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  1. That one rollercoaster looks a lot like the one that was built about a week ago and was shown in the dump over at NE by StormRunnerFan... Like this?
  2. I live 20 minutes from OSU and in high school so I'm diggin' this
  3. Kings Island in July when Diamondback, SOB, Firehawk, and Beast were closed for most to all of the day. I waited inline twice for 45 min for Beast then closed it when I got in the station. Not to mention there was a million kids cutting 30-40 people in line and no one stopping them. I got 4 coasters in 6 hours that day. A 12 oz Coke was $3.75!! How pathetic.
  4. What do you think is the most bizzare looking supports for a ride? This one blows my mind:
  5. ^The *KONG Suicide* Peep is just a joke over at New Element.
  6. Cedar Point's facebook has given another hint saying simply,"Gee, See Eye!" Now I'm just guessing here but I think the new ride is going to be from GCI? http://www.screamscape.com/html/cedar_point.htm
  7. I figured it out. I'm using RCTModified and thats whats limiting me. Thanks anyways though!
  8. It doesnt work when I do that. I know I did it right, I have the latest 8 cars, and windows XP so its notlike its a vista problem. I dont know what the problem is.
  9. Could this mean that it's a huge racing steel coaster?
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