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  1. I watched the show with my two sisters and we agree the voting system looked much improved. However, we were curious to know what questions they were being asked. I saw Speed, height, length, and Inversion. Maybe somebody can help me out here but I thought Inversion has to do with turning upside down, which none of the rides had except for Tatsu. Is a 80 or 90 degree bank turn considered an inversion?
  2. Any idea what's the name of the show will be so I can keep a look out to record it? madvaz
  3. I totally agree with the person who said they need a maverick style coaster. I've been lucky to travel to the East Coast these past two years to experience their great coaster and me and my sisters both said the same thing..."why can't the west coast do a maverick style coaster?" We are aware of the height restriction our park faces but I think coasters like Maverick, or a Backlot Stunt Coaster would be great addition to Great America or Discovery Kingdom. Madvaz
  4. I would also favor a make over for the Grizzly but to me that ride is so rough...Even to this day, it's the worst Wooden Coaster I've ever been on..It's boring and rough. Wishful thinking they would take it down. Madvaz
  5. I'll agree with most on here that this park needed something new. It's been a long time since this park has gotten a coaster and this will bring me back since 1993. With that said, I'm just disappointed I did not see any 90 degree curves! Hopefully this will be the first of many good things to come from cedar fair and start pumping money into this park. Now, how about removing the worst wooden coaster I've ever been on: The Grizzly! I've even been on the Grizzly at King Dominion and that one seems a smoother ride compared to the Great American one.
  6. I've not gone to Great America since 1992 simply because they have never added anything that looks exciting or new. However, this coaster will bring me back and hopefully they will add more in the near future. Me personally, I'll like to see them take down Grizzliy and replace it with a multi launcher coaster. I know the Deamon is a favorite, but that's another coaster I don't mind being removed for another coaster. Madvaz
  7. Sorry for the confusion but when I say launch coaster, but I meant more of a multi launch coaster much like Manta or Maverick. Great America could also benefit from having one of these as well. I'll be happy if find they find a way to bring over a big ride or another traditional coaster. I wouldn't mind having a Hybrid wooden coaster as well. Madvaz
  8. I was just at the park today and had this very discussion. Personally, I'll like to see Kong taken down for a new coaster. I don't want a drop tower considering Great American and Santa Cruz has something similar. While I get the whole Marine World animal vibe, I think this park can be something special with a coaster or two that can really make the park stand out. I agree with some of the staff that bringing back the water ski show would be nice, considering they will have to do a major clean up job of the water. But a coaster like the Manta at Sea World San Diego would do wonders! One of my main arguments I've made over years for Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and Great America is that you don't have to build tall and giants coasters to make them fun. I think these parks can be successful having various multi launch coasters similar to Maverick, or Verbolten. Even a backlot stunt coaster ride would be a nice addition and something different. I also would not mind if they added something like a Boo Blaster (located at king dominion and king Island). I was always curious to who owns the lake by the park. Wishful thinking but would be awesome if they can drain some of the water out and extend the land for more rides. Madvaz
  9. My friend and I are thinking about going to Dollywood and Busch Garden in VA in late August. We were also looking at stopping by Kindg Dominion as well. We are both from Ca and never traveled to that part of the country before in the summer time. Any idea what the weather is like during that time? It seems like late August is our only option this year and we are debating to wait until next year to go early June. We are just wondering if the heat will make us more miserable than having a good time. Any suggestions or tips? Thanks Marco
  10. Thanks guys. I know there is map quest for the miles but I wanted to know the amount of time driving.
  11. Does anybody know how far of a drive it is from Cedar Point to King Island? Thanks
  12. I'm planning to fly out of CA to visit Cedar Point for a few days of fun! I have a few questions. What are the best days to go? Which Airport do I fly to and do I need to rent a car? Thanks! Madvaz
  13. I'm in California and I'm planning to take a trip out to Cedar Point. I never been there but I'm curious to know how many days I will need to hit up all the coasters? What month during the summer is the best time to go and which days are best to avoid the crowds? Is there a hotel by the park where I can stay at? Thanks!
  14. Thanks for all the tips..I'll be going to both Busch Garden and Island Adventure. Does anybody know how long is the drive from Orlando to Tampa? Thanks again!
  15. Thanks for the all The feedback guys!! This will help me make my decision on what I want to do.
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