park had OK'd him to ride, then the ride ops should have been iffy on it and called someone or flat out said no. You wouldn't let a pregnant woman ride anything even if she pressured you to. In my opinion, everyone involved is to blame. The rider, the family, the ride ops, and the guest services people (if involved). He may be a war veteran, but he's not a veteran at riding roller coasters. Bottom line is, if you are not qualified to ride a ride, don't ride it. Edit - In the 8 years that I have worked in the amusement industry, only about 2-3% of the guests actually seem to read the signs. Most guests assume that if they pay to get in, they can do whatever they please.
  15. I am a huge fan of floorless coasters. They are just a take on the standard sit down. WIth Dominator being one of my favorite coasters, I'd love to see CP put in a fast, intense floorless.
  16. I received a LaMarcus Bros shirt, XL unfortunately, and a magnetic business card. Nothing seemed like a clue though.
  17. I have a good friend who worked TTD for the past couple of years and from what I understand the operator has a button for "Arms Down". Once everybody on the train is cooperating then they start the launch sequence with "Keep your arms down, head back and hold on", TTD doesn't really have a *speech* but it does have the christmas tree. But once you hear/feel the dog click under the train you're free to throw your arms up. I worked on Dragster for 3 years and on the launch panel there is a light switch with a button on each side. The switch turns on and off the effects, one button says "Arms Down" and the other resets the spiel. As far as I know, Dragster is the only Intamin Accelerator with a separate controls and launch person.
  18. According to Rocky LaMarcus' Twitter; So we're probably getting shirts, with an included clue.
  19. I just received an email from LaMarcus Bros. When I get home from work I will paste it in this post.
  20. Fun, they answered my question. Interesting statement about Lap Restraint System. Could it be just a lap bar?
  21. ^It has an ice show in it. I can't recall a year that it didn't have a show in it. I've always said that if you take out Wildcat, the Good Time Theater, Cadillac Cars and Turnpike Cars, you'd have quite a ride area. A lift hill going over the Marina Gate would be great.
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