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  1. Intamin has gotten better with figuring out how many trains to use. TTD runs better with 6 trains on paper, but in reality, it runs best with an odd number of trains. 3 trains runs better than 4 trains. It's all because the trains were designed to move in pairs, Multi Move and in dry mode. It has never fully done the paired moving and just recently they started using Dry Mode, which requires a special key which is locked up in a case, serious stuff. It wasn't until 2007 that they even started using Dry Mode. Maverick has a weird proxy switch thing in 5 trains where trains need to fully park in waiting rear before advancing to waiting front, which makes the wait even longer. Sometimes you wouldn't get advance lights until this train was also parked. On occasion in 5 train operation, every 4th?? cycle, the train parking in Station Rear would park too far back and the contacts wouldn't touch on the harness release and we would need to manually release them. Another reason why 5 train is worse on Maverick. Sure, on Maverick, the extra trains do sit in the brake run for a bit of time but due to programming, this is necessary.
  2. I've done my fair share of park working. I've worked nearly every ride on the dry side of the park at MiA and almost every ride in Area 3 (Back of the Park) at Cedar Point. Looking to branch out down south to Disney/Universal/Sea World either next year or the year after. 2003 - Michigan's Adventure - Games Host 2004 - Michigan's Adventure - Shivering Timbers/Wolverine Wildcat/Timbertown Railway 2005 - Cedar Point - Magnum XL-200, Top Thrill Dragster, MaXair (Fridays during Halloweekends) Michigan's Adventure - Shivering Timbers Team Leader (End of Season) 2006 - Cedar Point - Top Thrill Dragster 2007 - Cedar Point - Top Thrill Dragster 2008 - Cedar Point - Thunder Canyon Team Leader, Mean Streak Acting Team Leader (Halloweekends) 2009 - Cedar Point - Maverick Team Leader 2011 - Cedar Point - CP & LE Railroad Fireman
  3. It has to give a little more than a typical Steel coaster. Look at Rattler, it got topper track, it's probably still going to bend quite a bit. Watch an Intamin steel coaster sometime, very solid. Sure there is a little give but a whole lot less than a wooden coaster. Supports make a huge contribution to how the ride rides. Even though there are steel on wood hybrids, nothing out there is like this and at this point I don't think anything can compare.
  4. I'm not sure when the next time I'll be making a trip to Texas is so, Please share.
  5. Yeah definitely used to date Becca. I'm happy for her. She'll do the blog justice.
  6. Yeah Tony, who did most of the work, moved back home to be on TV in Madison. Tyler was more or less just a face. He worked in group sales while Tony was actually in Marketing.
  7. Viper at Darien Lake. I'm not sure if it's because it's an Arrow/Huss ride, but the train seats are deeper so the harness is able to come down further on me, and with my build it just crushes me. I'm 6'4 about 180 and I've never had that kind of problem on an Arrow coaster other than Viper. It didn't help at all that both times that I have ridden it, two different years, the ride op was stapling everyone and when I told him I couldn't breathe he just looked at me and shrugged.
  8. With rumors of a new woodie happening at Cedar Point in the next 2 years, would it be possible that they may have the Rocky Mountain plan for Mean Streak? Re-Market it as a new ride ie Disaster Transport? As much money as they have put into the back of the park I could see it happening but the front is getting neglected some. If the New Texas Giant goes well, we could see a New Mean Streak.
  9. Phantom's Revenge @ Kennywood. But that was back in July, it was a rough year.
  10. My friend took this picture at Canada's Wonderland in 2008. I believe that it's the Boat Chute Unload path.
  11. Every time I go to Dollywood, I go in early September. The crowds are low but the temperature is still nice. The Smokies are at least high enough in the mountains that heat really isn't too much of an issue at this time of year. I went to Kings Dominion/Busch Gardens in mid August in 09 and thought I was about to melt. I'm not sure if you're staying in the Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg area, but I can't ever stop there without visiting the Smokey Mountain Brewery in Gatlinburg. I'm not sure how old you are, but they have great brews and great week night specials. If you're not of age or not a drinker, there are plenty of fun things to do.
