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  1. https://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=170710946321619&oid=197071770330160 Not sure if this is legit or not but here it is.
  2. I saw some girl planking on the Snoopy statue at Planet Snoopy at Cedar Point yesterday. She was just laying on it and no one seemed to care.
  3. Just got mine, R3 C12 is what it says. I'll post the picture when I get home from work.
  4. Questions posted, lets see where this crazy game takes us next.
  5. I just received pass #5. Once I get out of work I'll submit my questions.
  6. Raptor @ Cedar Point. There is no shade in the far end of the queues and I've burned plenty of times in that line. I'm fine with lines, they don't bug me. As long as I have good friends to chat with and it also helps when I don't have to put my camera in a l.o.c.k.e.r. I love taking pictures in queues. People are acting weird, and there are good angles of the ride.
  7. Wow, this is great. These are just fun, I wish more places would do similar stuff, but not enough to where it became the norm. I guess after this one I'll really have to start messing around with each pdf that comes out. This is fun.
  8. ^ The blueprint looks like a stock photo. I'd like to not think that, but it really does.
  9. ^Exactly, Hershey isn't just going to give away the coaster this early. The layout shown could be of one of the projected rides for that area. Their planning and design department probably had quite a few ideas for that area and this may have been one they didn't choose. Hersheypark is tricky.
  10. Do we have proof that this is the layout? Is Hersheypark just sitting in their offices laughing that they fooled everyone? If this is the layout, it appears to be another great Hershey coaster in a great location. As much as I like B&M, Intamin pulls off a more intense ride. It also appears that Hershey has a good relation with Intamin. I305 is the only coaster that confirms OTSR but Bizarro didn't get fitted for new harnesses. I think that we could see a lapbar Intamin at Hershey next year. IMO.
  11. I love the old catwalk mounts on Dominator. They look so weird, as if a support was supposed to be there but isn't.
  12. Great photos Hanno. Ride looks great, I loved how the station looks.
  13. I was at the park today processing in because I start working tomorrow and it was just too rainy to take my camera out. I'll see about after work one of these days this week.
  14. I love seeing how a park gets ready during the off season. I am processing in on Monday and expect to have my camera with me for when I walk around the park. Great Pictures.
  15. About SFGA, I thought they would take it out. It used to surround the Shipwreck Falls but that's gone and it takes up room for a major coaster spot. But anyway, I used to love Mutley's Putt Putts at Michigan's Adventure before the great wind storm of 1998 tore that whole corner of the park up. It had such poor capacity so everyone at park open would run there to get it out of the way. Now they have the monstrosity that is BeBop Blvd. The Morgan car rides are piles of junk and it runs less than Kingda Ka did it's opening year.
  16. I love looking at pictures of parks in the past. My cousin has years worth of pictures from Cedar Point and I love going through them. It will be interesting in 10 years time when I look back at the pictures I've taken now.
  17. ^ I agree 100%. As you can see from my signature, I have spent my fair share of time working coasters. We would do track walks on a mid day and nightly basis and would turn in a bag full of stuff every night. Not so much on Dragster because it has a strict loose article policy and usually whatever comes out flies into the lagoon. Zippered cargo pockets, zippered jacket/shirt pockets, waist pack, etc. These are the only ways besides the $1 box to keep your stuff safe. This is my usual procedure. The only stuff that enters the park with me is my wallet, phone, keys, case for my glasses, and camera (with extra memory card, battery, or film if using my film camera). I always buy cargo shorts that have either a strong Velcro or zippers. I also bring my camera bag with me because I use a micro four thirds camera and it's a little too big for my pockets. It has a shoulder strap and belt strap. The pack zips shut and then has a Velcro flap over that. If going onto a restricted seating ride; B&M Flyers, Vekoma Flyers, Volares, some Intamin hypers, I will lock it up. I had a friend get his screen on his camera broken while riding Time Warp at Canada's Wonderland. If the station has bins, I try to make sure that the ride hosts are doing their jobs and switching them for every train. Sometimes I will even leave my stuff with friends and we just won't ride together. Before going to a park, do a little research into their loose article policy. Every park should have something regarding their rules on the site. If not, they always have a way to contact them and they have employees that will tell you the rules. And regarding the parent swap in the front row, at every park that I know of, Cedar Point included, if the one parent waits for the front, the other parent gets front as well. It's only fair.
  18. I have a camera bag that is about the size of a waist pack and actually has a belt portion as well. I get upset when parks tell me I can't have that with me in line. I have never taken a picture on a ride and never will, it's not safe. But I do like to take pictures while waiting in line, it helps pass the time and you can get some good angles from in there. What needs to be done is to have cubbies, but also have lockers for those who are smarter. I guess I could start bringing a smaller camera for in the queues and the station.
  19. Speaking of the lockers, I remember going to Paramount's Carowinds in 2005 and they had lockers set up for BORG. The attendant at the lockers put your stuff in a locker, used the automated checkout thing, gave you a slip and when you came back, he opened your locker up. All for free. I'm not sure if the lockers were broken that day or what, but it worked. I didn't get upset about leaving my stuff in a locker for once.
  20. Well if Zamperla does end up running it let's hope they don't add another Volare.
  21. The program is made by Intamin so it's their call on that one. The programmers come to the park and do some adjustments here and there but its costly for them to do so, so nothing to major. Dragster did get a "Super Power Button" for quicker testing in the morning. What used to take a few launches to get an empty train over, can now be done in one launch. Also needs a different key locked in a different cabinet.
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