  12. I really enjoyed the ropes course at Nickelodeon Universe. If I get down to Indiana Beach this year, I'll definitely be doing this.
  13. The thing I have found strange is the Sandusky/Orlando lifestyle. It seems that a lot of people start out at Cedar Point, after a season or two they move to Sandusky, they get crummy off season jobs (that's what it's referred to) and then work at the park during the summer. Sandusky businesses hate the park workers because that means that during their peak times, when all the tourists are in town, their employees have all left for the park. After a year or two of this, most of the "townies" move to Orlando, either to work the off season at a park down there and return or to make the move and just work down there. I have so many friends that have migrated down south and have stayed, all working at various parks in Central Florida. I've considered the move as well. Another strange thing is that here at Cedar Point, if you stay during the off season, Castaway Bay seems like a great opportunity. It's open year round, its the same company as the park, you can stay in housing (if you really want to), great perks. But, if you work at the water park, they will not let you transfer back to the park for the summer. The only way is to stop employment for 6 months and then you can apply for the park. I mean it seems like the perfect way to have the quality employees during the winter months. They don't want to quit because they want to return to the park and they will work because they don't want to get fired. It just makes sense.
  14. I'm Roaring at Roar. Such a letdown coaster.
  15. I'm currently rocking an Olympus PEN E-PL1. I've got the stock 14-42mm lens on it and a Minolta 50mm. I plan on getting an 85mm prime lens for it here soon. I use it for pictures and videos. I usually carry a few 8gb cards with me so I know I have enough storage and a few batteries. I love it's size and power. I'm looking for a nice new camera bag for it though, something not as bulky.
  16. I am not familiar with the park at all, but why do all the coasters but Grizzly and Demon not have station buildings?
  17. ^^I would say that those supports are themeing as well as support. Also, I believe that Michigan's Adventure's Corkscrew was Arrow's first corkscrew model to have those supports for the corkscrews instead of arch type supports.
  18. 2 summers ago I did the Kings Dominion / Busch Gardens trip twice. I went right in the beginning of the season and then after I heard BBW was getting taken out. The first time was actually Busch Gardens on day one and Six Flags America/Kings Dominion on day two. I find Busch to be the better first park because they stay open later and then you don't have late traveling that night.
  19. Specialty Beers. That was the exciting part of this first phase. Can't wait to hear about phase two.
  20. The Dragon on Dragon Coaster. Millennium Force because you are going so fast. I'm glad someone said Raging Bull, and yes that drop is amazing, especially back row. I've always been a fan of Wolverine Wildcat's tunnel. Hades. Bizarro. Tennessee Tornado. Maverick only when the mist was working. But now those misters are on StR.
  21. ^ He's been to Great Adventure. New England and Lake Compounce would be perfect. Boulder Dash is amazing and Bizarro is just as good as it was when it was Superman. Not sure if you're up to it, but Lake Compounce and Playland Park are only 1 1/2 hours apart and they are both small enough to where you can do them in one day. The only thing I can add to this trip is be aware of park hours and closed days if any. I went on a 7 day trip in the north east a few years ago in June and we had to do them in a weird order because of hours and closed days.
  22. Busch Gardens Williamsburg - Kings Dominion Hersheypark - Kennywood Carowinds - Six Flags Over Georgia Six Flags Great America - Wisconsin Dells Holiday World - Indiana Beach There are tons of great two park trips to be had. These are a few that I've done and they all went well.
  23. ^Taco Fish is right next to Bdubs (Taco Bell/Long John Silvers), but we always went to the one down Perkins. It's closer. PS-BDubs wings are always over priced and they got rid of the Smokey Southwest, they don't exist for me anymore.
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